Nifty Rustic Denim Ottoman with Handy Storage


Ikea Products used

  • IKEA RILL casters


Using an old pair of jeans and an IKEA Knagglig box, I made a really handy rustic ottoman. Not only does it look awesome it is a footstool, extra seat and handy magazine store all in one. Being on casters it’s really nifty too, the kids love to whizz around the living room on it. You can personalize your ottoman by stenciling your family name on the side of the crate and by using an old pair of your favorite jeans for the upholstered seat.

I love the industrial/rustic vibe of this ottoman. I have it in my living room but it would also be great for a man cave or teen bedroom.

1. First, build the Knagglig box to the Ikea instructions and add the Rill casters to the base.
2. Using a black sharpie stencil your name to the crate.
3. Darken and seal the untreated wood with wax.


4. Make an upholstered lid. Cut plywood to size and stick down a piece of dense foam to it.
5. Cut off a leg of your jeans and cut open down the seam. Cover the foam with the jean securing with a staple gun. Glue the jeans waistband round the edge.

6. Fix 2 batons of wood to the underside of the lid to prevent it from slipping.

See more of the denim ottoman.

~ by Claire Armstrong

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Wooden Wall Designs: 30 Striking Bedrooms That Use The Wood Finish Artfully

Modern materials mean new homes are not always made from wood. More expensive and fire-friendly than their brick or plaster rivals, wooden walls are a desirable, but not always economical, option. Keep the warmth and glow of wood inside your home, with these thirty wooden wall bedroom designs. A full-scale alternative to wooden wall décor pieces, these LED, lamp or naturally-lit wooden walls add ambience to your sleeping space. Create curves and overlapping panels in light Scandinavian wood. Make a jungle scene with rough-shod or distressed wood alternatives. Take tips on how to do a wooden bedroom wall or partition right, with our thirty examples of rustic-look bedrooms.

Visualizer: Wladimir Sapyan  

The earth was one Gondwanaland, before tectonic plates shifted its surface. This wooden-panelled design shows the earth before continents and countries, with LED-lit splits upon a warm wooden floor.

Visualizer: Roman Movliaiko  

Light and bright is the theme of this wooden-panelled bedroom. Forming curved waves upon plywood, it creates an interesting interplay with a planet-like light.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Wooden walls provide the perfect canvas for couples. Accompanied by grey, white and a large square window, panelled shafts add a contemporary feel to an otherwise basic bedroom.

Source: Kovr  

Wondering where the light is coming from? True to his trademark style, Kovr combines a wooden wall with smartphone-controlled LED lighting, making a striking design feature rise out of thin air.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

The urban loft would excel with this natural-looking wooden wall. Planted beside a living wall, its thin wooden panels match dangling oblong lights and fuschias. See more of this scintillating design here.

Visualizer: Olga Kondratiuk  

Prefer your panelling in the other direction? This horizontal wooden wall juxtaposes two fantail lights and hanging plants, providing a rustic beauty with two bedroom ledges.

Visualizer: Ruslan Sultanov  

Miss your childhood treehouse? This wooden bedroom provides the next best thing, with a hanging hammock bed and spray-can artwork. Two tones of a wooden wall and ceiling provide simple and warm contrasts.

Visualizer: N-Gon Archviz  

Complement your wooden furniture with a feature wall of nooks and crannies. This LED-lit wall combines dark and light wood in one focal artpiece.

Visualizer: Sequoia Cgi  

A minimalist look works well with this chequered wall. Outlined and lit up by LEDs, its texture works with, not against, the room’s block elements.

Visualizer: Houzaifa Al Jandali  

Stuck for a solution for low height bedrooms? This attic-style abode makes the most of space, with a diagonal wooden wall and matching wooden platform. Hang your trinkets, pot plants and a few shelves below its circular lights for a bedroom feature.

Visualizer: Lyubimova Kate  

This bedroom is as rustic as a wood cabin and as light as a feather. Pair rough-shod panelling in the shape of trees with contemporary elements, for a chic bedroom with a difference.

Visualizer: Vlad Kislenko  

Wooden slats are both functional and aesthetic. This find acts as both room partition and a light-infused example of wooden slats wall décor.

