Mainstream Logo Redesign Techniques You Won’t Want to Miss

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Redesigning a logo can be a bit tricky. You want to update the brand’s look, but you also don’t want to erase all of the things that made customers fall in love with old icon. So how do you blend the new and old into a harmonious logo design?

The creative team at Company Folders rounded up this collection of the 7 most effective logo redesign strategies to help you strike the perfect balancing act. Here’s a sneak peek of what they found:

Strive for simplicity

Good logo designs showcase a brand’s personality. Unfortunately, many designers think that “personality” and “complication” are the same thing. They use wonky fonts that are hard to read, toss in too many colors, or create complex shapes that take customers’ brains a long time to process. When you redesign a logo, make it your mission to see how minimal a design you can create and still convey the brand’s message. Your logo’s simplicity will be a welcome break from the clamor of other brands.

Look to your brand’s past

There’s nothing like a blast from the past to revitalize a brand. If the logo you’re working with has already been evolving for a few years, take a look at the older iterations. You might find one that you can update and bring back to life. Reviving an old logo helps you reconnect with a past audience while still adding innovative new touches to attract today’s audience.

Add interest with hidden meanings

Once a company has an established client base, it’s okay to have a little fun with them. Creating hidden meanings in a logo—usually by manipulating negative space—is the designer’s equivalent of letting people in on an inside joke. They’ll spend a lot more time engaging with the design and trying to find all the different meanings. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of sending multiple brand messages within a small amount of space.

Discover 4 more great techniques for redesigning logos when you view the full graphic! And be sure to check out the professional logo designs created by the Company Folders team.

Tips for Creating a Personal Logo Design with Ease

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Designers spend so much time creating brand pieces for other people that it’s easy to forget about our own branding. But that’s exactly what you need if you expect to be taken seriously in your career. A personal logo can go a long way toward helping you establish a strong brand identity. Here, the design team at Company Folders shares some of their own logo creation process:

Writing a creative brief

Chances are that you’re designing your own personal logo, so treat yourself as you would any other client. Rather than jumping headfirst into the project, take some time to determine what type of brand identity you want. Define your target audience and tone. Learn what the competition is up to, so you can make sure your logo stands out. And since it’s easy to let personal projects get out of control, make sure you set a due date and budget to keep yourself on track.

Specifying a name

If you’re anything like most people, you answer to multiple names. Your birth certificate is printed with first and last names, and you’ve likely picked up a couple of nicknames over the years. You may even introduce yourself using your middle name or initials.

It’s important to remember that the name you choose to use in your personal logo will impact how people perceive your company. For instance, full names sound professional yet take up a lot of space, whereas initials can give you a little more creative liberty. Think carefully about the pros and cons of each name before making your choice.

Finding inspiration

Logo inspiration is available just about anywhere, from web collections to other brands in your industry. For a personal logo, the best place to look is within yourself. Your name may convert well to an image or have a cool hidden meaning you want to bring out. You might also find inspiration from your hobbies, personality, or looks. These sources of inspiration are a great way to make sure your personal logo lives up to its name.

Now that you’ve got all the basic pieces in place, you’re ready to head over to the original post and learn how to put your personal logo together. You can also check out Company Folders’ professional services and work with a designer to create your logo.

Great Ideas for Two-Letter Logo Designs

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Sometimes, spelling out a brand’s entire name in its logo isn’t the most effective use of space. You can design a much more creative—and memorable—logo if you combine the brand’s initials into a cool symbol. Whether you’re working with a client or crafting a logo for your own brand, you can get inspired with these creative ways to turn brand initials into logo designs.

Shared vertical strokes

Since many upper- and lowercase letters have vertical strokes, combining these lines is a great way to merge two letters into one cohesive symbol. The connection creates a unified brand identity and adds visual interest, yet still makes the logo simple and easy to read.

Removed or cropped letters

Cutting off a portion of a letter sounds counterintuitive at first—after all, how will people read it? The answer is that the human brain will help them. Because our minds are trained to recognize and process letters at a glance, they can actually perceive what a letter is supposed to be, even if part of it is missing. This playful design is a great way to engage viewers’ imaginations.

Occupied negative space

Playing with negative space is one of the best ways to make super creative logo. You can manipulate the space inside letters like “O” or “D” to create cool new shapes, or you can even add space within letters that normally isn’t there. When you use negative space to send multiple brand messages, your audience is likely to spend more time interacting with your logo because they want to decode those messages.

