The Bora Aksu SS18’s collection is inspired by Lady Mihri Mushik, a brave and extraordinary woman who gave up a privileged life to pursue a passion for art and a bohemian existence. Musfik returned to Turkey in 1913 to become the nation’s first contemporary female artist.
Aksu created garments that reflects Mufik’s life and aristocratic roots were intertwined with a bohemian existence, mirrored in the ‘kutnu’ fabric – a hand-woven textile woven in the hand looms of Gaziantep, South Turkey. The combination of soft feminine fabrics and structured shapes adds a romantic, but bold silhouette. Much of the detailing is directly inspired by Musfik’s early wardrobe, with a layering effect created by recurring embroidery in graphic lines and shapes
The composition of silk and cotton dates back to the sixtieth century and the fabric was the symbol of nobility and power in the Ottoman Empire. It was mainly used in the kaftans of sultans and emperors, while today, it’s produced by a small group of craftsmen determined to keep the tradition alive. This kutnu fabric is deployed throughout the collection in shades of deep red, pink, blue and dark navy, utilised alongside with silk organzas, cotton and silk habotais – a fabric first pioneered in Japan.
Overall, the Bora Aksu SS18 is a very cute, classic and elegant collection. There are some pieces that I really like, especially those pussy-bow blouses and dresses, the colour range and those shoes! So, congratulations to a wonderful collection! Looking forward to the next collection by Aksu.
Photos courtesy of SPRING LONDON

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Pinatubo Erupts


In March 1991, when a series of earthquakes hit the western side of the island of Luzon along the Zambales Mountains, locals awoke to the reality that in the middle of the Zambales range, there might be a dormant volcano. Pinatubo — quiet since before the lands under it were named the Philippines — erupted a few months later, in June.

The explosion was to be the second largest of the 20th century (second only to that of Novarupta in Alaska in 1912). Unlike the Alaskan volcano, half a million people lived next to Pinatubo and several important river systems stem from its peak. A logistical and environmental nightmare loomed. Adding to the woes, a typhoon was ripped through the island, mixing Pinatubo’s ash with rains, which created concrete-like mud that collapsed roofs and buildings miles away.

Many photojournalists came to the area, and the most iconic shot of the explosion — and perhaps of any volcanic eruption — was that of a Ford Fierra fleeing a gargantuan cloud of pyroclastic flows, a fast-moving current of hot gas up to 450 mph and 1,000 °C strong.  [See a pyroclastic flow in action on video here.] The photo was taken by Alberto Garcia,  chief photographer of Tempo, a tabloid affiliated with the Manila Bulletin, who remembers taking the photo about 20-30 km away from the caldera:

“It took me 30 minutes to prepare my things and headed back to Zambales where the [volcanologists] were stationed. … So everybody jumped into our vehicles and I was trying to put on my gas masked when I saw a blue pick-up ahead of that beautiful wall of gray. I opened the door and tried shooting the picture with my 50mm lens but it was too tight, so I decided to change the lens and used the 24mm instead and made sure my setting was correct and shot eight frames. Although I had only eight shots, I rewound the entire roll of film, keeping it safe in my pocket.”

Garcia won the World Press Photo, in the nature and environment category. The photo was included in Time’s “Greatest Images of the 20th Century” (2001) and National Geographic’s “100 Best Pictures” (2001).


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There’s a Small Bathroom Design Revolution and You’ll Love These Rule-breaking Trends

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. 

Tired of your small, dark and uninspiring bathroom? Are you ready to finally give it an overhaul? Well, there’s no better time to give your small bathroom a fresh look. Small bathroom design is finally stepping out of the cookie-cutter bathtub, sink cabinet, mirror and toilet combination.

The latest small bathroom design ideas are fresh and revolutionary, rethinking what we all expect a bathroom design to look like. Wall-mounted toilets and sinks defy gravity. Cabinet doors are gone. Bold texture and patterns take over a small bathroom space. Get ready to break some rules and open your mind to what your small bathroom should look like with the following nine concepts.

1. You don’t need as much bathroom storage as you think

small bathroom design ideas - freshome.com

A minimalist bathroom in France features floating cabinetry. Image: For House

The first small bathroom design idea for 2017 is a big one: you really don’t need more storage, just a more minimalist attitude! Think about this one for a minute. Those large vanities with the deep cabinet space under the sink are really an inefficient use of space. Things get lost at the back of the cabinet. And the scale takes up so much real estate in your small bathroom design that your bathroom ends up looking smaller. So how do you solve the issue?

  • Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. How many towels, cosmetics and hotel toiletries do you really need?
  • Replace the clunky bathroom vanity with a floating sink or cabinet or narrow open shelves. You’ll be less tempted to clutter your bathroom when the stuff is on display. And you’ll open a lot more visual space in your bathroom. Like this bathroom image:
small bathroom storage ideas - freshome.com

A New York farmhouse gets a space-savvy update. Image: House Designers

Here are some of our favorite floating vanities:

1. | 2. | 3.

2. Instead of adding storage, add function

small bathroom organization - freshome.com

This Paris apartment converts a small bathroom into a multipurpose space that includes a washing machine. Image: Bertrand Fompeyrine

Once you clear clutter and replace the oversized bathroom vanity with something more minimalist, think of all the useful things you can do with the space. Like adding an all-in-one washer and dryer. Or creating a vanity space.

Here are more ideas on how to add more utility to your small bathroom:

3. Small bathrooms mean you can splurge on finishes

small bathroom tile - freshome.com

High-end stone and tile, a chrome towel warmer and exotic wood create a luxurious small bathroom experience in Rome. Image: Francesco Todaro

small bathroom mosaic tiles - freshome.com

Brushed chrome accents and a combination of tile featuring inexpensive white subway tiles and expensive glass and marble chevron tiles create a visually interesting small bathroom. Image: Robert Frank Interiors

Some of the most expensive items in a bathroom design are the fixtures, tile and finishes. Since you’re working with a smaller space, you need less. It’s time to break out of thinking that a small bathroom isn’t worth the money. It’s time to splurge on making your small bathroom design look like a million bucks! Some ways to add more luxury on a little less budget include:

  • Choosing quality accent lighting fixtures
  • Tiling a stripe (or the upper half of your bathroom) in a more expensive tile or marble
  • Adding a towel warmer that doubles as a towel rack
  • Swapping your toilet for a new floating style
  • Upgrading to a glass shower door, which is the next small bathroom design idea

Here are some of our favorite luxurious updates for your small bathroom:

1.| 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

4. Add a seamless glass shower door to your small bathroom

modern floating toilets - freshome.com

A minimalist yet earthy small bathroom in Barcelona, thanks to the reclaimed oak floors. Image: Roca

Here’s a small bathroom design tip that may not sit well with traditionalists: tear out the bathtub and add a modern walk-in shower surrounded by seamless glass. It’s a great way to save tons of space in your small bathroom. A seamless glass door may be more expensive than a shower curtain, but will definitely be more durable. Not to mention, it will open up the space and add value to your home.

Not ready to give up on the bathtub? You can still add a seamless glass shower or tub enclosure.

5. Go crazy with texture and pattern in your small bathroom

small bathroom decorating ideas - freshome.com

Three-dimensional white tile adds depth to a small bathroom space. Image: Jasmine McClelland

small bathroom organization ideas - freshome.com

A Scandinavian tile in a repeating pattern creates the feel of a larger room. Image: Poopuu Design

bathroom tile ideas - freshome.com

The floors provide a great surface to create a bold and richly patterned design. Image: Pinar Miro

Most designers tell you that dark colors or busy patterns are not a good idea in a small space. Think again. Strong patterns and textures add depth and play to a space, creating the illusion of more size and life.

Here are some of our favorite tile patterns and textures for your small bathroom:

1.| 2. | 3. | 4.

6. Wall-mount everything and throw away the doors

floating bathroom ledges and counters - freshome.com

Wall mounted or floating elements and a wood-look tile add a modern look to this basement small bathroom. Image: Rozonova

small bathroom remodeling - freshome.com

Porcelain tile in the look of plank wood and floating bathroom design elements create a new, modern small bathroom space. Image: Inne

The small bathroom design keyword for 2017 and beyond is: floating. Float everything, including the toilet, from your walls. It’s a great way to make cleaning easier, when you can access the floor below. Not to mention the space looks bigger, because our eye tends to judge space by analyzing the floor area. You also maximize valuable wall space, which is often left bare. And let’s be honest, it looks pretty fresh and cool!

7. Cubbies aren’t only for toddlers

new small bathroom trends - freshome.com

Bathroom cubby ideas that add storage without taking up space. Images: Color Theory, Catlin Stothers Design, Roca.

bathroom shelf ideas - freshome.com

A built-in wall nook with open shelves houses essential bath items. Image: Catlin Stothers Design

It’s time to tear up the walls (or add new ones) for cubbies. The inset wall cubby is an ingenious way to add integrated storage to a small bathroom without sacrificing space. It’s also known as an alcove, niche or recessed niche.