Visualizer: Nevi Studio  

There’s no need to keep your wood in one colour. This alternating headboard turns wood dark and turquoise, as monochrome elements drop below and beside.

Visualizer: Lucas Studio  

Bring the outdoors indoor, with a block-panelled wall backgrounding a tree. This bedroom, complete with an inside wooden deck, creates a wooden aura of mystery and light.

Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha  

Looking for something more conventional? This low-lying bed blends perfectly with a smooth wooden wall surface.

Visualizer: Julia Lyublyanova  

A wooden wall can be a great backing for art. These three forest scenes are offered warmth and simplicity by three-mid wooden panels.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Find balance between the rough and the crafted, with a wooden wall with natural lines. Its warmer hues invite in light against a dull wooden floor.

Visualizer: Penint Studio  

Go grey in a feature wall fit for a hipster’s bedroom. Holding a bicycle, canvas, drop lights and an easel, this colour is easy to adapt to many accessories.

Visualizer: Kateryna Senko  

The lightest of minimalist bedrooms find a challenge in this wooden-walled find. Bathed in white with dashes of black and green, a whale triptych on wood draws in warmth-seeking guests.

Visualizer: Nika Vorotyntseva  

Dashes of colour frame this array of wooden panels. Acting as a partition with a bed cosied in, it signposts a spot for a sleepy night in.

Visualizer: Hạnh Lê  

Have a one-room space you’d like to separate? This framed wooden headboard uses black to mark a stylish space for sleeping.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Want to use wood in an understated way? This full wooden wall adds warmth to grey, while housing a black glass door and industrial white light.

Visualizer: Dmitriy Kurilov  

Diamond patterns cover this feature wall, a focal point in a room full of wood. A lamp to the side illuminates its finer detail, as an old English ceiling sets the scene.

Visualizer: Igor Grigoriev  

Turn your wall geometric with a coloured design in wood. Centred on an LED-lit square, this low grey bed is spoilt for choice.

Visualizer: UB Design  

Japan is evoked by this dark wooden strip beside black and white partitions. Striking monochromes stand out against its roasted coffee-hued, luxurious-looking form.

Visualizer: Kateryna Panasik  

Three plywood panels make this light bedroom different. Each showcasing a definitive bedroom area, the left panel holds the TV, the right the bed, and the centre a working desk.

Visualizer: Anastasia Ugleva  

Create a wooden panel that is more than just a headboard. This lightly-patterned design holds everyday necessities within an LED-lit, easy-to-reach inlet.

Visualizer: Hamoud Kabbani  

Looking to work wood into an art deco bedroom? This feature wall surprises with triangular panels popping out in mustard.

Visualizer: Katie Domracheva  

Exude a 70’s vibe with a painted wooden wall. This diamond-patterned piece curves up to a ceiling runway and spider chandelier.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Toropova  

Make your wooden headboard look like leather. This engraved design reaches up to the ceiling beside two aquamarine dangling lights.

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In love with this Form ring set


Back in my high school days (early 2000’s) I collected silver rings. They were an eclectic mixture of rings my mother made in her metalwork class during college, some given to me for birthdays/Christmas and a couple I could afford with the money I earned working retail part time. I went through a phase of wearing this wide silver band on my thumb and stacking the others together on most fingers of both hands. My dad used to tease me that I looked like a gypsy, but I loved those rings for a long time. After all these years I’m not sure where most of them went, lost and probably give back to my mom. The fond memories of those rings, worn daily for years, making funny tan lines on my hands during the summer and always having to take them off during pottery class, these memories though are still found.


Now in my early 30’s I still like rings but it’s impractical for me at home, with two kids, to wearing a metal band on every finger, neither do I want to if it were practical to do. However I still like to have one, or two bands (sans jewels) to add a bit of shine and motivate me to keep my nails manicured.
J.Hannah makes a set of two rings called Form that absolute is PERFECTION. You know I’m sincere about this because how often do I write here in all caps? Next to never. Reminds me of my high school days but much more sophisticated and fitting for me now.

Wishlist? No. NEEDlist.