Want to see more cool ways to convert letters into logos? Take a look at these creative techniques for two-letter logos from the team at Company Folders. You can also check out their logo design services if you’re looking for help with your next logo project.

Finger Pointing – January 10th

I’m back on the blog today for the first time in the New Year. I’ve missed stalking the galleries so I’m very happy that it’s finally my turn. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I love it when I find a digital page featuring the layout artist’s other artistic endeavors. Watercolour by purlz76 is a perfect example. I love the “doodley” look of her layout since, after all, it features her doodling. Framing the photo of her designs in black makes it stand out from the rest of the layout. Using the spiral background paper gives it the appearance of a page from a journal. The title work is exceptional, replacing the t and l with elements that underline her theme. Overall this is a very creative layout.

Another hobby or perhaps better stated as a pursuit is highlighted in R is for Runner by JenEm. This layout is understated in its elegance. The palette is lovely and the split journaling was a joy to read. I especially like the photo which is abstract in appearance. The bits of elements sprinkled about are the perfect added touches and I like the way the ribbon leads the eye to her sub-title.

Adding the angel wings to the adorable photo gives Easter 2005 by JennyG a touch of whimsy. I love her simple layout design, made more effective by the glow she added to the clouds and the wings. I’m not certain how she created the grassy border but it grounds the photo perfectly. Finally the half border stitched and tied with a bow finishes things off in just the right way.

The photos in Amazing Memories by angiepangie just make me smile. I love her layout design with the slight tilt to both the photos and the journaling. The clusters are so pretty and the vertical title-work running down the center is outstanding. I really like that she kept the title large so it balances the strips of photos.

I know I’ve said it before but I’m always on the lookout for heritage layouts and 1951 Two Farmers by annette is exceptional. I love the way she both masked and framed the photo with a slight lift on the left hand side. She included a scan of her grandmother’s writing on the back of the photo and translated it on the opposite side of the page. The title-work is so pretty and the two tiny clusters are the only embellishments needed to complete her design.

My final pick, Frozen Cold by caapmun, is a tribute to the weather in my part of the world. I love the way the photo is divided by the filmstrip brush. The little blue bows and flowers sprinkled about support her theme and placing the title on the tag is a great touch. A heavy sprinkling of glitter over the entire page gives the layout an icy feel.

I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you have enjoyed my picks. I trust your New Year is off to a great start and if you have a minute or two please click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love.



Sea monster Moppe

Sea monster MOPPE-2

The beloved Moppe drawer unit is not available in Canada any longer. I was lucky enough to find one in a thrift shop. Unfortunately it was coated in thick and hideous purple paint.

I started by carefully sanding off all of the paint. I knew what I wanted to do with the drawers but was trying to think of a theme that would be interesting. I looked online at antique map illustrations and fell in love with the variety of sea monsters depicted. I found a selection of images that I liked and modified them where necessary so that their proportions fit within the drawer fronts (actually the backs, as I reversed the drawers).

Sea monster MOPPE-1

I used graphite paper to transfer the monsters, then fired up my trusty wood burner and set to work. I covered the sides and top of the unit with a pattern of waves. Once the wood-burning was finished, I lightly coloured around the monsters with a blue watercolour pencil and applied a moistened cotton swab to give the water a blue tint. I scrounged through old books at the thrift shop until I found one with suitable nautical illustrations, and ‘podged’ the pages inside the drawers to line them. Then all that was needed was a set of little bronze pulls and it was done!

Sea monster MOPPE-5

Sea monster MOPPE-4

Sea monster MOPPE-3

~ by Lorraine Andrusiak

The post Sea monster Moppe appeared first on IKEA Hackers.

50 Dragon Home Decor Accessories To Give Your Castle Medieval Appeal

Are you looking to embrace a medieval theme for your garden or interior? Attractive dragon-themed decor isn’t exactly a common find – but this post compiles 50 of the most useful, unique, or simply beautiful dragon decorations we could locate. It’s all here! There’s something for every room, from the kitchen to the office. Consider using this post as a go-to resource for your next themed party or just in case you need a gift for a friend who loves fantasy novels. Which dragon-themed decoration is your favorite? Stop by the comment section and let us know!

