“Between the Material and the Non-Material”: Anupama Kundoo Discusses the Importance of Experiential Architecture Education

This feature has been created in collaboration with urbanNext, a multi-platform aimed at developing, disseminating and distributing content centered on architecture through a focus on the contemporary human milieu and its challenges. Architizer features a weekly discussion from urbanNext’s journals to support its investigation of urban conditions and innovations facing the architectural profession today. “I would hope that our future graduates are not impotent in this world that is rapidly changing,” says Anupama Kundoo in an interview with urbanNext. Kundoo, the founding principal of her internationally renowned architecture firm Anupama Kundoo Architect, spoke with urbanNext at the 2016 Venice Biennale earlier this year about the urgent challenges facing architectural education. Anupama Kundoo in her installation for the 2016 Venice Biennale For the architect, who recently celebrated 25 years of her independent practice, Kundoo worries our increasing reliance on the internet will obscure young architects’ opportunities to engage with the tangible realities of the profession. “It cannot replace the other things that we have developed as architects throughout our evolution as a profession,” says Kundoo, “ … If the level of knowledge is not more than our forefathers or at least equal, that is not progress for … http://architizer.com/

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