Creative: The Theatre

Hey folks, testing a new form of delivery here. Let me know what you think. Like it? Hate it? Confused? Jealous of my tech mastery?

Hadn’t seen Eric in a while. The last time was Vegas on bikes. Heat, wind, gel shots. I’m guessing it had been fifteen years since we had wandered and made photographs. Tijuana, the old days. Numero Siete. The Zone. Dust and odor. Border Patrol, Federales, Conejos. And then making sense of it all in the underground darkroom. More dust, fixer, prints tacked to the wall, prints drying in the rear window of my car as I hit 100mph on the way home. Stupid, so stupid, but there was something about this little folly, something of great importance, at least to the players involved. A search for something maybe. Or potentially just a distraction.


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