Sunday Sound Thought #62 – GDC Wrap Up: What Was Your Takeaway?

Image curtesy of Next Reality
Image curtesy of Next Reality

In reflecting on GDC last week, I find several themes coming to mind. I can talk about attending Sightglass coffee at the crack of dawn, where I was able to appreciate the openness of the audio community and their willingness to share experiences, advice, or knowledge. Or, I can muse about the talks themselves, wrapping up in a conclusion-like statement an overview of the kind of solutions and ideas that were shared. For myself personally, I learned about new methods for using tools that I had previously unheard of or had overlooked, saw creative solutions for some very difficult problems, and witnessed honest discussions of trial, failure, and redemption.

I could also talk about recognition and awards. Maybe one of the best ways to process our GDC experience is by attending award ceremonies like the Game Developers Choice Awards or the Game Audio Network Guild Awards. During these ceremonies, we are able to see our peers and our heroes, stand up to be recognized for years of dedication and hard work. We are able to be awed by the games and experiences that they, and all nominees, give to us as audiences.

Or finally, I could talk about the the parties. Some of the best, most enlightening discussions I had were held during GDC after-hours. Whether I was squished and shouting at a wine bar in SOMA, squished and shouting at a brewery (see a trend here?), or at one of the many various get-togethers held all around San Francisco, I was having great conversation. I met some of my heroes, got the chance to commiserate (as well as brainstorm!) with people that were running into similar challenges as myself, and truly made some new world-wide friends.

But what I do want to talk about, what my take-away was for GDC, was the single theme that wove through coffee, talks, awards, and parties: inspiration. Looking back on every aspect of GDC, I have become truly inspired. I am challenged to give more to the community, to mentor more, and to continue to foster new connections. I am challenged to become a better creator. Whether it’s recording more, designing more, implementing more, or learning more, I want to continue to strive to create sounds and experiences that are always improving. And finally, I am challenged to stay connected. To play the games that my peers have created, and to constantly learn from them and grow through them.

But that’s just me. For those of you to went to GDC, what was your takeaway? And if you didn’t go to GDC, but had a similar experience recently, what was it like? Let’s continue to learn, grow, and share as a community!
Happy Sunday, everyone!


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