Mars Base Camp concept art by Adam Burch

Beautiful modeling and renders by our super good friend Adam Burch. High resolution renders.

Mars Base Camp is Lockheed Martin’s concept for sending humans to Mars in about a decade.

Mars Base Camp orbit insertion
Using NASA’s Orion spacecraft as the command deck, the orbiting outpost could give scientists/astronauts the ability to operate rovers and drones on the surface in real time, helping us better understand the Red Planet.

MBC Mars Lab
This illustration shows the pre-deployed Mars Lab and its solar electric propulsion system arriving at Mars.

Mars Base Camp Excursion Module
Using NASA’s Orion attached to an excursion module, scientists/astronauts can go to the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, and study the bodies up close.

Mars Base Camp Orbiter and Landers

Mars Base Camp Lander
The Mars surface lander called the Mars Accent Descent Vehicle (MADV) is a single-stage system that uses Orion systems as the command deck. It could allow astronauts to explore the surface for two weeks at a time before returning back to the Mars Base Camp in orbit around Mars.

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STAR WARS Saturday

Millennium Falcon V2.0 by our good friend Gavin Rothery.

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New spaceship painting by our super good friend MANCHU for the cover of Laurence Suhner’s novel "Quantika-the usher of the paths" to appear at foliosf. Acrylic-50 x65 cm. Tons more art by MANCHU.

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STAR WARS Saturday

STAR WARS art by Ben Zweifel.

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