Packing the Pax & Blinding with a Billy

With a new baby boy on the way, we had to find a way to squeeze our 10yo and a 4yo daughters in the same room for many years to come.

IKEA items:

  • PAX units x 4
  • BERGSBO doors x 2
  • BILLY bookcases
  • BILLY extension units

We removed the old standard closets with bifold doors. Put in 4 Pax units (3-29.5″ and 1- 39.5″) added various accessories to accommodate folded items in drawers hanging space for shirts, bottoms and long dresses, storage for other items and shoes.


PAX wardrobe storage

PAX wardrobe storage

How to hide it all when you want to match the other IKEA items you have? Turn Bergsbo doors into sliding “barn” doors.

BERGSBO doors made into sliding barn doors

Two doors (1 cabinet set), connected with metal brackets on the back, add wheels to bottom to keep doors at height to cover PAX cabinets and install on a bypass closet door rail system (used Johnson hardware brand from Home Depot).

Still needed storage for all of their “stuff”. Why not turn Billy bookcases into sliding doors too?

We had to cut the width of the bookcases down to be 29.25″ to cover the Pax cabinet and still allow the drawers to be opened. Then installed the extension unit to the BILLY to make it tall and cover the Pax cabinet behind it.

Sliding BILLY bookcase in front of the PAX wardrobes

Install 4 heavy duty non-swivel wheels to the bottom of each bookcase. (The toe kick on the bookcase hides this). Attach to a pocket door rail system (again, used Johnson Hardware from Home Depot).

And there you have it… a closet wall that holds all of my girls’ things! No need for anything other than beds and a nightstand. Leaves room to spare inside the closet for more stuff and outside floor space to play!

BILLY bookcase (in front) for toys and games and PAX wardrobe (behind) for clothes

The girls love having plenty of space and being able to see their things on display on the Billy bookcases. They are also over having the coolest closet!

~ by Samantha


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How To Tastefully Use Art To Amplify The Ambience Of Your Rooms

Completing a look doesn’t stop with furnishings and wall color. Using art to create ambiance is one of the most important parts. Often left as a finishing touch, it can also be done first to create an entire look around your work. At any budget you can find conversation pieces, tell your story, or just have something that is pleasurable to your eye. Choose the right piece, the right size, and the right quantity of pieces to make the best of your art. The rooms below use art to add color, drama, and even calmness to their spaces.

Visualizer: Lê Như   

A great way to keep your look fresh is to use one nuetral color for your room and change out the pillows and artwork to creat a new look. Here, the grey sofa is paired with a colorblock coffee table whose colors are picked up in the pillows, chair, and collage of art on the wall.

Visualizer: Afina Portobello  

The red in this art seems to be spilling off of the canvas, creating a dramatic look leaned against this dark taupe wall.

Visualizer: Alexander Shepard   

Panels of black marble framed within the wall creates a wall of mystery for this room.

Visualizer:  Hasankhani Tabriza   

With this white marble fireplace and platform, not much is needed. So, why not lean a wall of fish art. If you are working with a wall that you don’t want to anchor art to, try giving it a lean.

Visualizer: Hasankhani Tabriza   

A contemporary nuetral dining room was completed with a rhino to fill an entire wall. Black and white art, with something meaningful to you, adds interest to the room without a lot of color if you are going for a monochromatic look.

Visualizer: KYDE  

An oversized portrait hangs on this wall, simplicity at its best.

Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva   

It may be suprising, but tribal art can be used in even the most modern of rooms. This monochromatic piece sits next to a marble wall.

Visualizer: Prabhudas Bhagwat   

This effortless design of grey and black is enhanced by throw pillows and amusing art pieces in the same hues.

Visualizer: Luis Eduardo Ocampo Pinto   

This low back sofa and textured wall needed only a few simple pieces. The three panel swirl art in camo colors were used above the sofa adding color to the room.

Visualizer: Kseniia Tkachenko   

A dramatic portrait is used in this grey and white room, and is a perfect conversation starter.

Visualizer: Room Design Buro  

A shelf the length of the neutral sectional was used to display several abstract pieces, enlongating the room.

