The Urban Series

The Urban Series (U1- U6) preset pack features 6 presets crafted to enhance images of city life through rain or shine, from dusk ’til dawn. Whether the scene is bright or dim, you can capture the many moods of metropolitan moments across the globe. See how we applied each of the presets onto a recurring scene, and Download The Urban Series for iOS and Android to see how these presets can enhance your images in accordance with each specific lighting scenario.

U1 — Bright Sun
For images shot in full sunlight, U1 accentuates warm tones for a creamy, highly-saturated look.

U2 — High Sun
Mimicking the washed out effect that the high sun causes, U2 is a medium contrast preset that subtly brightens the image, while maintaining vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges.

U3 — Overcast
In line with the atmosphere on cloudy days, U3 leans toward the blue spectrum, with mild contrast and slightly muted coloring.

U4 — Low Sun
For situations when the sun is low in the sky, U4 adds emphasis to cool, blueish shadows and complimentary warm, burnt orange highlights.

U5 — Sunset
For photos captured at sunset, U5 intensifies color to achieve rich oranges and dynamic blues.

U6 — Darkness
Meant for artificially lit night scenes, U6 exhibits a deep blue hue that gives night captures a surreal aura.

Available now through the in-app store, you can purchase The Urban Series preset pack for $3.99 USD, or become a VSCO X member and receive these 6 presets free with your membership. VSCO X offers members access to our entire library of 100+ presets, with new additions added monthly.


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