Deals and Sales at 40 to 60 Percent Off

For some reason there are a heck of a lot of great deals (like 40%-60% off) over on Amazon so I went through and searched for the best ones I could find in the Office Supplies category that I thought people would find most appealing.  Some of these are limited time deals so they may expire before you get a chance to take advantage.  So lets start with a 12 pack of Sharpie retractable permanent markers.  At their normal price of about $21+ they are a good buy, but knock off $10 or about 65% off to bring them down to only $11.25 and you are getting them for under a buck each! (Buy via Amazon)

Here is another great deal on some regular Sharpie Permanent markers that also includes 3 of the metallic (gold, silver, and bronze) versions which are great for the holidays next year!  Their normal price is about $26, but at 41% off they drop down to only $15.29 which is only $0.66 each! (Buy via Amazon)

Almost everyone loves the solid quality and craftsmanship of the rOtring brand, and this rOtring 800+ with stylus is normally about $55 but for now its available on amazon for a huge savings of $25 or 44% which brings it down to only $31.29. (Buy via Amazon)


If you are in the market for dry erase markers, this might not be a bad time to stock up on a few.  This Expo Low-Odor chisel tip pack of 8 assorted colors is only $5.12 compared to the usual $13 price tag.  Thats about a 60% savings on these office essentials! (Buy via Amazon)

The PaperMate Flair is a classic that has a great following.  At a price of only $5.51, thats a whopping 62% or $9 savings over their original price.  (Buy via Amazon)


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