Visualizer: Projem  

This textured concrete wall has two bright orange art pieces flanking the fireplace, adding color to a room that could appear cold without it.

This foyer is reminiscent of a commercial space, but it is residential. The shades in the marble floor, and slate grey wall were picked up in this abstract piece.

Visualizer: Ricardo Ferreira   

Your love for your favorite artist can be displayed. Here the different stages of Michael Jackson was used in colorful paintings in a achromatic room.

Visualizer: Michele Vampari   

Color was used everywhere, the floors walls, furniture, and lighting. So why not incorporate all of those colors into one dramatic piece on the wall?

Visualizer: monk 孟  

The alluring dining room of this Beijing home drips in opulence. This peeling face painting can mean several things and creates a way to start dinner conversation.

This textured wall and purple carpet started a great tale and is completed by the girl in white headphones on the wall.

Visualizer: Thai Quang   

In Grey and White Interiors , botanical prints give life to this room.

This traditional look in creme and blue uses botanical art prints. Find more here: Botanical Art Prints

Visualizer:  Anastasia Manovitskaya   

You don’t have to choose between monochromatic and lots of color, use both. This bedroom uses a fanciful dancing piece above the bed and an abstract piece in oranges and red on the night table.

Visualizer: Impress  

This black and white art is placed against a dark slate blue wall.

Visualizer:  Muhammed Ali Jouhar   

Use panel art on one wall and a single piece on the adjoining wall. It fills the space but doesn’t overwhelm it with large pieces.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

Your art doesn’t have to be uniformed, in this room the work is placed at varying heights and creates a refreshing look.

Visualizer: Entrance  

This straightforward minimalist style was enhanced by the artwork. Using various pieces together tell as story and share favorite pieces with visitors.

Visualizer: Impress  

The artwork in this bedroom is as uncomplicated as its furnishings, use word art on your wall to make a statement.

Visualizer: Impress  

Artists renderings make for great wall art. Here two were paired together over a simple console table.

This art magnifies the beauty of wings and tells a story in two pieces in this Scandinavian Dining Room

Visualizer: Back Bakurova   

Create an atmosphere of peace and calm, here 6 photographs of the rushing water was used.

Visualizer:  Roman Movliaiko   

Clearly this is a city apartment using art to whisk the homeowner away to the mountains and oceans. Use art to take you to your favorite places.

$530BUY IT

A new generation of digital art frames are gaining popularity. This digital canvas from Meural allows you to display and switch art at will with just a gesture of your hand. See it in operation below:

You can get it here.

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Making a bedroom for 3

We needed a space-saving solution for our sleeping space, because we only have one room for us and our child.

Items we used:

  • KURA high bed
  • TARVA day bed with pull out bed base
  • 2 MALFORS mattress (200x80cm)
  • TROFAST frame white as staircase
  • KURA bed tent

1. First I built the KURA high bed an turned the ladder backwards.


TARVA daybed with pull out base. Photo:

2. Then I built the TARVA day bed and inserted it under the high bed with the foot of the daybed on the inside. The day bed is very low, so we have enough space up to the high bed. I put two IKEA MALFORS mattress on it (200x80cm)
3. An IKEA TROFAST frame acts as a staircase and as a toy storage at the same time. It is very important to screw the bed and the frame together, so the frame can’t fall over when my son climbs on it. For this I have used the TROFAST included webbing and screws for securing the frame.
4. Finally I installed the bed tent onto the high bed, so my son can’t fall off it.

A bedroom for 3

That’s it!

~ by Bettina Horn

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5 Beautiful Studio Apartments

Take a look through a gallery of 5 stylish contemporary studio apartments gathered together for your personal perusal. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, these studios are an ideal place to start looking. Each has an abundance of motivation.

Expertly styled for different tastes and preferences, all of them cater to the needs of the fashionable bachelor/ette. Studio apartments cater to a specific demographic but the design concepts can be used and incorporated into any living space. These ultramodern abodes are the pioneers of new fashion and daring design schemes. Do you want to see something wonderful? Come, take a look.

