How To Use Pink Tastefully In A Kid’s Room Without Over Doing It: 6 Detailed Examples That Show How

While it may feel cliche to some, the truth is that many children (in particular little girls) love the color pink. As a parent, you want to be able to decorate your son or daughter’s room in a way that they absolutely love while still creating a space that you believe to be beautiful. In the wrong hands, pink can become saccharine and overpowering, and you do not want a room that feels like you are drowning in a vat of cotton candy. Luckily, it is possible to design a tasteful child’s room with plenty of pink, as long as you know what you’re doing. Following are just a few examples of how to use pink to great effect when designing a room for a child.

Visualizer: Tatyana Ryltsova  

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when decorating with pink is that a pink theme does not mean that everything should be pink.

While a light shade of blush, as used in this design, can lean towards neutral, it is important to play it off of other true neutrals, like white, to avoid being overwhelming.

By using the popular mix of pink and white, this space is soothing instead of loud, making it a perfect retreat for a night of homework.

The subtlety of the pink in this room is quite elegant.

A pink nook for the television is just the right amount of color without creating a distraction.

The next room, from the same visualizer, shows that you can go a bit brighter with pink and still keep the space playful but not garish, even with kid’s decor.

Another tip for decorating effectively with pink is to mix shades, which this design does quite well.

Softer pinks for the walls is an ideal choice while using brighter shades for light fixtures and throw pillows adds dimension.

Another calming homework nook utilizes white as well, with a pink table lamp that really pops.

White also comes in with floating cloud accessories, another calming choice.

Finally, a similar television nook goes a bit more bubblegum with its accent color.

Visualizer: Rustem Urazmetov  

In addition to mixing different shades of pink, mixing a few different patterns can give a modern, stylish look to a pink bedroom.

A bright planter and white desk chair show that a pink palette does not mean all pink and only pink.

We get a glimpse of pattern mixing with a white brick wall opposed to a pink and white tile wall.

No matter what the color scheme, of course, plenty of storage is a must in a kids room.

Visualizer: Anastasia Skoblik  

In this next space, we see how finding the right colors to complement the pink palette is key, starting with kids’ beds.

In this room, it’s a lovely mint color that complements.

The use of the green and pink together is certainly youthful but not cloyingly sweet.

The use of adorable artwork is also a nice touch.

Visualizer: FINE DESIGN  

In this room, a unique floor lamp in white ties together a pink, black and white scheme.

Adding a bit of sparkle and shine, here in the guide of bedroom pendant lights, is another way to bring elegance to a pink room.

Black, white and pink is a classic color theme that calls to mind French macarons, which are very on trend.

Floating pink wall shelves are a practical and stylish addition.

A subtle kids’ night light is another well-chosen accessory.

Finally, an Eames-style rocking chair at the coral pink desk is high style.

Visualizer: Thao Uyen  

The final room incorporates a few of the tips we’ve covered, including complementary colors, pattern mixing, and many shades of pink.

The patterned wallpaper, pennant flags and cozy size make this room particularly playful.

A stacked nightstand with sunny yellow is the perfect sophisticated accessory for this room.

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A touchless trash can with this one quick fix


Painter's tape and twine

I got these nice trash cans for my trash and recycling and I quickly realized that when you pull the drawer to discard trash you’d have a piece of trash in the other hand. You’d have to let put of the drawer and open the lid — not really super functional.

IKEA SEKTION kitchen - recycling drawer closed

I took matters into my own hands and crafted this little fix with some twine and painter’s tape. Painter’s tape comes off with no sticky residue (or very little).

I secured the twine to the lid and to the bottom of the above drawer with the tape.

Tape detail on lid

Tape detail on cabinet

The hardest part is getting the length of twine right. Mine is about 8 inches long (12 if you count the taped part and the leftover bits). Depending on where you bins are placed (more forward or back) this dimension might need to be adjusted.

A touchless trash can with this one quick fix

A touchless trash can with this one quick fix

A touchless trash can with this one quick fix

A touchless trash can with this one quick fix

Once you have it together, pull and watch the magic happen. See it in action in the video below.


~ by John

See more touchless trash can ideas

trash bin automatic open

An automatic kitchen trash can for the METOD cabinet and VARIERA waste sorting bin with lid. Details here.

automatic garbage can

This other idea is a superb solution if you have an undersink cabinet with doors instead of drawers. It uses a sliding UTRUSTA recycling bin tray and FILUR trash can. See more here.

