8 Wooden Lattice Façades Weaving Together People and Place

Great architecture encourages exchange. As the medium through which we experience our surroundings, buildings can frame, enclose or screen our connection to a context and each other. Built to accommodate varied levels of privacy, the boundaries of architecture dramatically define how we see ourselves within the world. They can provoke and surprise, mediate or inspire. They can encourage haptic connections through critically defined experiences. At their greatest, buildings and façades tell a story that invites us to explore. Wooden lattices have been used to define building envelopes throughout history. Designed as screens or interwoven cladding, these elements play with fenestration and massing to control view and light. Made with both vernacular building techniques and modern tectonic expressions, they are not tied to specific locales or regions. Adding warmth and elegance, they are often made with consideration of public space, transparency and liminal relationships. The following eight projects are each made with diverse wooden lattice façades designed to respond to multiple conditions. Together, they show how careful attention to building envelopes can encourage a weaving together of people and place. GC Prostho Museum Research Center by Kengo Kuma and Associates, Kasugai, Japan This … http://architizer.com/

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