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VSCO’s mission is to empower culture creators — from the trendsetting creators to the people who just want a creative way to express their visual communication. We accomplish this mission by supplying creative tools for expression and a community to share, learn, and discover.

With these goals in mind, we’ve been hard at work adding some of your most requested features to VSCO and will be rolling them out over the course of the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!


Create and share DSCOs, now within VSCO on iOS. These animated, looping images are a fun and creative way to share your life. Capture a quick clip, add a preset, and post to your VSCO, directly from the in-app camera.

It’s easy to create a DSCO. Here’s how —

In VSCO, open the camera.
Tap and hold the rainbow circle to record.

Swipe the screen to select a preset.

Tap the upload button to post to VSCO.

View your DSCO on VSCO.

Experience what other people are making using DSCO.


In order to keep VSCO a community based on respect and understanding, we’ve added the ability to block people. If you block someone, they can no longer follow you, repost or favorite your images. VSCO is public, so a blocked person will still be able to see your images, but not interact with them.

It’s easy to block —

Go to the person’s profile.
Tap “…” in the top right corner.
Select “Block”.


That being said, it’s always nice when someone appreciates your image. In addition to reposting an image to your profile, you will now be able to favorite an image — a private acknowledgment between two people. Only the person whose image you’ve favorited will be notified. Think of it as a real-life high five.

Here’s how to favorite an image —

In your feed, select another person’s image.

Tap on the “star” icon.

The person (and only that person) will be notified.

Thank you for using VSCO!

Source: http://vsco.co/rss/blog

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