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best of: wear this there: les trois cochons.

inspiring dining room at les trois cochons. / sfgirlbybay

french food, and nordic design — has there ever been a better combo? les trois cochons makes us question everything that came before it. perfect minty tiles, rich looking leather seating, you’re almost satiated by just a peek. this copenhagen based restaurant serves up delicious classic francophile dishes, and great wines. sounds like an international date night is in order. throw on a luxe jumpsuit, and all the eye-catching accessories you can get your hands on — it’s going to be a long night. this week’s read this there is the best-selling sweetbitter, that follows a young woman who moves to new york – adventure ensues.

~ michaela d’artois, vérité woman.

inspiring dining room at les trois cochons. / sfgirlbybaywear this there: les trois cochons. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: zara printed kimono jumpsuit; pixie market beige square toe clear and leather sandals; want les essentials de la vie demiranda shoulder bag; peach & lily herb tea pure calming mask; club monaco tassel bracelet; read this there sweetbitter by stephanie danler; bing bang nyc your future looks bright cuff; club monaco serafina fringe earring; nars cosmetics orgasm liquid blush.

bread on wall rack at les trois cochons. / sfgirlbybay what to wear to les trois cochons in copenhagen. / sfgirlbybay oysters at les trois cochons in copenhagen. / sfgirlbybay the menu and inside copenhagen's les trois cochons. / sfgirlbybay emerald green tile in les trois cochons dining room. sfgirlbybay leather booth at les trois cochons in copenhagen. / sfgirlbybayexterior of les trois cochons in copenhagen. / sfgirlbybay the bar at les trois cochons in copenhagen. / sfgirlbybay inspiring interior of les trois cochons in copenhagen. / sfgirlbybay checkered floors inside les trois cochons. / sfgirlbybay

• photography via we heart and les trois cochons .

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying the Perfect Rug for Your Home

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perfect rug

A throw rug can make or break a room’s design. Image: Thomas Towne Reavey Inc.

Shop a similar look: Rug | Throw Pillows | Coffee Table | Throw Blanket

The right throw rug can absolutely pull together a room’s design. But limited sizing options and high price tags have a tendency to make homeowners shy away from committing to a purchase. It doesn’t need to be that way. With a little forethought and research, you can pick the perfect rug every time.

If you’re in the market for a great area rug, read on. We’ve compiled a list of our best tips and tricks for how to figure out which rug works best for you. Keep this post in your back pocket — you never know when an area rug will be just the thing you need to complete your next project.

choose color first

Think about choosing the color first. Image: Arkee Creative

Shop a similar look: Rug | Side Table | Coffee Table

Consider color first

Some interior designers will tell you a throw rug should be the very first thing you purchase when you’re putting a room together. They’re reasoning is that once you pick a rug that catches your eye, it will already have a defined color scheme. You should be able to use those existing shades as a base to build a coordinating look.

Others will take the opposite approach. They’ll tell you a throw rug should be your focal point, much like the one shown in the photo above. In their eyes, the color (and possibly the pattern) should be loud, proud and bold. It should accent the rest of your design and immediately draw the eye.

In reality, both schools of thought are correct. It all boils down to personal preference. Regardless of which advice you choose, aesthetics should be your first point of consideration. If a throw rug doesn’t fit in well with the rest of a design, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

think about function

Consider how and where the rug will be used. Image: Rikki Snyder

Shop a similar look: Rug | Umbrella | Patio Furniture

Base material on function

As always, function should play a key role in your selection. Think carefully about how you intend the rug to be used. Is it meant to catch dirt in an entryway before it can be tracked into the house? Does it need to be cozy enough for people to sit on? Is it mostly meant to be visually stunning? The answers to these questions will determine the material.

First, consider the rug’s pile, or the density, height and thickness of its fibers. High-pile carpets like shags are typically more comfortable. In large doses, though, they can feel overwhelming. Low-pile and flat-weave rugs, on the other hand, are less padded, but they’re also easier to clean.

Once you’ve decided what type of rug works best, narrow down the materials you want to use. Natural fibers like wool and cotton are best when you’re looking to bring a soft and luxurious feel to the room. Woven fibers like jute and hemp are useful when you’re looking to put the rug in a high-traffic area. Before making a decision, check the cleaning instructions to ensure you’re prepared to properly care for the rug.

rug size

Rug size matters, so measure carefully. Image: Graystone Custom Builders Inc.

