Everything Great and Terrible About 2016 in One Gloriously Chaotic Illustration

How was your 2016? The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years, and as a Red Sox fan myself, I can appreciate curse breaking and all that. Instagram changed their logo, as did, a number of other people (including us!). And then there was the election … and I’ll just leave that one without comment.

Yes 2016 was a bit of a mixed bag, which is why summing it up in one image might be difficult to accomplish. But that’s exactly what Beutler Ink did with their Best and Worst of 2016 illustration. Before we get into it, let’s just take a look at the illustration itself in it’s glorious chaos.

(Click image to enlarge)
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The process of making the illustration is just as fascinating. As it turns out, Beutler Ink has been building these yearly illustrations since 2013, and as such they plan them out fairly meticulously. They had a spreadsheet going with things for possible inclusion in the picture, including a running list of celebrity deaths (26), and milestones in world history. All in all, there are 127 events featured in this one illustration, and they have a key at the bottom to show which is which.

Seriously, you could get lost in this thing.

So whether 2016 was your best year ever or one you wish you could leave in your rear-view mirror, this illustration is a great way to encapsulate it.


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