Buy It: From $30   

Dragon Welcome Plaques: Perhaps even more fearsome than a guard dog, these dragon-themed welcome plaques are the perfect way to tell guests to “enter, at your own risk”.

Buy It: $398   

Dragon Wall Clock: The detail on this cast wall clock is beyond brilliant – guests will look up to check the time and won’t be able to take their eyes away. The hands look like swords to complete the medieval theme.

Buy It: $90   

Dragon Wall Clock: The detail on this cast wall clock is beyond brilliant – guests will look up to check the time and won’t be able to take their eyes away. The hands look like swords to complete the medieval theme.

Buy It: $85   

Past, Present & Future Sculptural Dragon Wall Clock: Famous dragon artist Gary Chang created this design to represent the three dragons of past, present, and future. It’s a functional piece of art that any fan of the fantasy genre would love to have.

Buy It: $25   

Dragon Desk/Mantelpiece Clock: No game room or medieval living room would be complete without this menacing clock on the mantle. The mechanism ticks just like a classic clock for an authentic feel.

Buy It: $37   

Dragon Pendulum Clock: Gothic interior decor isn’t easy to find, but this piece certainly hits many of the thematic details to tie your chosen motif together. A castle, a full moon clock face, a guardian dragon, a skull, and a pentagram pendulum offer lots to look at.

Buy It: $45   

Dragon Table Lamp: At 20 inches tall and covered with a 12-inch diameter shade, this clock is a nice eye-catching piece for a nightstand or a side table. The black shade ensures nice soft lighting to keep your dungeon nice and mysterious.

Buy It: $22   

Medieval Dragon Candle Holder: Here’s a great piece for a fantasy-inspired interior. Three castle towers are the perfect size for votive candles. If you’re worried about charring the wings with taller candles, rechargeable LED options would be ideal.

Buy It: $30   

Dragon Oil Warmer: Oil warmers make great ambiance-defining decor and are always a nice choice for a useful gift. Unlike other oil warmers, this one uses an electric light and includes a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness and heat.

Buy It: $150   

Dragon Hanging Lamp: Detailed, creative, and certainly unlike any other lamp, this piece is a great alternative to tabletop options. It does weigh a moderately hefty 11lbs so be sure to mount it carefully.

Buy It: $89   

Dragon Light Fixture: This wall-mounted dragon extends 15″ inches from the wall to create a striking and elegant impression. Consider hanging one lamp in a centered location, or pick up a pair to go on either side of a sofa or bed.

Buy It: $85   

Dragon Wall Sconce: Beautiful from every angle, it’s easy to see why this piece deserves a coveted spot on the wall. And just look at the lighting effect on the detailed interior portion! Note that it does not include the wooden frame, but you could easily add your own.

Buy It: $21   

Medieval Dragons Wall Plaque with Dagger: Sword collectors, dragon fans, and medieval enthusiasts alike are sure to enjoy this decorative plaque. The small dagger knife that comes with it is heavy and very shiny, easily removed from the plaque so you can show it off to friends.

Buy It: $24   

Purple Dragon Plaque With Mini Swords: Each sword that comes with this purple-pink dragon plaque is made from polished metal, and though they’re not sharp, they work great as letter openers. The rest of the plaque is made from durable resin.

Buy It: $14   

Dragon Display Knife: Are you more interested in decorative knives than miniature swords? This detailed blade is a great display piece and makes a bold first impression.

Buy It: $23   

Dragon Knife With Holder: The neck and wing make up the handle of the knife, which fits seamlessly on the dragon body to form a complete sculpture.

Buy It: $23   

Dragon Show Blade With Stand: Here’s something even more unusual. This distinctive blade remains unsharpened for safe handling as a display piece, but it retains its daring aesthetic and fierce composition.

Buy It: $17   

Dragon Snow Globe: Snow globe collectors and dragon fans alike can appreciate this fun and interactive piece. The dragon and base are hand-painted to enhance the lovely depth of detail.

Buy It: $198   

Dragon Chess Set: Detailed pewter chess pieces take on the form of an army of dragons. The transparent glass board reveals a dragon graveyard contained within the crumbling remains of castle walls.

Buy It: $27   

Dragon Trinket Box: What could go along with a mythical fantasy theme better than a box of hidden treasures? Simply lift the dragon to reveal what’s inside.