Shop a similar look: Rug | Lamps | Throw Blanket

Consider size carefully

Next, it’s time to move on to deciding what size of rug to buy. This can be tricky since rugs are typically only found in standard sizes and, unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules on how to do it right. That said, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • If you’re choosing a full room rug, remember to leave room for a border of flooring around all sides. Eighteen inches is considered the standard border measurement.
  • If your rug will be grounding a seating areameasure the length and width of the seating area in its current layout and buy the next size up.
  • If the rug is meant to highlight a piece of furniture like a dining table, make sure it’s big enough to extend beyond the piece with room on all sides. For a dining table, 24 inches  is standard. However, it should be less if you’re working with a smaller piece like a coffee table.

When in doubt, this is an occasion where bigger really is better, especially if your measurements are between standard sizes. You can always hide overflow under your furniture, but a too small rug will make your whole arrangement look disproportionate.

furniture placement

Think about how you’ll arrange the furniture. Image: Kasten Builders

Shop a similar look: Rug | Chairs | Table

Remember furniture placement

The last detail to consider is how your furniture will be arranged on the rug once you get it home from the store. There are three options to consider: putting all of the furniture legs on the rug, only putting the front legs on or having the legs stay off of the rug completely.

Traditionally, arrangements have worked like this:

  • Legs fully on: Full-room area rugs and rugs that ground a specific item like a dining table
  • Front legs only: Seating areas
  • Legs off: Narrower rugs like runners

That said, these days, the rules are far more lax. As you can see in the photo above, furniture arrangement is in the eye of the beholder. However, consistency is key. If you’re using more than one area rug in the same room, make sure to match their arrangement styles. This will help the room stay appropriately cohesive.

perfect rug

Use these tips to find the perfect rug every time. Image: Luis Jauregui

Shop a similar look: Rug | Throw Blanket | Swing Arm Lamps

All things considered, every room could benefit from the addition of an area rug. Though it may seem like a small detail, this design element has the uncanny ability to round off a design incredibly well. Ultimately, though, many homeowners pass on this addition because rugs can be tricky to buy — but not for much longer. With the help of the tips in this post, you should be able to pick the perfect rug for any room.

Are you a fan of throw rugs? Do you think they’re an essential component of successful designs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Astounding Scandinavian apartment with mid-century modern designs

What a gem. Welcome to the home of Creative director Martin and his wife My. Located inside of an old 1888 building, it has a ton of charm and personality.

With a size of 156 square meters, there is indeed a lot of space to make your dreams come true, and the owners chose a very nice way to decorate this interior.

In the living room, which is quite minimalist, you can find a very nice sofa from Eero Koivisto and chairs by Barrey & Moltzer. The ceiling lamp is from Ay Illuminate. The only real decor piece here is a couple of photographs behind the couch.  There is also a fun piece there – vintage table football.  On the second living room  photo you can also spot a JWDA Concrete Table Lamp by Menu, my lamp of choice for a next lamp buying madness 🙂

I simply love the dining room with a couple of classic chairs and my favorite Poul Henningsen’s lamp – the snowball. There is a large metal shelf which adds bit of almost industrial feel

The bright and calm dining room is counterbalanced by the dark and elegant kitchen. Black is the ruling color there and with a black painted walls, it has a very distinctive look. I like how the white floor complements the look.


amazing scandinavian apartment with stuccoes, wooden floors and mid century modern furniture
black hallway inside of an nordic apartment
beautiful living room inside of a spacious danish apartment
poul henningsens snowball lamp and large dining table inside of an large scandinavian apartment
owners of a great scandinavian apartment
amazing black kitchen with a white painted floors
black painted kitchen design in a nordic apartment
swan chair inside of an minimalist nordic bedroom


Japanese cups of tea

A little over a week ago we took the family out of town for a quick getaway. When we just want a short trip away from home we usually go to Portland because it’s within driving distance. One of my favorite stores is Canoe, which carries a great variety of design from all over the world. Loads of Scandinavian and Japanese design fills their shelves and I picked up an extra large tea cup to go with my growing collection of Hasami mugs and tea pot. I really like this bigger size because normally I have two cups of tea every night but with this, one big one does the job! If you love Hasami pottery they’re super easy to find now and with great variety like bowls, lids and plates. Source:

Modern Residence in Poland Highlights Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

Metaforma Architects completed the design of a modern residence in Poland that displays an interesting geometry. The body of the building consists of two intersecting cubes. The living area is located in the larger one, while the garage and the gym occupy the smaller section of the house.

The facades have been covered with black plaster and cool pigments, and with protection against biological corrosion. “The wood-like composite we chose, unlike natural materials, does not require additional impregnation,” the architects explained. “Dark details in the form of metal window casings and balustrades consistently complete the concept. All these create an interesting three-dimensional effect.”

