The tree is up!

Over the weekend we brought home our Christmas tree. We could have brought home a taller tree but I think I prefer a medium-isa tree so that it doesn’t overwhelm the entire room. We used the ornaments I mentioned in last week’s post for 5 Days of Christmas and the kids did most of the work, they LOVE decorating the tree. I just go back after they’re in bed and move around a few ornaments that they doubled up on the same branch. Kids don’t care about symmetry but I let them put everything where they want and they haven’t noticed the move. 😉


Energetic House for Book Lovers and Cats in Brooklyn, NY

This colorful and highly original home in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, New York, was specially developed for a couple of professionals with a passion for art and good books. The design brief called for special accommodations for their two shy but inquisitive cats to be able to navigate through small and high places.

BFDO Architects envisioned the living area on the parlor floor lined on one side by a full-length bookshelf, topped by a cat circulation space. “Shelves project to create steps for the cats to climb up to a continuous open ledge where they can observe activities from a high vantage point,” the designers added. “Trap doors allow the cats access to rooms above at either end of the house.”

The main floor is organized into four separate areas: the living room, media room, dining area and kitchen. Upstairs, the studio occupies the back half of the floor. A balcony in the window wall allows the client to step outside for quick breaks from work. The two-story wall of glass at the back of the house floods the interior with light.

This Brooklyn home offers so many visual points of interest; check out the diorama of a living room concealed behind the front door or the unconventional reading area accessed through a small ladder! Photography and information courtesy of BFDO Architects.


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friday finds.

peaceful wall mural in modern room. / sfgirlbybay

happy friday everyone! how are you surviving the holiday rush? I’m barely making it through — so much to do, my house is a disaster area (think Lucy fur everywhere!) and i’m deeply in need of a mani pedi, but such is the holiday season — so very much to do and so little time to do it all in! I hope to catch up with all the chores this weekend and in the meantime, it would appear I’m feeling a bit ‘moody’ in addition to everything else that’s overwhelming, but at least they’re pretty and moody rooms. have a great weekend one and all!

xo, victoria

  1. in my stress, i’m finding this mural very soothing to look at. in both scenarios (see just below) it just makes the rooms.
  2. this is pretty sweet idea for a bedroom background — a tufted headboard that covers the entire wall looks pretty luxe, does it not? comfy, cozy and tres chic.
  3. i also quite like the idea of having a tufted banquette (in velvet, no less). it would be so cool to have this built into a quaint kitchen dining nook. it would really take the idea of an eat-in kitchen up a notch or two.
  4. artilleriet is one of my very favorite online shops when it comes to finding unique homewares and their holiday gift ideas this year are moody and most inspiring — do have a gander.
  5. i find this mural pretty romantic looking too — i’m not sure i could pull it off, but i really admire this kind of eclectic, over the top drama.
  6. this bedroom mural is very stylish, too! cleary, i’ve really had a crush on murals lately. if my home lent itself to this kind of look i think i’d try it in the bedroom behind my bed.

unique wall mural with modern pendant lamp. / sfgirlbybaytufted headboard along whole wall. / sfgirlbybayteal tufted banquette with throw pillows. / sfgirlbybayrustic green walls and white dome lamp. / sfgirlbybaylarge wall mural and blue furniture. / sfgirlbybaybedroom wall mural paired with unique wood headboard. / sfgirlbybay

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10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls

Just 10 more days to Christmas and if you’ve not gotten the holiday decor up, it’s now or never. Here are 10 last minute Christmas decor ideas you can quickly and easily put the use. And get your home in shape for the holidays.

#1 Add some festive cheer with a room divider

We would like to share an idea to decorate your room for coming Christmas.

Here in the office we have and IKEA product called VEBERÖD.

room divider as Christmas decor

703.433.25 VEBERÖD room divider | Photo:

The picture is more or less self-explaining, possible to use all Xmas decorations from lights up to Xmas tree toys and other hand made things.

The textile pockets are perfect for presents to put in, isn’t ?

~ by Ausra and Daiva, Lithuania

If you’ve fallen behind on Advent, you can still use the Stråla LED floor-standing candelabra as a minimalist tree.

Strala LED floor standing candelabra

Stråla floor-standing candelabra | Photo:

Or catch up!

#2 An Advent “D’oh” Moment

IKEA items used:

  • Stråla floor-standing candelabra
  • VINTER 2017 stripey string
  • Various shiny cards in Christmassy colours
  • Number stickers
  • Chocolate coins
  • Self-control (don’t eat all of the chocolate whilst crafting the hearts).

