How to Build Your Collection

Whether you are looking for ideas for your next photo shoot or want to play around with different visual themes, collections are a fun way to explore what inspires you.


As you discover compelling images on VSCO, you can repost them to your collection. Explore your feed, individual profiles, or use the search tool to find new content to collect.

When you find an image you like, tap the image to see the detail view. From there, you can repost the image to your collection, or favorite the image by pressing the star icon. When you repost or favorite someone’s image, they receive a notification. So as you build a collection of inspiration for yourself, you are also giving encouraging feedback to other creators. Whenever someone’s photo is re-published, we let them know that their image was shared, and who it was shared by. This is super encouraging and cool to see.

While in detail view, you may find other interesting information about the image from the creator, including a description, where the image was taken, and what preset was used to edit the photo.

*Unique shortcuts —You can double tap an image on Android, or long press on iOS, to reveal favoriting and reposting options.


Favoriting an image lets the creator know that their image made an impact on you. The images you favorite are stored in the app, and you can always revisit them later.

While scrolling through your feed you might see images that you want to repost later, maybe in a particular order, and so accessing your favorites at a later time can be very useful.

To access your favorites:

On Android, go to your profile and click on the Favorites Bin icon in the top-left to view all the images you’ve favorited.

To find favorites on iOS, go to your profile and tap the Settings icon in the top-left. From the settings list, tap on Favorites.

Ideas for collecting

Collections can be a creative tool, and there are limitless ways to make them interesting and unique.

Arranging by color, shape, or theme can transform your collection into an art form of its own. Try pairing images together that seem similar, forming a creative dialogue between images that were made by different people.


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