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Happy Friday! We’re a little late getting this post up (busy day!) but we’re really trying our best to stick to the posting schedule! Our goal is to have at least three or four posts up a week and a Love Notes post up every Friday. This one’s coming in just under the wire, but I’ll count it as a success! 🙂


First up, did you see Emily Henderson’s dorm inspired post? We were so excited to see some Jenny’s Print Shop prints featured in her collage wall! I love what Emily and her team did here! The post is full of great tips if you are heading off to college, or if you are just trying to channel your inner 18 year old :). How many Print Shop prints can you spot?








Speaking of the shop, this week are are retiring four more prints to make room for four new prints that will hit the shop next Friday. Some of you have seen the sneak peeks on my stories and you know they are going to be good!! 🙂

We’ll be saying goodbye for good to Prickly Pear, Lines, Carnival and BQE and you know what that means – they’ve all been dropped to $8 in the shop. Grab ’em before they’re gone for good! Some people have mentioned that they buy the download even if they don’t have a current place for the print, just so they can have the option to print down the road.









5I5A2639 copy




I also wanted to mention that Michael’s is running a sale on frames right now and everyone’s favorite 24×36 inch frames are only $16 instead of $50! If you use Kinkos or Staples to get an Engineer Print for about $6, you are getting yourself a HUGE piece of art for not a lot of money! I think BQE and ANN STREET and both of Lynne’s floral abstracts look especially amazing as Engineer Prints.


Lots of you have DMed me to ask about my eye makeup when I do Stories so I thought I’d post the products and routine for you here. I am all about cheap makeup that you can get at Target (except for my expensive-but-worth-it sunscreen foundation). I also need my makeup routine to be fast – like five minutes max start to finish. I’ve used this exact same covergirl eyeliner and mascara since high school! I just put eyeliner (Espresso color) on my top lash line and then use a small brush to soften and smudge the line. And then I run that same brush (that now has some of the eyeliner makeup on it) along my lower lash line. Two coats of mascara in brown-black (not the waterproof kind), AND THAT’S IT. So, so easy. It lasts all day but comes off easily at night. I tried switching to fancy makeup at one point and I feel like the $45 eyeliner was melting off my face by 2pm, so I ran back to my CG with open arms. 🙂

IMG_6335 copy

mascara  //  eyeliner  //  brush


Speaking of DMs on Instagram! I got approximately 34,276 messages this week that Shea McGee and I were wearing the same top on the same day on Stories. We both were cracking up at how many people were letting us know. 🙂 It IS a cute shirt though, right!?

Jenny's Closet-2

top  //  shoes  //  bag

I got a new bag too when I bought the top and I’m OBSESSED with the color of the leather! It is the perfect size and has the cutest double drawstrings on either side that make the bag super easy to access. I think it’s going to be a great bag for fall!



Gentry Project update!!! The wood floors are going in TODAY and everything is starting to look so good! The next two or three weeks are going to get real exciting! 🙂


We have started buying stuff for staging the house and grabbed two of these gorgeous marble side tables that are on sale right now! The metal base is obviously amazing and the top is a really pretty marble! But I especially love the top is a generous size. You can easily fit a table lamp, small vase or planter and a stack of books. It’s an amazing deal for under $100!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.22.39 AM


side table  //  kilim pillow 



And this it for us this week, friends! I hope you’re loving the Love Notes posts as much as we are. Any special requests for us?

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A nearly perfect house, it just needs to be filled with the right decor

Every so often I come across a space or a home that makes my jaw drop. Like it has taken all of my own longings and dreams that I’ve carried with me over the years and made them into a physical, livable space. For someone else! Ok, it’s not like the EXACT manifestation of all my dreams come true but this place designed by Mclaren.Excell in the UK, it comes pretty close to having all the essentials that I could want in a structure. Of course this is sans decor and interior styling, just the bare bones house, all ready to be moved into and personalized with your own belongings.