I bought a Stråla in the “As Is” Dept as we’re trying to keep the house clutter-free before moving. I thought it would be nice and unfussy standing on a window-ledge or the mantle-piece.

Then I had my “d’oh” moment: It has exactly 24 hanging pegs. One for every day in Advent. That’s right: The big Stråla is just a huge Advent calendar.

Christmas advent candelabra

So I made 24 Danish Hearts using a tutorial and template from the internet (There’s lots of them of varying complexity, choose one to suit your crafty skill-set and/or the time you have available); fill them with chocolate coins and hang them up with the lovely stripey string. (I love stripey string).


~ by Andy McHugh

#3 Convert a shelf into a tree

If you snagged an IKEA PS 2014 wall shelf when it was available, you’re in luck.

IKEA PS 2014 Wall Shelf | Photo:

This guy was meant to be draped in tinsels and lights. Like here. And you can place your presents on the shelves, instead of the floor. How cool is that?

I also dug up some Christmas decor ideas from IKEA Christmas past. The 2012 catalogue to be exact. Don’t let the date fool you, the catalog still has some high impact ways to dress up your place for Christmas. Take a look. (via Decoist)

#4 Frame up the ornaments

Frame up an assortment of Christmas ornaments for a classy Christmas vibe.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls


#5 Light up a reverse tree

Hang up STRÅLA stars in a reverse tree formation. Or set up this new 2017 LED chandelier, which reminds me of fairy wings, to set the mood.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls

STRÅLA LED chandelier | Photo:

#6 Try a different kind of wreath

IKEA has a wide range of pretty twinkle lights. Pick one that fits your style. I don’t see the danish heart light (photo below) in IKEA’s latest Christmas range, sadly. But the RAMSTA Light chain with 24 diamonds will light up your door way beautifully too.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls


#8 Serve up a tree

The KVITTERA 3-tier serving platter will feel right at home on your Christmas table. Just fill it up with an ornaments of the same kind and colour tones. You can’t go wrong with this.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls


#9 Cut out a tree

IKEA does not sell the paper cut-out tree anymore, but this is an easy DIY. Get some cardboard and a pair of sharp scissors. Enlarge this template up to the size you want and then start cutting. And your tree will be up before you can say ho, ho, ho.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls


#10 Hang up a bouquet of ornaments

This is one of my favourite Christmas decor ideas. String up and hang baubles over the window, door or in your hallway. And suddenly, it will start to look a lot like Christmas.

Sparked any ideas? So get your house in shape for the holidays. 10 days and counting.

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A Two-Story Home with a Sleek Grey Color Palette

Not every home has a unifying color theme, but without one it can be easy for a house to feel disjointed or erratic. A color palette can unify a home’s design so that it flows easily from one room to another, but that does not mean that each room has to be decorated in exactly the same colors. In this house, for instance, grey creates a throughline within the home but does not overwhelm the design. Instead, it creates a foundation for each room so that the overall look is comforting and harmonious — without being too “matchy-matchy.” Take a look inside this home from visualizer Andrei Lychkouski to see what we mean.

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wear this there: anvil hotel.

dark walls inside Glorietta at the anvil hotel. / sfgirlbybay

is it just us or have you been feeling like fleeing to a quiet chalet in the mountains too? days spent weaving down the slopes, nights over hot chocolate and board games. opportunities to wear stylish outfits in the abundance of layers, and layers, and layers. the anvil hotel in jackson, wyoming is the destination of our white winter dreams. they nail apres ski style like none other — deep blue exteriors, minimally decked out rooms with pendleton clad beds, and a beautiful laid back italian restaurant, Glorietta, fit for filling up after a long day adventuring through the winter wonderlands. as a california girl in the snow, we can’t wait to show off our best resort style with chunky knits, and a heavy biker jacket. there’s something about a snowfall that makes us want to bring out our very well read copy of little women and cuddle up in front of the lobby’s fireplace.

~ michaela d’artois, vérité woman.

wear this there: anvil hotel. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: zara textured biker jacket; zara open knit sweater with ribbon detail; aritzia cebu pants; madewell the small transport crossbody in cider; j.crew striped cape scarf; bando’s tuleste tinsel earrings; ganni alice shades in turquoise; read this there little women by Louisa May Alcott; herbivore botanicals calm bath salts; dolce vita varra booties; urban outfitters cable knit chenille-lined gloves.

guest room at the anvil hotel in wyoming. / sfgirlbybay fireside stools at the anvil hotel in wyoming. / sfgirlbybay gift shop at the anvil hotel in wyoming. / sfgirlbybay inspiring bedroom decor at the anvil hotel in wyoming. / sfgirlbybay guest room decor details at the anvil hotel. / sfgirlbybay guest room at the anvil hotel in wyoming. / sfgirlbybay stylish guest room at the anvil hotel. / sfgirlbybay booth inside Glorietta in the anvil hotel. / sfgirlbybay guest accommodations at the anvil hotel in wyoming. / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of the anvil hotel.

