Motherhood Session {11 year old}

Part 3 of my Motherhood Session with Jessie

Growing up I remember being so frustrated with my parents when my sister would get in trouble. She would make some silly face or wise crack and my mom would laugh. Punishment didn’t exist because her grin got her out of it. I, on the other hand, was far too serious. It was so frustrating as a kid.

Well, my second-born is a lot like his aunt in that way and I have far more compassion for my mom. It is so hard to be upset with him when he flashes his grin or makes a joke. I can’t help, but laugh.

He is in 6th grade this year and remembers every joke he has ever heard. He could go on for hours with corny one-liners and puns. The online videos of celebrities telling bad jokes and trying not to laugh – oh man does he love those.

School might go a lot faster if he wasn’t cracking so many jokes, but it sure would be a lot less fun!
His favorite place to do review work or oral quizzes is on the trampoline. I love that Jessie captured this part of our school day…the winter months are hard on us both.
This guy – he is a charmer and I’m pretty much a total softy when it comes to him. I’d say don’t tell him that, but you can tell by his grin he already knows.





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