Visualizer: Konstantin Entalecev  

Designed for a young woman, the space needed to be multi-functional as the apartment is only 50 square meters. What at first glance looks to be a screen for the overhead projector…

… is actually a Murphy bed hidden in plain sight.

The studio has a warm color scheme with wooden elements, different shades of blue, white and grey. Seeing as young people tend to have a more active social life, a living area styled like a mini cinema in close proximity to the kitchen provides a comfortable entertainment area.

The kitchen has a lot of space for movement, this is achieved by not overcrowding the space with unnecessary cabinets. The line of sight is drawn towards an uncovered glass door that leads to a balcony and is an aesthetic accent and gives the entire apartment a substantial amount of natural light.

The dining table has been aligned with the kitchen island, taking advantage of the space. The dining chairs are a different design and color to the bar stools, this is a subtle separation of the two areas. A circular chandelier lights up the area in more ways than one by being a fun accessory adding a youthful flair to the space.
A raw brick wall painted white is an accent wall with a modern touch when paired with the chrome appliances.

Accessories are an important element in any home. Indoor potted plants add a green touch, and the orange pomegranates in the wooden bowl are a flash of color that adds a little personality.

Stacking is a must when conserving space, the stacked crockery is both functional and fashionable .
Spaced lights on the ceiling are a modish way of lighting up the apartment, they are sleek and slim as big and chunky wouldn’t fit in the design concept. The book shelves add an aura of sophistication to the apartment.

A glass wall with a black metal frame is a trendy way of separating the bedroom from the living area. The color scheme here is dark blue, white, light brown and grey. A dark blue shelf and headboard panels create an enviable accent wall, the shelves adding depth to the overall look of the room. A cozy pair of chairs is a comfortable reading nook with a view.

Only the necessary spaces have remained enclosed by walls to maximize the floor space of the apartment.
A large dressing room is kept closed for privacy and provides sufficient storage space for a large closet.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

This apartment has an entirely different design concept, but retains the same principles as the previous apartment. It’s an apartment with limited space that’s been transformed into a trendy, versatile home that meets the needs of the homeowner.

A symmetrical black chandelier draws the eye and is a fascinating feature that adds dimension to the space.
The design concept includes many organic components that make the space green and refreshing, a home that reflects the personality of an environmentally minded homeowner.

A glossy wooden floor ties into the organic theme adding a polished and sleek feel to the overall look. Abstract landscapes look like a window into a different world. By using dark wooden panels to decorate the wall adjacent to the white wall softens the white and warms up all the organic elements.

From this angle we can see just how the chandelier contributes to the living area. The different shades of grey in the living room is a modern color scheme that complements many of the different elements of the room.

The kitchen wall is an accent wall with three different layers. The lighter wood cabinets at the bottom with white edging are a similar color to the flooring and gives the illusion of space. The dark grey stone wall in the middle adds depth to the design, while the dark wooden upper cabinets are a striking contrast to the light ceiling.
Chrome fittings and modern appliances ensure that the kitchen is state-of-the-art and looks like it too.
The counter top by the uncovered window means that meals are always enjoyed with a view of the outside surroundings.

A curtain ensures that the bedroom gets privacy when needed.
A green wardrobe is a burst of color tying the theme into every part of the apartment.

A light wooden bedside table, as well as a patterned carpet and light brown blanket make sure that the bedroom is a warm and cozy space for the homeowner to retreat into.

A geometric lantern that hangs from the ceiling is an amusing take on a bedside lamp. The mirrored glass panels that face the window turn the view from outside into an accent wall in the bedroom.

Potted plants on the windowsill carry the organic theme into the room so that the wardrobe isn’t the only green component in the room. The curtains span both ways, shielding the room from the living area for privacy and can span over the window to keep the city lights from bothering a sleeping homeowner.

The one sided mirrored glass gives the bathroom extra room, preventing it from being closed up and claustrophobic. The wooden elements are a soft organic component. Shelves provide storage space in the small area and are a functional element that makes personal items a part of the decor. The dark grey flooring is a good base for the room, allowing the white walls to make the bathroom look bigger without hurting the eyes.

