On the Hillary Clinton logo

Hillary Clinton logo sketchesMichael Bierut’s sketches, January 2015.

“It wasn’t clever or artful. I didn’t care about that. I wanted something that you didn’t need a software tutorial to create, something as simple as a peace sign or a smiley face. I wanted a logo that a five-year-old could make with construction paper and kindergarten scissors.”

Michael Bierut recounts the designing of Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, and the backlash against it, in I’m With Her, on Design Observer.

I couldn’t help but find it typical of public reaction to many high profile logos that after the unveiling — and before anyone knew the designer — a prominent magazine asked Michael to participate in an invitation-only contest to redesign what he’d already created.

Hillary Clinton logo variationsHillary logo variations by Karen Todd.

Source: http://ift.tt/fZ807p

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