Snickerdoodles ~ just for fun


The name is as fun to say as the cookies are to make.

Snickerdoodle-01Snickerdoodle-03Snickerdoodle-04Snickerdoodle-06I’m typically a chocolate chip cookie girl, but every now and then I stray to another type. I actually don’t eat very many cookies, but I sure like baking them and passing them around to neighbors or friends. As I was baking these I noticed something in my recipe book that I’ve read over in the past. In small type right about the ingredients was a little note that Snickerdoodles originated in the 1800s in New England. It also said they were named “purely for fun.”

Purely for fun.

Snickerdoodle-07As I rolled the dough in cinnamon and sugar, I kept thinking about that line, “purely for fun.” At least a handful of times a day I ask one of my kids, “Why are you doing that?”

The answer is almost always, “I don’t know. It’s fun.”

Why are you flipping the water bottle? ~ I don’t know. It’s fun.

Why do you want to repel off the roof? ~ I don’t know. It’s fun.

Why are trying to balance that on your brother’s head? ~ I don’t know it’s fun.

Kids are awesome at doing things purely for fun – things that usually make no sense to me! Somewhere along the way, adults get so good at being purposeful and intentional at making goals and working towards those goals – we forget to do things purely for fun. Maybe I’m just talking about myself.

Snickerdoodles were given the best name purely for fun. I’m so grateful someone living in New England in the 1800s chose to have fun for the sake of fun. Today instead of wanting to bang my head on a wall each time my son flips that water bottle, I’ll eat a Snickerdoodle and join him in the water bottle flipping…and maybe he will teach me a bit more about doing something just for fun.


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