Beautiful “&” Inspiring Photography

There’s something quite special with creative photography. To be able to catch a feeling or a special moment in time is a skill that’s really hard to master. Sure, you can take a photography class and learn all the technical stuff but to some extent it’s more important to have a passion and an eagerness to explore and learn. In today’s digital age more or less all professional photos are retouched in some way. From simple sharpening and color adjustments to more advanced photo manipulation which completely alters the original image. Some may say that retouching is cheating, creating something that’s never been. But for me it’s more like digital make-up, enhancing specific features. If used with taste and class, that is…

Alone by Chris Lambeth

After the rain by Mikko Lagerstedt

Svetlana by Jack Høier

Mikko Lagerstedt

Alex Taylor

ALL I NEED IS BLUE by Peyranne Francois

Marat Safin

Dune rider – Stephane Peterhansel

"Walk this world with me" by Christophe Staelens

Red Fox Portrait by Alicja Zmysłowska

Alex Mazurov

Gerhardt Kellermann / Bayerische Saatsoper / BMW Aerolab

Phoenix by Kristina Kazarina

Portraits by Shawn van Eeden & Franklin Angermund

Genevieve Caron


Into the Fog by Bryson Gibbons



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