I’m imagining some large green plants next to the windows, soft velvety rugs in the living space with an oversized sofa and floor lamp. Some candles and books, throw blankets to add softness to the concrete and wood flooring. I’m not thrilled with the concrete flooring in the lower level of the home, I prefer the wood floors like what you find on the second level of this home as it feels softer and more forgiving than concrete but hey, that could be fixed.

Below are a few things that I would personally want to put in this home which is nearly perfect in every way.

For the kitchen:

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For the living room:

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

For the bedroom:

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

For the bathroom:

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So, what do you think of this house?


Embracing My Fear of Over-Renovating

Hey guys!! Happy Friday! Things are cruising around here!! The windows for the bedrooms were cut yesterday and the framing and electrical are 95% done! The HVAC system is in and I am just SO happy!!!

Ok so, we all are fully aware that the world we live in celebrates and expects perfection. Right?

Everything has to be new and shiny and completely resistant to any sort of character making defects. My biggest fear with the Merc (besides the one where the walls disintegrate) is that we might over renovate it.

I feel like we’ve all seen the adorable historic houses on the MLS. The outside has so much character but the interior has been flipped or over renovated to the point that its basically a new house. Beige walls, faux travertine, and all. The history and past life of it has been forgotten. It makes me so sad! So with the Merc I’m taking extra care to not erase the history of it.

Does it have wonky windows? Hell yes it does. Am I changing them? Never.

It doesn’t bother me that the floors are uneven or that our entryways are wicked thick, or that the walls are a little cockeyed. I LOVE IT!! It’s what makes the Merc special and historic!!

This embracing imperfection is the driving force behind all of the finishes and a lot of the design work that we’re doing.

Lets take flooring for example. There is flooring has all of the “character” painted, pressed, and molded into it. Its supposed to look perfectly lived in and old, but remain completely unchanged for a lifetime. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the need, and there is a HUGE market for it. But for me, I’d rather have wood floors that show wear and tear because that means that they are full of stories and memories and LIFE!

(source Design Sponge) <– Click that link to see more original floors!

So instead of buying floors like a normal person, we’re making our own.

Remember my favorite front door? We had a replication (well, 3 replications cause we have 3 doors) bid out and it came back a lot higher than I was hoping for ($9k) so instead of stressing and trying to make it work some how and going over budget, I found some really cool vintage doors at Euro Treasures antiques and we’re having them fit for the exteriors. Total cost? $150/door (it will end up being more because we have to fix them up, get rid of the grill, and have the jamb made) but WAYYYY less than $9k thats for sure.

I think the biggest mistake with the Merc would be trying to make everything look old from the word go, instead of just giving it the opportunity to let it happen over time. So that leads me to the question of the day: Do you have original wood floors with gaps and cracks? How do you feel about them? How do you keep them clean? I need all the info.



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friday finds.

 bright, fresh dining area inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

just as the sun will always rise and set, it’s friday again, and not a minute too soon. as i mentioned on monday, it’s been quite a week and i’m ready to step away from the computer and spend some time outdoors. for all the talk of racism this week, i feel so fortunate for my diverse neighborhood. i go to echo park lake and walk around with lucy and it’s a mix of cultures — latino, korean, chinese, white, black — all of us happy to be enjoying our neighborhood park, smiling and greeting each other, chatting. it’s a wonderful sense of community, and i think that’s why all this hatred affects me so much — i just can’t grasp how we got here, but i also know there’s a bubble of privilege i’ve lived in most of my life so i’m trying to understand more about that. but i love the diversity here and it’s part of why i moved to east los angeles. i relish going to the park, seeing how people of other cultures treat their children with love and kindness, their elders with so much respect — i see them walking with their grandparents, holding hands and it warms my heart. i see little brothers and sisters sweetly taking care of each other, helping their parents. i admire and cherish my neighbors. i don’t know if they feel the same about me, but i hope so. and i hope people everywhere can learn more about each other, learn to love our differences and learn something about themselves in the process. have a restful weekend everyone. xo, victoria