Behind bathroom walls, between the studs, is just enough of a gap to create a useful cubby. And nowadays, you can even buy a DIY tile-ready niche at Lowe’s.

Don’t want to tear up the walls? Find new ways to add cubbies to your small bathroom, by adding a shelf, wall mounting a floating cubby shelf or choosing a cabinet with open shelves to store extra items, like the bathroom below.

small bathroom storage and organization - freshome.com

A wall-mounted storage cubby coordinates with the floating cubby sink base. Image: Reliance Design & Build

8. Mirrors instead of walls

small bathroom bathtubs - freshome.com

When creating a bathroom mirror wall, choose mirror that is treated to withstand moisture to avoid dark spots from developing. Image: Optimise Design

bathroom decor - freshome.com

A long wall of storage mirrors reflect light from the windows. Image: Elanandez

Mirrors do an incredible job at creating the illusion of more space. Want to add more space to your small bathroom design? Then add more mirrors, like the inspiration images above.

Check out our favorite bathroom mirrors:

1.| 2. | 3. | 4.

9. Add more black to your white

An all-white bathroom does feel brighter and lighter, but it can look a little cold or lack the depth your eye registers as space. Adding black to your bathroom, in the form of black walls or a black-and-white tile design or a black ceiling adds the “POW!” your small bathroom is begging for.

Which one of these new small bathroom design trends are you ready to try?

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Me with my Snow Dog Friends

Video Recap

You may remember this video below for the announcement of Aurora HDR 2018! While I was shooting the video, Curtis was busy taking photos, so I edited this photo that he took.

Daily Photo – Me with my Snow Dog Friends

I think this is kind of a funny video. It’s like I’m staring off over the horizon, perhaps thinking about pruning a bonsai tree. I don’t know, I suppose you can imagine me thinking about a great number of things. This was my first time driving a snow-dog sled there at the Snow Farm. It was both hard and easy. While they are running, it’s actually pretty easy. You just stand there like a sack of potatoes. But this is often interrupted by bouts of wild panic when you start to go up on a ledge, slide sideways around a corner, or start going down hill and you have to brake for fear of the sled running into the snow dogs!

Me with my Snow Dog Friends

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2017-08-04 10:54:37
  • CameraILCE-7RM2
  • Camera MakeSony
  • Exposure Time1/8000
  • Aperture8
  • ISO2000
  • Focal Length73.0 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias-1

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61st BFI London Film Festival


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 61st BFI London Film Festival selection is always very interesting, ranging from British to international film, wich are introduced to a UK-wide audience. The event alternates glamourous red carpets to screen talks with famous directors, and it provides an  essential opportunity for films and filmmakers, searching for global success.
The BFI is the lead organisation for film in the UK and it has the ambition to create a flourishing film environment in which innovation, opportunity and creativity can thrive by. The festival champions emerging and world class filmmakers in the United Kingdom by investing in creative, distinctive and entertaining work. It is also engaged in promoting British films and talent to the world and by growing the next generation of filmmakers and audiences. The BFI is a distributor of Lottery funds for film and it serves a public role which covers the cultural, creative and economic aspects of filmmaking. It delivers this role as the UK-wide organisation for film, by providing Lottery and Government funds for film across the UK, and by working with partners to advance the position of British films.
Every year the festival is divided in different categories of competition: official, short films, first feature, documentary and a series of strands, in which all the films entered represent that exact strand, like love, dare, debate, thrill, laugh, family, cult, journey, create, experimenta. The awards for the films are The Best Film Award, The Sutherland Award, The Grierson Award, The Short Film Award. The selection for 2017 is rich and diverse, presenting 28 new films and many already awarded international films.
This edition has aroused many critics for the low percentage of female directors, percentage that is rising, says the festival director, Clare Stewart. As written on an article of The Guardian, only a quarter of the films are directed by women, which is considered "bad", because they are moving towards equity and diversity. Not only London, but also Venice Film Festival was glared criticallly, because only one film out of 21 was directed by women, but this little slip wasn’t made on purpose, fortunately.
BFI London Film Festival’s director is Clare Stewart, who has a 21 year programming career, encompassed leadership roles as Festival Director, Sydney Film Festival (2006-2011) and the inaugural Head of Film Programs at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne (2002-2006) as well as various roles at the Australian Film Institute (1996-2001), including Exhibition Manager, and programmer and Committee Member of the Melbourne Cinémathèque (1995-2002). She has been BFI Head of Festivals and BFI London Film Festival Director since October 2011.

