Read: The Sympathizer (Pulitzer for Fiction)

This is a great book but I can’t give it a full review. Let me explain.

“The Sympathizer” won the Pulitzer for Fiction so literary folks far more intelligent than I have given this book by Viet Thanh Nguyen their blessing. I can’t give it a full review because of what was happening in my life during the time I read this book. First, my mom got a new heart valve, so I was in and out of ICU at the hospital, reading a page or two here and there. Then I was with mom in recovery, at her house, for two weeks, so again a page here and a page there. There were times when I had to go back ten pages just to remember where I was.

Then I got the flu. Then I got food poisoning. Then I didn’t eat for three full days, and on the fourth day had to force myself to eat because it felt like I was never going to eat again. I was at 150 pounds.

So, as you can imagine it was not the best formula for reading comprehension. But let me say this…this is a damn good book. Even through the mess of life it was leaving it’s residue in my brain. Get it, read it.


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