Introducing Messages

VSCO is a community for creators, a place to reach your creative potential alongside other like-minded people. To foster those relationships, we’re proud to introduce Messages — a place for creative dialogue between two people.

One of our most requested features, Messages is a new way to connect, share inspiration, and learn from other creators in the VSCO community. Exchange editing tips and tricks, share compelling profiles and published content, and receive creative feedback from peers!

To get started, find content that inspires you on VSCO and share it with any person who follows you. Here’s how Messages looks in action:

For step-by-step instructions on messaging someone, check out this link.

Messages will roll out to everyone over the coming weeks, with members of VSCO X receiving the feature first.

Start your free VSCO X trial for access to our complete preset library, new tools and features, and inspiring educational content.


Q — Who can I message?
A — To maintain trusting relationships on VSCO, Messages allows you to speak with those who follow you. We’ve designed Messages to enable you to communicate with the people who engage with your content (photos, DSCOs, journals). By following you, they have shown an interest in your content and creative conversation is a natural next step.

Q — What if I don’t want to talk with someone?
A — It’s important VSCO remains a community that fosters respect and understanding. To ensure this, we’ve set up options that give you control over your conversations. Here’s a link for more info.

Q — What can I share with Messages?
A — Within a message, anything that has been published on VSCO can be shared — images, DSCOs, journals, and creator profiles. This excludes sharing media directly from your VSCO Studio or camera roll. To understand what kind of content lives on VSCO, reference our community guidelines.

Q — How can I get Messages?
A— VSCO X members will receive Messages first. Start your free VSCO X trial for immediate access to the feature. Messages will be rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks.


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