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Need to Make the Most of Your Square Footage? Follow These 3 Tips for Designing a Multi-Use Space

multi-use space

When you need to make your square footage count, consider combining functions in one space. Image: Marcel Page Photography

Sometimes you need to make your square footage work for you. Sometimes, there isn’t quite enough space in your home and as such a room might need to pull double-duty and serve two distinct purposes. These are known as multi-use spaces and they can sometimes be a design challenge.

If you’re getting set to tackle one of these spaces, don’t worry. We’ve compiled our best tips on how to put multi-use spaces together, so you can learn how to make one of these slightly unusual spaces work for you.

multi-use function

Multi-use spaces have two distinct functions. Image: Laura U Inc.

What is a multi-use space?

If you haven’t considered a multi-use space before, you may think it’s the same thing as an open concept layout. While the two are similar, there is one key difference: Multi-use spaces have one, clearly dominant use as well as a secondary function. Meanwhile, open concept spaces typically have layouts that are more evenly distributed.

That said, multi-use spaces are fairly typical. While any two uses could, theoretically, be combined, here are a few common examples:

  • A desk or office area in the kitchen
  • A bedroom seating area
  • A reading nook
  • An eat-in kitchen
  • A combined mudroom and laundry space
multi-use layout

Layout is critical in these spaces. Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Consider your layout carefully

In these spaces, the layout is particularly important. As usual, it needs to indicate a clear path around the room and indicate its function. Since the space has two separate uses, it’s important to maintain the proper balance between them.

For this, proportion is key. As we mentioned above, all multi-use spaces have a dominant and secondary function. Visually, the dominant usually takes up two-thirds of the area, while the secondary function takes up the remaining third.

You can also use design elements to make the division even clearer. Be sure to leave plenty of negative space between the two areas. You could also use grounding items like dual area rugs or light fixtures to center each one.


Let furniture be the star. Image: Sara Bengur Interiors

Let furniture dictate function

In multi-use spaces, it’s also critical that both functions in the room be made explicitly clear. When this does not happen, rooms have a tendency to appear messy and disorganized. It can become difficult to visually separate which design elements are used for which purpose.

With that in mind, our best advice is to let the furniture take center stage. Try using one or two pieces of statement furniture to anchor each function area. For example, for a master bedroom with a reading nook, you could make the bed the focal point and just have a simple accent chair and bookcase in a separate corner of the room.

It almost goes without saying that, in these spaces, less is more. After putting the furniture in the room, be sure to take a step back. Use your sense of proportion to decide if the room seems too crowded or its functions unclear. If so, don’t hesitate to remove pieces as needed.

multi-use aesthetics

Make sure both aesthetics tie together. Image: Two Column Media

Remember to coordinate aesthetics

We’ve already talked extensively about how to visually separate multi-use spaces, but since they’re in the same room, you also need to think about how to tie them together. After all, you want it to look like putting these two functions together was a purposeful decision rather than random happenstance.

Here, your best bet is to coordinate aesthetics — especially color. Take the picture above, for example. In this case, gray, the dominant color can be found on both sides of the room. The secondary color, white, can be seen in both main furniture pieces and the green accent shade can also be found in both function areas.

In addition to color, you also want to make sure you use the same style of design throughout your furniture and accessories. Be sure to match big elements like wall art, as well as small ones like drawer pulls or plumbing fixtures.

multi-use spaces

Follow our tips to create multi-use spaces that actually work. Image: Great Kitchens & Baths

Multi-use spaces are more common than you think. Most of us are always looking for more space in our homes and have at least one area that serves more than one purpose. If you’re getting set to put together one of these multi-purpose rooms, keep this post close at hand. It has tips you need to make the room function flawlessly while looking just as good.

Do you have any multi-use spaces in your home? If so, what are they and how have you made them work for you? Go ahead and share your experiences with us in the comments.

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How we sort trash & recycling

Recycling has been a responsibility the family shares but I try to get the kids involved as well. We kept some sorting bins in the garage but sometimes those few extra steps down the hall kept glass and plastic lingering around the house, so when I was introduced to the

dual compartment

bins from Simple Human, I knew this would be a more more seamless way of processing waste and recycling around the house! The bin also has a sensor so no touching or lifting is involved, which is super helpful when I have both hands full.

