you guys are the best

Thank you.

I was sitting at the kitchen table with Chris last night and telling him how meaningful and significant it is that so many of you took the time to comment on Corbett’s guest post. Of course, I always like the comments you leave for me, but it was a million times better to see you come out of the woodwork to encourage my son. In encouraging him – you encouraged me.

I know I haven’t met the majority of you, but in many ways you are part of my ‘village’ when it comes to raising kids. You share your stories with me, you challenge me, you inspire me, and when given the chance you pour into my kids too. Ya’ll are pretty much the best.

Thank you.

In somewhat Corbett related news, I will end this thank you note with a few pictures that demonstrate another reason kids are so much fun…or at least entertaining.

My mom came over to our house to give my youngest a pair of foam nunchucks (she thinks she is ninja). Not two minutes after my mom gave them to her, Corbett thought it would be a good idea to throw them over his head…while standing under our sycamore.

2 little foam sticks connected with a small rope + tree branches = not a genius move.

I told him he had to get them down…

A ball, a tennis racket, a mop, 2 broom sticks, and a bunch of painter’s tape….eventually he got it down.

Never a dull moment around here!





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