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Poem of the Day: In the Winter of My Thirty-Eighth Year

It sounds unconvincing to say When I was young
Though I have long wondered what it would be like
To be me now
No older at all it seems from here
As far from myself as ever
Walking in fog and rain and seeing nothing
I imagine all the clocks have died in the night
Now no one is looking I could choose my age
It would be younger I suppose so I am older
It is there at hand I could take it
Except for the things I think I would do differently
They keep coming between they are what I am
They have taught me little I did not know when I was young
There is nothing wrong with my age now probably
It is how I have come to it
Like a thing I kept putting off as I did my youth
There is nothing the matter with speech
Just because it lent itself
To my uses
Of course there is nothing the matter with the stars
It is my emptiness among them
While they drift farther away in the invisible morning
W. S. Merwin, "In the Winter of my Thirty-Eighth Year" Copyright © 1993 by W.S. Merwin, reprinted with permission of The Wylie Agency LLC.

Source: The Second Four Books of Poems: The Moving Target The Lice The Carriers of Ladders Writings to an Unfinished Accompaniment(Copper Canyon Press, 1993)

W. S. Merwin

More poems by this author

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Art Quote of the Day

Art Quote of the Day: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

The Urban Series

The Urban Series (U1- U6) preset pack features 6 presets crafted to enhance images of city life through rain or shine, from dusk ’til dawn. Whether the scene is bright or dim, you can capture the many moods of metropolitan moments across the globe. See how we applied each of the presets onto a recurring scene, and Download The Urban Series for iOS and Android to see how these presets can enhance your images in accordance with each specific lighting scenario.

U1 — Bright Sun
For images shot in full sunlight, U1 accentuates warm tones for a creamy, highly-saturated look.

U2 — High Sun
Mimicking the washed out effect that the high sun causes, U2 is a medium contrast preset that subtly brightens the image, while maintaining vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges.

U3 — Overcast
In line with the atmosphere on cloudy days, U3 leans toward the blue spectrum, with mild contrast and slightly muted coloring.

U4 — Low Sun
For situations when the sun is low in the sky, U4 adds emphasis to cool, blueish shadows and complimentary warm, burnt orange highlights.

U5 — Sunset
For photos captured at sunset, U5 intensifies color to achieve rich oranges and dynamic blues.

U6 — Darkness
Meant for artificially lit night scenes, U6 exhibits a deep blue hue that gives night captures a surreal aura.

Available now through the in-app store, you can purchase The Urban Series preset pack for $3.99 USD, or become a VSCO X member and receive these 6 presets free with your membership. VSCO X offers members access to our entire library of 100+ presets, with new additions added monthly.

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10 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your WordPress Websites in 2018

Viewers Traffic is one of the most essential requisite for the online Survival, which a blogger is always worried of. Structuring a WordPress website may be termed as easy or convenient but to have viewership on the same as well is not a piece of cake for everyone. Furthermore, there are cases where you will have substantial amount of guests for your respective blog but these guests will immediately switch back, just after opening the page. To have visitors is not an art but to retain them you would have to act an extra smart. Following are the ways or tips through which you can drive more traffic to your word press websites.

1. Post superior quality content frequently

Content is king

Don’t you love fresh stuff? It’s like an identical thing which everyone seeks for. Giving them a reason to come back again will indeed entice them to revisit, all you have to do is to post quality content material on frequent basis. More over a content can be termed as superior quality if it is possessed with graphics such as pictures, videos and etc. in addition to it, there are viewers who don’t like to read they just scan it, to make your content extremely easy without using any of the jargon terminologies make it convenient for the visitors,

Frankly speaking a stuff which will seem attractive will indeed entice the viewers to have a glance through it. And ultimately it will indeed assist you to have more viewership.

2. Get Advantageous from Social Media websites

Advantageous from Social Media websites

Social media websites these days are playing a vital role in the field of marketing and advertisement. As an immense of users are having their accounts on these webs, so marketing a product as a WordPress website is not a big deal at all. You can also share you post in such websites as well as you can use auto sharing tools so that you can keep your followers updated.

More over in your word press websites you can also you add social sharing buttons, so that your post me be viewed by a large no of audience available on these webs.