The trash side also has a discreet pocket inside for storing


for the trash compartment and even though both sides together hold quite a bit of stuff, the bin is not bulky in the kitchen and fits perfectly next to the sink. Both kids also think the sensor is the funnest thing and like to run by or wave from far away, testing its capabilities!

*This post was sponsored by

Simple Human

, all words, opinions and photos are my own.


New housewares brand in Sweden called Smålands Skinnmanufaktur, brings environmental consciousness to their products

A new furniture and accessories studio in called Smålands Skinnmanufaktur in Jönköping, Sweden has come out with these beautifully styled images from Sundling/Kicken and photographed by Emily Laye. SSM manufactures the pieces themselves with materials such as leather from the world’s only environmentally certified tanner, Tärnsjö Garveri. Their products are mostly made in Sweden, by hand with the intention that each piece ages gracefully and becomes more beautiful each day they are used.


Paint Colors For The Merc!!

Let’s get painting now, everyone is learning how, come on and get painting with meeeeeeeee! (I literally don’t know why everytime I sat down to write this post that song pops into my head, maybe because the Beach Boys were on Full House this week? But you know, painting instead of surfing because I’m not on a beach-also no coordination.

Are you guys ready to dive into the world of painting at the Merc?!!  Let me begin by saying that once the paint was on the walls it finally started to feel like our house. It’s crazy to look back and see how much it changed from when we started. This huge open room with no walls and oh so much potential! Painting is where our lives started to get really crazy. Most of the work from the subs is over, its now up to us to bring this puppy over the finish line!

When it comes to picking out paint, I could do it in my sleep, in fact I bet if you called my local Sherwin-Williams store and asked for Mandi’s usual they’d know exactly what colors and type to get. If you’ve followed VR for any length of time you know that I have my go to tried and true that I’ve used on every room I’ve gotten my hands on since 2013 (THAT IS CRAZY!!!!) So if you’re looking for the perfect white, have a seat my friend and let’s chat.

To me the perfect white is just white. Not yellowish, not bluish, not grayish, just white. Its not too bright or too dingy, its JUST WHITE. At my local store its called Mandi White (if you’re in St. George you can go into any of the stores and they’ll mix it up for you!) The formula is extra white base with 3 oz of white pigment added. After 4 years of calling it Mandi White I asked Sherwin Sensei Sam (the manager that answers all of my weird questions) if this was a real Sherwin color and they we’re just humoring me and calling it Mandi White (you know, like when someone calls you by the wrong name for so long that you can’t correct them and will eternally be Mindy when you’re around them?) This is what he said. There is in fact NOT a color with the same formula (YAY!! Who wants to start a petition to have Mandi White added to their official list of colors!?!) But the closest “real color” is Pure White SW 7005. With Pure White they add a little bit of black to the extra white base to grey it out a teeny bit. With Mandi White the white pigment does sort of the same thing, its just a touch brighter.

So back to the Merc, like I said before, Mandi White was a complete no brainer for all of the walls and baseboard. Same with using Tricorn Black for the accents. I’ve used it so many times that there are no surprises here. BUT I did venture out to a new color that I’d never used before and i’m pretty thrilled about it -dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuuun- Jasper.

Here’s a side by side with Jasper and Tricorn Black

Before we go deeper into that let me tell you why I was so drawn to it. When we were touring the Merc for the first time I noticed these green boards stacked in a back room as well as spots of green hanging out other places (like the pass through window in the kitchen). When I asked about it, the previous owner told me the cutest historical story about Southern Utah. When the pioneers had finished building the temple they ordered paint to cover the red sandstone that it was built out of. White for the walls and green for the roof. When the paint arrived there was wayyyyy more green and not enough white, so the church passed it out to whomever wanted it to paint their gates/houses and ordered more white. I’m not sure if the green paint at the Merc is temple paint but isn’t that the most endearing story?! From that moment forward I knew if I was going to use color, it needed to be green, so it was constantly in the back of my mind.

Enter Jasper. When I saw this almost black inky green I knew it was meant for the Merc. We’re using it on our front doors and kitchen cabinets, and if we’re being totally honest I wanted to use it on all of the interior doors as well but decided against it because I didn’t want to overuse it. It feels like the cabs and front doors will be the perfect amount of green. And so far that’s it! Mandi White, Tricorn Black, and Jasper. I’m sure I’ll end up with other colors once we’re moved in and the decorating begins but for now I’m really digging the historic vibe this palette is throwing off.

Tomorrow we’re talking practical application. See you then!!






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