March 2017: The Food issue

We begin in the ‘subzimandis’ of India. Salonee Gadgil discusses some of the reasons why food wastage levels in South Asia are significantly lower than anywhere else in the world, and how customer expectations and design in emerging markets are being affected by western food trends.

Sophie Thomas of design studio Thomas.Matthews gets us thinking about the flawed design of the 5000 paper coffee cups disposed of each minute in the UK and what to do with them

Eliza Williams speaks to Fortnum & Mason‘s Customer Experience Director Zia Zareem-Slade about how the brand is attempting to shake off its somewhat fusty, touristy image with some great design and intriguing collaborations.

We introduce you to Burgerac. Once just a humble journalist at CR, Gavin Lucas has translated his passion for burgers into a successful business venture. He speaks to Patrick Burgoyne about running one of London’s hippest food joints.

Rachael Steven speaks to Lucy Wright, Director of Brand Creative at Hakkasan Group about the secret to the chain’s success, and how they’ve reinvented Chinese food at the top end of the market with 13 restaurants and night clubs world-wide.

Mark Sinclair discusses how the Real Junk Food project is attempting to tackle the problem of food wastage in the UK, by turning the very concept of ‘waste’ on its head and serving a menu made entirely with ‘surplus’.

We end with a little food for thought in our Creative Leaders section.Tanya Livesey discusses the importance of emotional intelligence in leading a team, and Claire Bridges gives her advice on how to generate ideas when you’re feeling uninspired.

Cover illustration by Rob Flowers;

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