Buy It: $33   

Dragon On Orb Sculpture: Here’s another handy vessel that doubles as a catchall for little objects around the house. It could work great in a dragon-themed living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom or kitchen.

Buy It: $23   

Dragon Topped Mechanical Box: Finding steampunk home decor isn’t always easy, but this piece is cool on several levels. This decorative box would work great for jewelry, office supplies, dice, or other odd objects.

Buy It: $80   

Dragon Hour Glass: Time is an interesting theme for medieval decorations. This hourglass sculpture is 10 inches long and almost 7 inches tall, sure to make an impression sitting on your mantle or shelf.

Buy It: $16   

Dragon Stapler: Whether you work from home or want to bring a bit of personal flair to the office, this dragon-shaped stapler is fearsome and individualized.

Buy It: $17   

Dragon Utility Holder: Pencils, pens, rubber bands, and paperclips – this 4 inch tall utility holder is a nice addition to any desk.

Buy It: $31   

Dragons & Gargoyles Pen Set: Bold writing utensils are a great way to make a memorable first impression. This set of 5 represents a variety of gargoyles and dragons for an unforgettable writing set.

Buy It: $21   

Dragon Bookend: These lightweight polyresin bookends make it easy to emphasize medieval influences on any bookshelf. Each dragon features intricate detail and measures in at over 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide, with a manageable width of just over 3 inches.

Buy It: $109   

Game Of Thrones Dragon Eggs Bookend: Dragon eggs are a great low-key way to show love for dragons and especially dragons as they relate to Game of Thrones. This is an officially licensed set replicating a wedding gift to Daenerys, each dragon egg standing 7″ tall.

Buy It: $5   

Dragon Bookmark: Whether you like to work on beadwork projects or want to add something simple like ribbons, this metal dragon bookmark makes it easy with a little loop hanging from the dragon’s mouth.

Buy It: From $5   

Dragon Keychains: These keychains would make great gifts for Game of Thrones fans who want to rep House Targaryen.

Buy It: $28   

Dragon Bottle Opener: Bottle openers can be simple affairs, or they can serve as a decorative and delightful fixture in the home. This dragon-shaped bottle opener attaches to the wall to add big personality even when it’s not in use.

Buy It: $15   

Solid Pewter Dragon Bottle Opener: Here’s a smaller bottle opener more appropriate for hauling to parties or keeping around the house. The detailed dragon is cast in solid pewter, and the opener is made from durable stainless steel.

Buy It: $30   

Dragon Wine Bottle Holder: What a thirsty dragon! Here’s a lovely gift for somebody who loves to sip wine while reading their favorite fantasy or medieval themed books.

Buy It: $79   

Dragon Claw Goblet: Game of thrones fans might recognize this dragon claw goblet from a memorable scene between Melisandre and Master Cressen. Its glass bowl holds 12 oz. of your favorite beverage.

Buy It: $15   

Dragon Goblet: If you’re looking for an inexpensive goblet for decoration or for sipping small beverages, this handsome piece will draw compliments from any dragon fan.

Buy It: $17  

Dragon Chalice: This chalice holds 5 ounces (150 ml) and the stainless steel insert is removable for easy washing. It stands at a full 7 inches tall to make a grand statement at your table.

Buy It: $20   

Dragon Mug: Although the manufacturer states this mug is for decoration only, the stainless steel interior ensures it will hold up for everyday use as a penholder or just as a neat decoration for the home.

Buy It: $16   

Dragon Salt & Pepper Shakers: Your seasonings are sure to remain safe in the hands of this intimidating guardian. Like many of the cast resin pieces in this post, the detail is unbeatable.

Buy It: $40   

Dragon Cake Pan: The detail in this cake pan is almost astonishing. This one holds 8 cups of batter to accommodate larger guest counts, great for a birthday party or other dragon-themed event.

Buy It: From $8   

Dragon Moulds: Yep, there’s a whole world of dragon-themed baking accessories out there! It’s always nice to have just the right shape to suit themed parties or to treat a loved one to something out of the ordinary.

Buy It: $52   

Dragon Egg Cookie Jar: Is your home a House Targaryen home? This ceramic cookie jar doesn’t contain a soon-to-be hatchling but instead can hold your favorite knickknacks, cut flowers, or of course, cookies.

