Best “Graphic Design” of 2016

Just like previous years to we’re presenting our personal favorites from our graphic design galleries posted during 2016. In today’s “Best of” roundup we’ve summed up a mix of beautifully designed works including various posters, book covers and print designs.

Meatless Signage

WIRED – President Barack Obama

New York – Barack Obama

Mammoth Café, Armadale, 2015 by Technē Architecture + Interior Design


Richard 2nd Poster


Intef Exhibition Poster

KX Kayakers

Domenica Cover by Laura Cattaneo

ESPN May 2016, Tiger Woods Issue

Red Cross

Design film festival by Anonymous

I love Japan

Japan Week Poster by Cristian Fish

Mill Valley Film Festival poster by Turner Duckworth


Peter and the Wolf by Phoebe Morris Illustration

Jaws, Penguin Horror book series by Tom Lenartowicz

Esquire No.1000

Nike – There is no finish line

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