  1. i love the feeling of this bright, fresh dining area — seems like the perfect place to start your day over coffee and breakfast.
  2. i know i’m slightly obsessed with Serena Mitnik Miller’s Topanga Canyon Home, but it too feels like a place i could really see myself living.
  3. i would love to have wide welcoming french doors out to my backyard like this kitchen dining space — so light and airy and lovely to let the garden greenery inside.
  4. this is such a pretty sunny little nook, and it’s quirky, but i rather like the pendant lamp just unexpectedly resting there on the table.
  5. this vignette designed by lorenzo castillo is so lovely. i love everything about the artful pairings here.
  6. this collection of Hand woven trinkets and experiments from the studio of Australian textile artist Helle Jorgensen is really uniquely wonderful, too.
  7. this is a genius idea for a home dining booth. and it’s DIY, too — a beautiful mess shows you how to create your own channel-tufted banquette, with storage too.

Serena Mitnik Miller’s Topanga Canyon Home. / sfgirlbybay

french doors out to backyard off kitchen. / sfgirlbybay

modern home with sunny little nook. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring vignette designed by lorenzo castillo. / sfgirlbybay

Hand woven trinkets via Helle Jorgensen. / sfgirlbybay

diy channel-tufted banquette via a beautiful mess. / sfgirlbybay


Scandinavia Meets Japan In These Minimalist Work Spaces

Here we have the pleasure of tiptoeing around some gorgeous creative spaces from the Chinese side of the web. These work spaces appear to intertwine the clean and simple ethos of Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism, where natural material and clean lines are key. Many of us have come to accept that our own craft rooms, sewing rooms and home offices must resemble a busy scene of organised chaos (or maybe even unorganised!) but it doesn’t have to be that way. These minimalist working environments may just inspire you to cut your work clutter by utilising elegant storage and soften it all with a understated hint of nature.

Visualizer: Duan  

This creative studio is filled right up to its high ceilings with sewing supplies and related equipment. It would be easy for the sheer volume of necessary bits and pieces to overwhelm the space–and the workers who would use it. However, careful choices in storage have helped keep this a calm and organised place where creativity can reign.

It is also worth noting the very considered implementation of task lighting in this space; simple yet attractive pendant lights hang at a practical level, eliminating the need for desk lamps or standing lights that could add unnecessary clutter to an already packed room.

Also note how the top of the high shelving units are softened with a selection of plants. Certain common indoor plants can help filter unhealthy toxins from our air but if an indoor planting arrangement is allocated at a height not easily accessible then a selection of artificial planting may be more practical, as regular watering may become challenging. Faux greenery can still provide a positive effect on feelings of well-being. Alternatively, consider plants that require less regular watering like the cacti pictured.

We can see that this studio have also installed a wall planter. In this case it is part of a whimsical installation of carnival letters that light up a corner, with the wall planter forming the last of the letters. This kind of arrangement would look great in any space, perhaps even spelling out the family name in a living room or at the heart of the home in the kitchen.

When storing supplies, good organization is key. Here we see that storing like with like and color coordinating creates a cohesive look.

A rustic clothes rail creates a beautifully unique garment hanging area.

A built-in banquet bench provides a clean line solution to seating.

Furniture and accessories have been kept either white or in natural wood to keep the room light.

Wooden frames hold botanical prints to expand upon the natural elements in the room.

A simple ladder provides another option for hanging garments.

A painted desk allowing the wood grain to show through marries the clean white and natural wooden elements of the room together. The rustic stools provide an inviting place to perch and collaborate.

This second space also utilises a gallery of botanical prints, like these available on Amazon.

The quirky hand made Rosendahl Monkey in teak and limba, designed by Kay Bojesen, adorns the top of the refrigerator.

Mint green desk legs give a nod in hue to the botanical art.