Buy It: $118   

Dragon Wall Art: While an ordinary canvas of this detailed dragon would catch the eye on its own, this unique multi-piece print takes it to the next level. The total size comes to just under 60 inches wide and 40 inches tall to make a big impression.

Buy It: $9   

Dragon Wall Decal: These neat decals make it easy to create the visual effect of a flock of dragons soaring across any wall. The included adhesive tape allows you to hang them flat, or you can fold the decals for the cool 3D effect like in the photo.

Buy It: $110   

Dragon Bedding & Pillow Set: It’s hard to find dark purple bedding sets in the first place, especially ones with dragons! This bedding set with artwork by Anne Stokes would be the perfect way to tie together a dragon bedroom theme.

Buy It: $25   

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder: Bathrooms are great places to embrace distinctive decor. This dragon toilet paper holder would make a great Halloween addition, or could serve as a great thematic addition for a general medieval or gothic theme.

Buy It: $30   

Dragon Shower Curtain: Decorative shower curtains offer an instant way to transform the entire look of the bathroom. This one features a distinctive dragon on a washable, waterproof, mildew resistant polyester.

Buy It: $43  

Dragon Faucet: If you’re looking for an artistic faucet that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, this piece is certainly a contender for fans of Chinese or Norse dragons. It’s brushed brass construction ensures longevity and style.

Buy It: $10   

Oriental Dragon Gong: This cast metal gong is a unique desk topper or decorative item sure to draw comments and interaction from guests. Simply pull back the hanging gong to ring.

Buy It: $20   

Sleeping Baby Dragon Garden Statue: What a peaceful little addition to any garden or terrace! This sweet sleepy dragon is sure to stand up to the elements quite well – some have even repurposed this piece as aquarium decor.

Buy It: $85   

Dragon of Falkenberg Lawn Statue: Divided into three pieces, this dragon statue looks like it’s swimming through water or diving through the earth. This piece is an obvious choice for garden decor but creative types could likely find a place for it indoors as well.

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Design Dilemma: Five Design Trends for 2017

Santa Rosa Residence

Welcome to 2017! As we ring in the new year, we’re assessing design trends to get a handle on what’s “in” and “out.” Now certainly, design trends do not move as fast as fashion trends do. It takes several years for a look, let’s say “industrial” or “Mid-Century Modern” to run their course. And at times, it seems as if some of these trends are never going to die.  Mid-Century Modern is a good example of a long-lived trend that has now been around for close to two decades. And yet, little by little, styles and interior ideas are changing. For example,  this year, as opposed to recent years, the large furniture chains are suggesting that 2017 will be the year of Japanese Minimalism and Italian Vintage Modern. Here’s a quick look at a few of the trends that prognosticators predict will be hot this year.

1. Green as the new black.
Deep dark green, emerald green, forest green and deep olives, seem to be the “it” color of the year, as seen above and below. Green is organic and soothing, and depending on the exact tone, can come off as homey or regal. Expect to see more forest green sofas and emerald green occasional chairs!

Brooklyn apartment
Entertainment Centers



2. Jewel tones.

And it’s not just emerald green that is back in a big way, any jewel tones, from deep blue to magenta to deep purple are favored this year.  Jewel tones are warm but elegant. In velvet, they project a sense of luxury and posh comfort which is a nice change from the hard-edged metal and distressed leather of the industrial style, or the prim, muted grays and beiges of Mid-Century Modern. Below, a living room manages to use many jewel tones while still coming off as light-hearted and lively.

Living Room

And below, a living room utilizing some of the same jewel tones comes off in a completely different way, as a cozy parlor for evening conversation:

Notting Hill

And here, again, emerald green, which pops in a wonderful way against smoky, charcoal walls:

Photo by Ingrid Rasmussen Photography – Discover contemporary living room design ideas

3. Upholstered Bedheads.
Another interesting trend we’ve noted is the move toward upholstered bedframes over the wooden and metal frames of the past. Upholstery can come off as luxe  — like something you might see in a high-end hotel. While it’s a shift away from hard edges, we wonder how long this trend will last given the fact that more of us are conscious of banishing allergens such as dust mites from our bedrooms!

Fulham Garden Flat

The nice thing about upholstery, is that without much effort or fanfare, you can achieve a completely different vibe. Above, a traditional bedroom sports a powder blue headboard that suggests the homey comfort of grandma’s house. And below, tall headboards upholstered in velvet exude a sense of luxury and sensuality.

