IAMAG Master Classes ’17


IAMAG, has unveiled its Opening for the ’17 edition of its Master Classes. The film, Created by French Art Director Niels Prayer,  is the perfect  metaphor of IAMAG Master Classes, a unique place in an unique location,  where  legendary digital artists share their experience in the heart of Paris
IAMAG Master Classes will take place in Paris at The Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), one of the largest and most modern libraries in the world, from March 17th to 19th.
During 3 Days, a panel of Vfx artists, concept artists, animators, directors, working for some of the most reputed studios, ILM, Disney, Pixar, Ubisoft, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks,  to name a few, will give some insights of recent projects, share advices, review portfolios and connect with the audience.
A Large number of studios, and companies will also take part of the Master Classes to recruit some high end profiles in the audience and demonstrate some of their latest technologies.
All  talks that don’t contain NDA Materials, will be recorded and all ticket owners will be able to watch  the master classes, without any extra fees, one week after the event.
Speaker list include: Nathan Fowkes, Jason Scheier, JB Monge, Dan Roarty, Ash Thorp, Jonny Duddle, Goro Fujita, Ryan Church, James Clyne, Neil Blevins, Clay Kathis, Ian McQue, Allan McKay, Nikolai Lockersten, Raphael Lacoste, Marc Simonetti, Joaquin Baldwin, Mike Blum , Andrew Schmidt / Director, Alexis Wajsbrot
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