Photoessay: Thaipusam 2017 cinematics, part I

H61C-B0000494 copy

Part one of the photoessay covers the ascent: arrival, preparation and the activities at the base of the steps to the cave temple. Relief, chaos, trepidation, anticipation…the full gamut of emotions can be seen, but it’s not over yet – even after having trekked the better part of 13km from the departure temple. To be continued tomorrow in part II. MT

Additional coverage and full size sample images are here at The video is here.

This series was shot with a Hasselblad H6D-100c, 50 and 100mm lenses, and post processed with the cinematic workflow in Making Outstanding Images Ep. 4 & 5.

H61C-B0000446 copy

H61C-B0001096 copy

H61C-B0001091 copy

H61C-B0000555 copy

H61C-B0000543 copy

H61C-B0000569 copy

H61C-B0000454 copy

H61C-B0000498 copy

H61C-B0000549 copy

H61C-B0001074 copy

H61C-B0001059 copy

H61C-B0001074 copy


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