Suburban Modern

The black upholstered headboard below manages to come off as youthful and graphic when paired with a graphic polkadot bedspread and bright chartreuse pillows:

Interior Styling

4. Warmer materials, including terra cotta and cork.
With the advent of the industrial look, metals have had a good, long run. But in 2017, prognosticators predict that people will be looking to bring more warmth into their homes. This may come in the form of terra cotta tiles, cork walls or floors, or more use of wood.
Below, a living room warms up, thanks to terra cotta tiles.


Here, cork floors add warmth:

New Home Cork

And below, traditional wood floors are always in style! Note the jewel tones in the room:

New Home Cork

5. Closed kitchens.

This is a surprise development, as open kitchens have been heavily favored for a number of years. But naturally, as with any trend, there is always a backlash. Although many of us love the interactivity and informality of an open kitchen there are those that crave the privacy and formality of a closed-off space.

Contemporary Farmhouse Style

Are you curious about what’s headed out of style? Tune in next time as we explore the trends to avoid in the new year!

This is a post from Home Design Find

Design Dilemma: Five Design Trends for 2017


Fawn brown marble and hidden shelves

A fawn brown kitchen with hidden shelves | AMM blog

Now you see them…

A fawn brown kitchen with hidden shelves | AMM blog

now you don’t. 

A fawn brown kitchen with hidden shelves | AMM blog
A fawn brown kitchen with hidden shelves | AMM blog

A perfectly streamlined kitchen in a warm shade of marble that gives you the option for shelves above the sink, or not! As someone who has become increasingly indecisive, I’d love this feature. It’s also a nice way to hide in plain sight those things you use and still want to access easily.
A penthouse designed by Pascal François architects and photographed by Thomas De Bruyne.

It’s Important to Keep Learning

This has been an interesting few weeks for me – very busy and very stressful, two things that I could do with less of in my life. Whenever the stress level goes up in my life, the time I spend in the shower seems to increase proportionately. I tend to let my mind wander (even more than normal) and I do some of my best creative thinking in the shower. I’m thinking about all sort of things but one topic that has been working it’s way to the front more than usual is the need for personal growth.

Most people recognize the need for personal growth but as I’ve become  older, I’ve noticed that people either stop seeking opportunities for this growth, or they decide that they have what they need and they go into “refinement” mode … they simply become better and better and the same handful of skills they currently possess. Did you know that I started this website over 7 years ago for the simple reason of wanting to learn a new skill? It’s true. The first post I ever wrote was “Who Wants to be Relevant?and in that first article, I wrote about the need to keep learning new skills and technology. It’s easy to recognize the need to keep learning new things but it’s much harder to actually do it.

12:55 am

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida, a total of 1,093 miles from my normal Sunday afternoon writing spot (on my couch) and I am taking a break at … [looking at the clock] 12:55 am so that I can write this blog post. I’m in Orlando because I am on the editorial advisory board for KB&B (Kitchens and Bath Business) and we have our first meeting of 2017 scheduled to coincide with the Kitchen and Bath  Industry Show and the International Building Show conventions. I agreed to be a member of this editorial board because I think I can learn something from surrounding myself with other people who are recognized as thought leaders within the field of design and construction. Of course, I would imagine that I was invited to be on this board because I too am considered to be a thought leader in the profession as well  – although I might be too close on this and simply don’t see it that way.

Agreeing to be on this editorial board is an example of saying “yes” to an activity that should expose me to new schools of thought … which leads me back to what I’ve been thinking about in my longer than normal showers – the need for constant improvement.

You have to keep learning new things; adding new skills to your skill set. To my way of thinking, if you aren’t improving, if you don’t keep learning new things, your value within an organization is going to become diminished. You won’t keep receiving new opportunities, you’ll just keep doing what you’ve always done … until they can find someone who can do it for less money.

I’m looking forward to sharing whatever it is I learn during this period, but I want to acknowledge that everything that is typically worth doing is hard – which is part of the reason why completing difficult challenges is so exhilarating and rewarding. I may not always be successful, and I may not always achieve my goal … but I know I will be better off for learning some new skills and taking on a new challenge.

Keep on learning,

Bob-AIA scale figure