The stand alone his-and-hers amenities clear up floor space and are an unconventional aspect to the room. The robes add a homely feel.
Every bathroom needs a mirror, this bathroom’s mirror makes the room feel bigger and fulfills that basic need. Stacked appliances don’t take up too much space and is designed with functionality in mind, but the dark wood cabinets and baskets turn it into a stylish necessity.
Hanging lights are a design feature all by itself.

This wall would be incomplete without a framed comment oozing dry humor.

Visualizer: Sergey Hrabrovsky  

A laconic color scheme paired with wooden elements was used in this studio apartment to create a cozy and aesthetic interior.

A sleek couch with clear cut angles is a dark focal point that adds substance to the room and prevents the room from looking washed out and too light. Golden throw pillows add a hint of vintage glamour to a modern setting.
Abstract clay pots, one with decorative plants adds a bit of artful whimsy to the room.

The bedroom has been transformed into a small and cozy alcove to hide from the world. A bright framed picture ensures that the bed area doesn’t escape notice and a series of round ceiling lights gives the space enough light. A light wooden partition and light fixture gives the apartment a lively boost.

Clarity, and rude forms, along with the elegant curves of the furniture and decor, set the concept of the studio. While the bust of a Roman centurion stands guard.

The leather backed chairs in the kitchen/dining area contribute to the apartment’s overall sophistication, the metal frames tying into the design concept.

Large uncovered French windows turn the urban landscape into an accent wall. The tiled wall and stainless steel tubes add an element of industrial chic. Due to limited space, a large shelf provides storage space.

The paneled wall and wooden chandelier are a refined aspect that greets the person that enters from the front door. Custom tiled flooring is a sleek and glossy feature that captures the attention. An elemental lamp and framed mirror take the space to the next level.
A marble table matches the tiled floor.

Visualizer: Kare Evgenii  

A special feature of this studio apartment is the panoramic windows on the wall that look out onto the street, and aren’t hindered by balconies or loggias, which allows air and light to permeate the room. The interior is decorated in bright colors, and warm shades of wood.

The couch is big and looks comfortable, a homey feature that corresponds to the warm design of the apartment. The round light fixture is an elegant and modern feature.

The yellow sheets and bright flowers are a pop of color that contrasts pleasantly with the light color scheme.The paneled wooden accent wall adds texture to the design, while LED lighting between the wall and ceiling is a neat and upscale way of lighting up the apartment.

The legs of the chairs form an intriguing pattern that draws the eyes. Houseplants are a great way to bring nature into your home, in this apartment there are two different types that contrast and connect with each other, a pleasing feature in the room.

The front hallway is uncluttered and left almost untouched, allowing you to enter the apartment unhindered, the slightly faded wooden flooring being the focal point of the hallway.

A bedroom is a retreat, an escape and a personal space. This bedroom is all of those things, with soft lighting and warm elements. A leafy green plant is a refreshing splash, while the grey bedding looks positively inviting.

Visualizer: Konstantin Entalecev  

Designed solely for the use of a young man, this studio apartment is the ultimate bachelor pad. The monochromatic color scheme with graphic black lines and turquoise inlays.

The framed city maps are a manly and sophisticated focal point.
Different shades of grey, and a large floor pillow with decorative stitching make for an ideal place to relax and watch some television. The white paneled wall is an awesome accent wall for the bedroom, while the black metal frame marks the bedroom as a separate space without closing it off.

The black elements are an essential design element that contribute personality and color to the apartment. The golden interior of the overhanging light fixture is a rich, pleasant surprise that subtly draws the eye upwards.
The turquoise painting and throw pillow prevents the space from looking a bit like an office.
The wooden flooring brings a little island to an urban apartment and brightens the whole studio.
Glass inserts framed by black metal ensures that the bathroom receives plenty of light.

White cabinets are a smart choice in a small kitchen. The granite framed work space contrasts to the white and adds depth and dimension to the kitchen. The houseplant and wooden cutting board match the wooden flooring.

By being only 32 square feet, the apartment presented a bit of a challenge. The apartment consists of two rooms, the bathroom being the only area with a wall, for obvious reasons. The apartment is versatile and allows for easy movement. The entire apartment consists of a kitchen, bed, living area and a bathroom.

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