Gold Match Striker


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Published on November 24th, 2016 |

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Gold Match Striker

IKEA Nässjö candle holder hacked into gold match striker

I have a lot of lovely colourful matches at home as I think it’s always nice to have matches within easy reach, especially you like candles as I do!

So I have been looking for a nice match striker to display these lovely matches and all the beautiful ones was really out of budget.

My favourite one was a brass sphere match striker and when I realised that the Ikea Nässjö candle holders I had at home had a similar shape I knew I had my new match striker!

With a bit of DIY here is what I came with…


– Ikea Nässjö candle holder
– Gold spray paint
– Matches with their box
– Scissors
– Glue

IKEA candle holder hacked into gold match striker

It’s a very easy and quick DIY. The Nässjö candle holder has two ends. One side is suitable for a block candle and the other for a large tealight.

All you have to do is spray paint your candle holder in gold. Then cut a bit of the strike part of the match box and glue it inside the candle holder where there is the IKEA logo (tealight side). Once you have done that, it’s finished! You have a beautiful match striker with one side to display your matches and one side to strike them.

Spray paint the candle holder gold

Stick the striker onto the bottom of the candle holder

IKEA candle holder hacked into gold match striker

IKEA candle holder hacked into gold match striker

See complete tutorial on my blog.

~ by Nadia of Preciously Me

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