The layout of this modern residence was planned in tune with the active lifestyle of the owners: the day zone is located on the ground floor, together with the sports room and guest area. The bedrooms are placed on the upper level and offer a high level of privacy.

A generously sized bookcase in the living area adds character to the design scheme. The use of a kitchen island allows the owners to work in the kitchen and keep an eye on the rest of the living room at the same time.

The architects also planned an unusual wine cellar. Wooden pins are placed between the rows of bricks in the wall to store bottles. Here, the residents can take their time selecting their beverage while admiring the available collection visually multiplied by the mirror at the end of the room. Photography and information from PION Fotografia.

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best of: unexpected guests antonia kohl.

vintage decor inside tigerlily perfumery / sfgirlbybay

I’m delighted to introduce our next guest and she is Antonia Kohl, the lovely proprietress of Tigerlily Perfumery here in San Francisco. Located along Valencia Street in the city’s Mission neighborhood, this gem is the city’s only boutique dedicated entirely to artisan and niche perfumes, including a deep collection of U.S. indie fragrances and hard-to-find cult favorites from around the world. If you’re looking for a truly unique and signature scent for yourself, a special someone or want to get a better understanding of perfumes, this is the place to visit. Antonia has expertly guided many to discover unique fragrances they wouldn’t have otherwise. I learned so much from her, even participating in a workshop to craft my own personal fragrance. And it’s a fun, casual space to explore and play with so many varieties. It’s amazing how a little spritz or dab of something can bring so much beauty and joy into people’s lives. Before opening Tigerlily, Antonia enjoyed an exciting 20-year career in interactive design and production before launching her new business. This holiday season her shop will celebrate its two-year anniversary. Be sure to pop into Tigerlily next time you’re in SF and in the neighborhood.

vintage decor inside tigerlily perfumery / sfgirlbybay

So why perfume?
I’ve always loved perfume! Like most people, smell triggers so many of my memories and influences my moods. Smell can be an underrated sense but it is deeply impactful on both an emotional and physiological level.

vintage perfume bottles / sfgirlbybay

What’s your first memory of perfume?
My first memory of perfume is from early elementary school when a classmate presented me with a pretty porcelain bottle of Tea Rose eau de toilette that he’d stolen from his mother. Although my mom made sure the bottle was dutifully returned, the idea of perfume stuck with me as a treasure and romantic symbol.

industrial caged pendant lamp and vintage decor inside tigerlily perfumery / sfgirlbybay

What inspired you to launch your business?
For several years, my husband and I would check out boutique perfume shops when visiting other cities but hadn’t found one just right for us at home. I left the digital world hoping to work on a smaller scale, doing something I love and with the public – perfume was a healthier choice than opening a pub!

vintage mirrored tray with perfume bottles / sfgirlbybay

How should one really go about selecting a perfume?
Explore, sniff and try it on! We really encourage our customers to take the time to smell broadly in order to hone in on what they love and to try on multiple scents to see what works with their skin chemistry. While some people are looking for a signature scent, most are interested in having a variety of fragrances to wear so can also consider mood, season, occasion and self-expression.

We truly believe that the process of selecting a perfume should be fun! At the shop, our customers love to hear about the people, ideas and stories behind each scent. And they definitely enjoy taking home samples to try out!

vintage accessories and perfume on hanging wood box shelves / sfgirlbybay

You always hear about “notes” in perfume. Can you tell us more about them?
Like notes in music, notes are scent components that make up the composition of a perfume. Notes are individual smells, like sandalwood or bergamot, which are combined in layers to create the overall experience of a perfume. Structurally, most perfumes are designed with Top Notes, Heart Notes and Base Notes. The top notes are the first notes you smell after applying a perfume. They are tiny molecules and dissipate quickly. Heart Notes are next and last longer, bridging to the Base Notes, which stick around the longest. Citruses are typical top notes, florals are often found in the heart and base notes tend to be “darker” notes such as amber, sandalwood and vanilla.

mirrored tray with tiny perfurm bottles / sfgirlbybay

Common mistakes people make in buying perfume?
Buying perfume based on a brand name, a review or what it smells like on a test strip are the biggest mistakes people make. Your skin chemistry is the final ingredient in every perfume you wear, so try before you buy! This isn’t a mistake, but I encourage people not to pigeonhole themselves into too narrow of a scent profile, e.g. “I only like woods” or “I hate florals”. Over time and with natural changes in our lives, our tastes and skin chemistry can change. With so many scents and so little time – why not keep exploring?