Indoor house plants placed across a window sill can create a garden view where one may lack beyond the glass.

Small dashes of black accent pieces can help to gently anchor a light color scheme.

These adorable bird figurines are a fun way of introducing another natural element to the room.

A mini fridge by your desk means cool refreshments without interruption to your workflow.

A mint green desk lamp matches the coated metal desk legs.

Succulent planters provide a perfect desk accessory.

Artfully arranged shelf displays can keep a home work area looking part of the room.

Zoning of living and work areas can be achieved with the use of stylish area rugs.

A neat and stylish table lamp provides additional lighting without becoming a distraction. This work lamp has a wireless charging station for a smartphone at its base, as well as a USB port, and is available from Amazon.

Another take on the space, introducing more coffee tones.

Visualizer: 贪恋s  

In this scheme we see the introduction of pale wooden pieces of a sturdier silhouette.

Matching pieces marry the two zones together.

The blonde wood works well against a monochrome backdrop.

Unique wall shelves make use of the vertical space. An art print propped against the wall adds further interest.

A chest of drawers can hide away both office supplies and items for the home.

Unique vases are displayed in the living area.

A bedroom pendant light can be used over bedside cabinets rather than having the clutter of a regular reading lamp. This space is also decorated with another of the Fox Art Prints.

Adjustable shelving provides changeable storage solutions.

In this next space, a set of coffee tables mark a casual seating area, whilst the resident cat adopts the shelving as his own personal cat furniture!

Cushions bring pattern into the scheme.

A yellow fridge adds a splash of sunshine.

2 person workspaces are a great solution where there is more than one person requiring a place to work from home, when space is limited and rooms are limited.

A wall rack holds plants and stationery.

Space saving technology with hidden wires provide the perfect finish for a minimalist work space.

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Modern Makeup Table with 4 drawers for storage

DIY a Modern Makeup Table with 4 drawers for storage

Due to limited space, I needed a makeup table for my bedroom that was as shallow as possible but would still provide storage. Needless to say, I couldn’t find anything on the market to fit my needs. So it was custom or nothing. Oh, and it needed to be inexpensive. (Those requirements do not usually go together.) :)

I liked the Ekby Alex wall shelf with drawers for depth…


But the drawers are very shallow, and I wanted more storage than was provided in one unit, so I decided to combine two units.

I had previously made a one-unit table for my daughter (picture at end), using standard IKEA legs, and she loves it, but it’s not as elegant as this one, and for me, the double storage was a must-have.

Doubling up on the storage, however, meant standard height legs would make the table too tall. So I found a wonderful resource for customizable U-Legs on Amazon here: 23″ Tall X 11 3/8″ Wide Raw Steele Table Legs, 2″ Flat Bar, Set of 2. Their price is far better than any other source I could find.


As you can see, I custom ordered them in the 2″ width (3″ also available), 23″ tall and 11 3/8″ wide. 11 3/8′ is the depth of the shelf unit. This resulted in a console/ makeup table that is 32″ high. (Each shelf is 4.5″ tall, for a total of 9″ when 2 are combined. When you add the 23″ U-legs, the total height is 32″). You can make yours shorter, but be careful or you won’t have good leg room if you want to sit with your legs under it as you would a dressing table.


  • 2 Ekby Alex Wall Shelf units
  • 2 Steel U-legs (custom ordered/Amazon)
  • 1 can Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray Paint
  • 2 flathead screws – (approx. 3/4″) for joining the two units together
  • 8 flathead screws – (3/4″ or longer) for attaching outer legs to the outer edges of the drawer unit
  • 6 flathead screws – (5/8 to 3/4″) for attaching inner legs to bottom of the drawer unit (under drawers)

note: you should measure for best screw size

Steps to hack a modern makeup table:

Attaching the two Alex units to create one 4 drawer unit.

