Style Tribes: The sneaker every creative is wearing

The creative community in East London is known for its experimental fashion tastes. Yet even the most unique among us tend to fall into different ‘style tribes’ (and we don’t mean the beard, high-tops and skinny jean cliché). We’re all influenced by our environment and those who share the same interests, and can often find ourselves wearing exactly the same pieces as others in the office. One look around E8 and you’ll notice there’s one piece that appears to be defining the creative uniform: Common Projects sneakers. We asked some CP fans why the understated sneakers are everywhere right now:

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Henry Hepworth is a Business Planning Associate at Unit9 in Hoxton, London.

He says his Common Projects are surprisingly hardy for a shoe that seems to prioritise style.

“Despite having taken a beating over the years – ranging from grotty South London nightspots to acidic bird shit attacks, they’re still in great nick. And not only that but nothing seems to compromise the style.”

Miles Brown is a Stylist at menswear retailer Oki-Ni.

“Common Projects are my go-to sneaker. They’re so versatile and I like the range of colours. You can wear them year round because they’re simple but recognisable.”

Mathias Vagni is Lead Designer at Lyst

“They’re just the perfect contemporary sneaker. They look cool and they’re super comfortable. I wear them because they’re durable enough to withstand walking in the park with my dog, Bruce but also elegant enough to wear to meetings at the office. I love how they change with regular wear – they’ve become much softer and developed a really nice shine to the leather that you normally only get from good leather boots.”

Alana King is a strategist at BBH

They’re durable and timeless. I’ve had these ones for years, and they look almost as good as on the day I bought them. They’re so simple and classic that they won’t go out of style, and I wear them with everything from jeans to dresses. The gold serial number is an inspired detail: it’s a number not a logo, but you know it’s Common Projects and they just feel special.”

Mitchell Petrie is a Designer at Lyst

I wear Common Projects almost every day, mostly with jeans and a sweater but quite happily with smarter outfits if I go out. I like that they’re simple enough to wear with just about anything and the quality of the leather is great so I can run around with my kids and not worry about them getting roughed up to the point where I can’t wear them to work”

Ebba Lidvall, is a Fashion Student from Sweden

They make the whole outfit every time. Common Projects look the best with a slightly cropped trouser and some groovy socks.”

Mehves Tangun is Director of Publisher Monetization at Bounce Exchange

“I realized how much I liked the whole white ‘sneaker look’ after buying my first no name pair–the color white just made everything you wore pop. I wear Common Projects because they’re just so sleek.”

Thom Dorking is Creative Director at

“I like the minimalist design paired with high quality materials, and that all important foil detail on the heel. I wear them because they’re understated. Only people that know about the brand appreciate them, and that’s fine by me.”

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