Japan tourism for the design-loving non-tourist

Miho Museum (Shiga Prefecture)

Readers of this site are likely to see Japan as source of inspiration for art, design, and architecture, but taking the next step of visiting and making actual travel plans requires a fair bit of research and coordination. Many of the country’s most interesting and offbeat locations can be both difficult to discover and to access if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

JAPAN 99+1: Traveling through Art, Design, and Architecture, a new book and companion website, curated, written, and designed by a group of respected artists, designers, and travel experts, acts as both a directory and a travel guide, helping the more discerning traveler to discover new locations spanning from Hokkaido to Okinawa, grouping them into regions to highlight nearby spots.

Published by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the goal of the book is to create awareness of Japan as a destination for art and design-oriented travel, and to make these locations the focus of a trip, rather than just interesting side trips.

With 99 unique spots and additional “+1” feature articles, the book and accompanying website provide both inspiration and context for planning your next trip to Japan, and help new visitors discover a new way of traversing a country filled with interesting museums, galleries, and spaces.

Although the print edition of JAPAN 99+1 is free, it’s global distribution is limited primarily to the travel industry. However, the same content and more can be found on the project’s website, art.japan.travel, for you to discover right now. Download your free digital copy of JAPAN 99+1, no registration required.

Art Tower Mito (Ibaraki Prefecture) Courtesy of Art Tower Mito

Kirishima Open Air Museum (Kagoshima Prefecture)

Aqua Ignis Onsen (Mie Prefecture)

Akita Museum of Art (Akita Prefecture)

The Barn (Hokkaido)

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