1. First I assembled one complete unit according to the instructions provided by IKEA.

2. Then I built the second unit completing everything minus putting the top on or inserting the drawers (sorry no pic).

3. I then screwed the two units together by setting the second unfinished unit on top of the first finished one. I screwed through the bottom of the second unit into the top of the first using wood screws that I had on hand. You want to make sure the screws are not too long. Just long enough to attach the two units without breaking all the way through the wood of the bottom unit. I only used two screws for this as that felt really secure. It would be nearly impossible to attach the two units together if they were both fully assembled. But it’s very easy if you do it the way I described.

4. Once the two units are secured together, you pop the top of the second unit into place using the provided locking nuts and then add the drawers the same way you did with the first unit (as per IKEA instructions). Your 4 drawer unit is now complete and ready for legs.

Attaching the legs:

1. First I cleaned the U-legs with alcohol. I then painted the legs with Rustoleum Spray Paint in Metallic Gold. (I got excited and forgot to prime them. :( But so far the paint seems to be holding up fine.) I researched the best gold paints and this one was highly recommended. I’m pleased with the results as the paint matches my bedroom sconces perfectly.

2. After letting the legs dry according to the paint can’s instructions, I turned my now double drawered unit upside down and attached the legs with 14 gold-tone, flat-top wood screws that I had on hand. (see materials list for sizes)

DIY a Modern Makeup Table with 4 drawers for storage

Again, just make sure your screws are not so long that they could penetrate beyond the wood into the inside of the unit where the drawers are. The U-Legs come with 4 outer holes and 3 inner holes for attaching them to whatever you’re building. The 4 outer screws can be longer than the 3 inner screws since they are going into the outer edges of the unit, which is all wood. The 3 inner screws, however, should not go all the way through the wood or your drawers might catch and hang up or be damaged.

So that’s pretty much it.

I added the 25.5 x 25.5 NISSEDAL white mirror that IKEA sells, and one of their NILS stools, topped with an IKEA RENS Sheepskin.

DIY a Modern Makeup Table with 4 drawers for storage

Finished dimensions of makeup table: 46 7/8 wide x 11 3/8 deep x 32″ high

Haven’t hung the mirror yet. :)

Overall, it came out perfect for me and looks really great. Much better than the pictures, honestly.

Oh, and for comparison, this is what it looks like using one unit and inexpensive IKEA legs.


~ by Penny

Take a look at more makeup table designs

Modern Makeup Table

A classy makeup table that is so easy to hack.

beauty bar

A wall-hung beauty bar that doubles as a laptop table.

compact makeup table

A compact makeup table from a MICKE desk and a mirror.

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wear this there: y14.

this week’s wear this there is a minimal lovers dream, set in a suburb of australia’s style hot bed — melbourne. inspired by the tokyo style isakaya restaurants where one might find their favorite japanese specialties — y14 is a visual, and edible treat. come for the seafood, stay for the vibe. sip on some saki while you admire the craftsman’s take on the wood interiors, all while showing off your latest look — a jacquemus inspired blouse, slim trousers, and all the most eye-catching accessories. you don’t have to have a dinner date, just whip out your copy (or listen to the audible version) of joan didion’s the year of magical thinking and dig into a donburi bowl!

~ michaela d’artois, vérité published.

tokyo style isakaya y14. / sfgirlbybaywear this there: y14. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: pixie market white wrap off the shoulder shirt; zara high rise trousers with darts; h&m captain’s cap; need supply Lizzie Fortunato Modern Craft II Earrings; le spec the last lolita sunglasses; read this there joan didion’s the year of magical thinking; nordstrom CHARLOTTE TILBURY Legendary Brow Gel; matt & nat kari pomelo purse; zara kitten heel mules with a bow.

wood interior of y14 in melbourne. / sfgirlbybay inspiring interior of melbourne's y14. / sfgirlbybay the bar at melbourne's y14. / sfgirlbybay dining at melbourne's y14. / sfgirlbybay the inspiring dining room at melbourne's y14. / sfgirlbybay modern minimalist interior of y14. / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of biasol.