3. Using keywords well

content with keywords

Adjusting your content with keywords well used ranks your post at the top of the search engines, which will indeed drive more customers to your word press website

4. Speeding up your WordPress website

Speeding up your WordPress website

In this busy world where time is actually the money no one likes sluggish stuff, if your WordPress website is slow, then you will have to make it swift, in order to retain the visitors whom are willing to visit you, but by virtue of slow web speed they are ignoring you. Such goal can be achieved by using low resolution images. Cut down the size of images.

5. Join in with a mailing address

Newsletter sign up

When your viewers will submit their emails, it will indeed be beneficial for you in the long run to have the desired viewership yet again, the new post of yours; you can intimate the viewers through emails to have a glance to it. In short newsletter sign up is quite essential and have proved worthy as well.

6. Adjusting content for Search Engines

Content for Search Engines

One of the best way to drive more traffic to your WordPress websites is to use the key words, which will indeed ensure you a lot visitor’s traffic. Key words play a vital role, the viewer’s most of the times only write the key words to have access to what they are in desire of. More over internal linking also plays a vital role in it. A content must be embodied with several links.

7. Getting Social, making friends online

world of social web

Step into the world of social web, make as many friends as you can, spot out the friends with similar interest. Be there for more time, help others in the matters from whatever you can, earn their friendship and obviously at the end of the day it will all going to benefit you.

8. Include Related post

Related post

Include other related post at the bottom of the content you have just shared at your word press website. It will indeed entice the user to re visit you as your web page contains more similar post which will definitely be a source of convenience for him. Linking your webpage will indeed be beneficial in all aspects.

9. Highlight informative content and keywords

Highlight informative content and keywords

Highlighting the keywords in a word press website will indeed assist the viewer to have its focus on the highlighted context, or in actual the main part that he was desiring for; from this content. And such act will create a positive image of your word press in front of the viewer and will entice him to re visit you as he found convenience with you.

10. Avoid using Flash

Avoid using Flash

Flash is almost undetectable to search engines.

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Love Notes

Happy Friday! Another week has flown by! I’ve been traveling so much this month, we’re running a little behind on our posting schedule. I PROMISE that the studio kitchen reveal will go up in the next couple of days! Pinky promise. And as a show of good faith, I’ll give you this little sneak peek!! 🙂 🙂

Studio Kitchen Reveal-20
We have about fifty photos to edit and the longest post ever to write, but it will be worth the wait!!


Sole Society-8

shoes  //  scarf  //  bag

RAINBOW print  //  TULIPS print

Sole Society sent me a few things from their beautiful new fall collection and since it’s been cooling down the tiiiiiiiiniest of bits the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling like scarves are completely appropriate now. 🙂 I’m obsessed with this indigo plaid one! The weekender bag is probably my favorite thing they sent though. I used it when I went to Salt Lake and NYC this last week and it makes a great bag for the airport when you need to consolidate a few carry-ons!

Sole Society-10

scarf  //  bag  //  shoes //  sunglasses

Sole Society-3

Sole Society-4

tortoise glasses  //  amber glasses

Sole Society-5

boots  //  Poppies PRINT

Super excited to wear these velvet shoes with dresses and jeans alike this fall! That color is so pretty and so perfect for fall! They have lots of other great items here!

Sole Society-1

shoes  //  rug


Overstock Leather Couch-9

sofa  //  rug  //  lamp  // black pillow  //  white pillow

We picked up some new pillows for the Studio from Brooke at Sew and Cloth. We love supporting local businesses, and it doesn’t hurt when the pillows are this gorgeous!

(And isn’t that sofa kind of really great?! It was an Overstock find!)

Overstock Leather Couch-4

rug  //  chairs  //  sofa  //  lamp  //  black pillow


Speaking of local friends, do you follow our local design hero Wendy Doris of Dwelling Studio? She renovates historic homes all over Phoenix and she always does a great job, but I’ve especially loved following her#coronadoproject! This is such a beautiful house, it’s hard to believe it’s a flip!! Just look at that kitchen. I love the cabinet color, the hood design and the way the stone runs up the backsplash. Great job, Wendy!!

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 3.17.18 PM copy


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 3.08.30 PM copy


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 3.08.02 PM




Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.26.53 PM



We’re big fans of the Chris Loves Julia Podcast around here so we were so excited to hear them give a shoutout to Jenny’s Print Shop on this week’s episode!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Here is ELEANOR styled on their beautiful shelves. I love that Julia used her home printer!! New art without even having to leave the house! Amazing! For the next few days we are offering 15% off any Jenny’s Print Shop purchases! Use code “WELCOMEFALL15”.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.21.03 AM copy

Happiest of weekends to you, my friends! And thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring a portion of this post!

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