colorful perfumes in glass jars at tigerlily perfumery / sfgirlbybay

You carry artisan and niche perfumes. What is artisan and what is niche?
Good question! To me, niche initially meant scents made by smaller perfume houses and individual perfumers who were able to maintain a high level of quality and creativity because they weren’t beholden to the “bottom-line” demands of the mass market. These days, the term “niche” has become a bit dilute as big brands buy up popular small houses and launch shadow brands to fit into this category, which has risen notably in popularity and has a large international fan base. When I use the term “artisan perfume”, I’m referring to a scent that is handcrafted by an individual perfumer who is not associated with a large brand. Generally this also implies a high-quality product that is made in smaller volume.

vintage accessories and housewares at tigerlily perfumery / sfgirlbybay

What are some of these hard-to-find cult favorite perfumes you carry?
We carry many wonderful lines from the United States, including what we believe to be the largest brick-and-mortar collection of West Coast fragrances. In terms of international cult perfumes that are hard to find at retail, here are a few beauties:

Tauer Perfumes: we carry an enticing selection of fragrances by the massively beloved Swiss perfumer, Andy Tauer, including L’Air Du Desert Marocain and Lonestar Memories. Perfumistas also love his new Tauerville line!

Neela Vermeire: a sublime collection from Paris with roots in French perfumery and rare ingredients from India. Neela Vermeire collaborated with famed perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufour, to create these highly coveted perfumes, including Ashoka and Mohur, which are tributes to Indian history and culture.

Papillon Perfumery: a new line out of London that exploded onto the perfume scene last year with the niche hits, Anubis, Tobacco Rose and Angelique. This year the perfumer, Liz Moores, added a dirty, vintage-style bombshell, Salome,

red victorian style chair and colorful rugs at tigerlily perfumery / sfgirlbybay

What perfume are you currently wearing now?
It’s finally starting to feel like winter so today I’m wearing one of my favorite warm gourmands, Captured in Amber, from En Voyage by Shelley Waddington. It’s chocolate amber with a hint of spice, created here in the Bay Area. This week I’ve also worn the smoky Broken Theories by Kerosene and vintage-y This Grand Affair by Blocki Perfumes.

vintage poetry books with perfume bottles / sfgirlbybay

Any strange fragrance requests from clients?
This may not surprise the serious perfume-heads in the room, but I have been asked for perfumes that smell like “wet dog”, “skunk” and “sweaty s*x”.

antonia kohl of tigerlily perfumery mixing scents / sfgirlbybay

What type of events and workshops do you host?
We love events at Tigerlily! We host trunk shows, fragrance launches and perfume presentations as well as perfumery workshops and classes, including custom blending workshops with well-known San Francisco perfumer, Yosh Han.

vintage interior styling at tigerlily perfumery / sfgirlbybay

So what’s next for Tigerlily?
Lots of changes coming! We’re expanding to take over more of the space at 973 Valencia in January, which will allow us to bring in additional lines as well as to build space to accommodate a packed calendar of events and workshops. We’ll also be working on our ecommerce site, which launched on a small scale and needs tweaking! On the horizon are a unique online sample program, sales and promotions.

vintage perfume bottles, tray and figurines / sfgirlbybay

Other top spots in the Mission one should visit around Tigerlily?
Love & Luxe is not to be missed! Betsy Barron presents her own line alongside a beautiful selection of artisan jewelry lines from around the world, many of which are local, all using precious materials in refined and creative ways.

Lolo is one of our favorite spots to take visiting perfumers to lunch before events. We’re in love with the avocado tacos and mescal margaritas. The atmosphere is kitschy and colorful and the “Jaliscan-Californian” food is seriously fresh, yummy and unpretentious.

Luna Reinne Gallery passionately promotes new and up-and-coming artists from the Bay Area, including three of my favorites, Reuben Rude, Bill Zindel and Jose Arenas. Fun openings!

Paxton Gate doesn’t need the promotion but they are still one of my favorite spots to send out-of-town friends and customers on a Valencia stroll. In addition to their curated collection of curiosities, they host great pop-ups like the Spark Ceramics planter-making workshop (they do beer stein classes too!).

Nooworks makes dresses that are the definition of fun! Owner Jennifer D’Angelo has been a longtime fixture in the Mission District and it’s been inspiring to see how her line has grown and flourished. Not to mention the sales parties with bands and libations.

• all photography by leslie santarina.

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