Refurbished Stone House in Portugal Unveils Modern Interiors

Rehabilitating a century-old stone construction of 400 square meters (4,305 square feet) was a challenging task for the team at AR Studio Architects. The Eira House, located in the city of Vale de Cambra, Portugal, was completely refurbished, without compromising its original architecture features. It is now a vibrant home with an authentic feel, always open for the owners’ extended family and friends.

“This rehabilitation is divided into 2 programming blocks,” the architects said. “In the first, next to the entrance courtyard, we find an area, previously used as annexes and stables for the animals, transformed into a convivial zone. The second programming block is the housekeeper’s home adorned with green vineyards that evoke the proximity to the mountains.”
Despite the use of raw materials and a clear inclination toward conserving tradition, the interior reflects modern design. Minimalist furniture and an open-plan living and dining area hint toward contemporary living. In the kitchen, the cupboard guards the stairs that lead the way to the second floor.

The upper level has direct access to the back garden, which allows for a close connection with the surrounding environment from almost every part of the main house. Photography: Soraia Oliveira

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new wallpaper collection from sarah sherman samuel.

new wallpaper collection from sarah sherman samuel. / sfgirlbybay

if we’ve seen her work, most of us have been long smitten with designer sarah sherman samuel, of the well-loved blog stories. i’ve personally followed her forever, and have had the fortunate experience of getting to know her as a friend over the years. not only is she talented and beautiful, she’s also one of the kindest humans you’d ever want to meet. but back to that talent — sarah’s recent palm springs a-frame makeover is the cover feature in the new issue of sunset magazine, she’s designing mandy moore’s new abode, and she has a brand new beautiful wallpaper collection with five signature patterns out with lulu & georgia — and it’s just stunning. it’s the kind of decor accent that really elevates a room to next level style. dreamy pink agate, pink marble,  malachite green marble, and a sophisticated Moroccan print for instance? yes please! for a peek at sarah’s full collection visit lulu & georgia. congrats, sarah!

designer sarah sherman samuel and her new wallpaper collection. / sfgirlbybay pink agate wallpaper from sarah sherman samuel's new collection. / sfgirlbybaysarah sherman samuel's pink agate wallpaper. / sfgirlbybay green marble wallpaper by sarah sherman samuel. / sfgirlbybay black and white wallpaper by designer sarah sherman samuel. / sfgirlbybay pink marble wallpaper by sarah sherman samuel. / sfgirlbybaydark green marble wallpaper. / sfgirlbybay pink marble wallpaper via lulu & georgia designed by sarah sherman samuel. / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of lulu & georgia.


Living Rooms for Book Lovers

Despite living in this digital age of eReaders, nothing compares to the age old experience of thumbing through actual pages, captivated in the familiar scent of paper and ink. Home libraries and reading nooks still hold their popularity because as human beings we just love to be amongst these paper banks of knowledge, adventure and romance. A large home library spanning multiple walls can feel like a big hug around its inhabitant and can hold a lifetime of reading that allows the owner to delve into past pockets of information; a manifestation of their learning and exploration. So, let’s explore various styles of living rooms for book lovers…

Designer: Paul Cremoux Studio  

A perfect place to install a particularly towering library in an open plan living area has got to be around a staircase. The rising treads provide the perfect climb to the top of the tree of knowledge, allowing stops at each shelf along the way. If your staircase at home is of the more traditional variety and space is at a premium, then you could still utilise the unused space beneath it for your book collection.

Visualizer: ArchAnts  

Our living rooms are a ready made relaxation spot in which to lounge with a good book at the end of a long day, or over a lazy weekend. By moving a sofa just slightly away from the wall, in toward the centre of the room, ample space can be created for the installation of set of bookshelves behind it. Narrow book shelving won’t cause a huge subtraction of floor space from the room. You can soften the look with the placement of some decorative leafy indoor house plantsplant stands for added interest and to differ heights.

Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha  

A bookcase can even be built to your own bespoke design by specialists. You could create a surround in which to hang your TV, for when you’re done with your reading. Don’t forget to install a librarians ladder for those high spots on your set of unique wall shelves too.

Designer: Michael Maher Design  

These three art prints, mounted in front of the bookcase, break up the bank of books and create depth to the display. Try hanging your own collection of art prints on the outer edges of your shelving for a new look. This option also allows for you to enjoy your gallery without compromising on storage space, as you can still house many of your books behind the beloved artwork.

Designer: Elizabeth Roberts  

Many people might think that they simply don’t have space in their living room for a large home library but try considering every single available space. Look vertically and don’t forget that the narrow gaps between things, like windows, can provide ample book storage space.

Visualizer: Uglyanitsa Alexander  

A bespoke bookcase can be built right into the eaves, a great option if you are living under sloping ceilings. Strategically placed table lamps create various spots for reading.

Source: Evermotion  

If you don’t have the spare cash for a bespoke bookcase then there are many great floating or freestanding options like these IKEA ones adorning Scandinavian living rooms.

Visualizer: Santiago Mañero  

If you have a bit of solid DIY knowledge you could even install your own to fit an unused awkward space in your home.

Visualizer: Luis Cuenca  

This towering bookcase gives great depth, interest and warmth to a long pale room. The books create a beautiful feature wall, just as patterned wallpaper or wooden panelling might do, whilst also having the added benefit of being useful.

Visualizer: Aristotle Gaddi  

A bookcase can also create a handy and attractive floating dividing wall to section up a particularly long room, zoning one area from the next.

Visualizer: Andreas R. Myrup  

In this living room library we see artifacts and treasured keepsakes peppering the bookcase to break up the sea of books.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik  

A dark gray shelving system creates a sophisticated look.

Visualizer: Federico Cedrone  

Clever LED lighting can transform the look of your library shelving arrangement.

Visualizer: Federico Cedrone  

You could pick out just your decorative items from your home library wall.

Visualizer: MB Render  

A decorative panel has been used to link two bookcases together in this living room decor scheme.

Visualizer: Impress  

If you’d prefer not to have all of you books on display, doors can be used to partially screen your collection.

Visualizer: Mobileffe  

Beyond the opal glass Atollo Desk Lamp in this living room we can see sliding doors have been drawn back to reveal a complete library.

Visualizer: Andrew Chiniakov  

A small mezzanine library has been created in this tiny home.

Visualizer: Vasiliy Nagaev  

High ceilings allow for tall bookcases. Three rows of wooden bookcases have been used to fill the vertical space in this example.

Architect: Pitsou Kedem Architects  

A white bookcase can help keep the book wall looking light.

Visualizer: Jose Martín Chuquisala  

Book shelves don’t have to run end to end; interesting shapes and cubbies can be created.

Visualizer: Sergey Baskakov  

There’s no room for knick-knacks and vases amongst this vast book collection!

Visualizer: HardwareOne  

What’s cozier than a book by a roaring fireplace?

Photographer: Soopakorn Srisakul  

In this industrial home decor the metal staircase works alongside a librarian’s ladder. A unique coffee table provides a place to stack your reading selection.


Another example of zoning using a bookcase.

Visualizer: Gushcho Timofey  

Unique floor lamps are strategically placed to light up this adjustable shelving wall.

Visualizer: Phong Nguyen  

An alcove is an ideal spot for a book wall. This unique ceiling fan provides an extra light source to aid easy reading.

Visualizer: Delightful  

The Flos Mod 265 Wall Lamp appears to direct you toward the floating book shelves.

Visualizer: Deborah Berke Partners  

Along with ample shelving and lighting, comfortable reading chairs are an absolute must.

Source: Cliff Ocean  

A comfortable armchair provides a great spot to perch.

Source: Ikea  

A window seat makes an ideal reading nook.

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