In The Shop: A 1960s Aquastar Genève With Thermometer, A 1970s Zenith El Primero Reference A781, And A 1970s Lemania Chronograph ‘Broad Arrow’ For The Israeli Army

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Ten (yep, count ’em) fresh vintage offerings are available on the Shop today, ready to adorn your wrist for the warmer months to come. We have watches that cover the highlights of mid-century Rolex, chronographs both civilian and military, and a pair of linen-finished timepieces that marry sophistication and wearability. Each of these watches boasts a rich history as well as good looks, so you surely won’t want to miss out. Read on below. 

1960s Aquastar Genève With Thermometer

Whether you stayed aboard your yacht or explored the hidden depths of the sea, this Aquastar Genève would have offered pretty great bang for your buck in the 1960s. Retailed by prominent European purveyors of aquatic and nautical gear, as in this case with Italy’s Cressi-Sub, Aquastar billed itself as "waterproof precision watches for the industry under the sea." It comes with an inner rotating bezel and beautiful dark blue dial, as well as the associated thermometer that was sold as an optional add-on at the time. Read more here

1970s Zenith El Primero Reference A781

There’s slightly funky, and then there’s 1970s neo-futuristic funky. This El Primero reference A781 certainly falls into the latter category. Add rarity (fewer than 1,000 ever produced) and amazing condition, and you have yourself one heck of a watch. It would take a bold man or woman to wear this piece, but an even bolder person not to buy it. Take a look here

1970s Lemania Chronograph With ‘Broad Arrow’ For The Israeli Army

Since World War II, Lemania has outfitted the armed forces of various countries with reliable (and now highly collectable) military-grade wristwatches. In the 1960s, Tudor supplied its Submariner to the Israeli Defense Forces and Lemania followed in the 1970s with this watch. The M (for "Marinah") engraving on the outer caseback indicates that it was manufactured specifically for the naval branch of the Israeli Army. At an arguably-perfect 38mm, this watch is a pleasure to wear on the wrist, with a beautifully patinated dial too. Check it out here

Wait, There’s More

In addition to those mentioned above, we have a variety of other watches on offer this week, including a 1960s Piaget reference 12372, a 1973 Rolex Datejust 1601 with silver linen dial, a 1982 Rolex Submariner reference 5513, a 1950s Mido Powerwind Multifort, a 1940s Tissot chronograph, a 1958 Rolex Air-King Reference 5500 with patinated dial, and a 1966 Breitling Top Time Reference 2001 with original box.

You can see the complete collection in the HODINKEE Shop


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