Photo News Weekly Roundup 9/16/17

Every weekend we bring you some of our favorite news stories from the just ended week. Brew a cup, settle in, and see the most important photo and camera news as curated by our crack editorial team.

Here’s the news for the week ending September 16, 2017.

Polaroid is back

Hype levels shot through the roof with Polaroid hinting at big changes coming to the brand. This week they announced those changes. There’s a new Polaroid camera, new Polaroid instant films, and a sparkly new website.

James wrote about what this all means to us photo geeks, and why you should probably be excited.

It says a lot about the state of film photography that a company that has gone through bankruptcy twice is making such a massive reentry into the market. Fuji has shown that the more mainstream photographer can still enjoy film affordably, and Polaroid is banking on that with its $100 OneStep 2 and new instant films. And they brought back their 8×10 film! That alone should bring a tear of appreciation to our eyes.

Kodak unveils its instant Printomatic

Was it good or terrible timing that Kodak announced a new instant camera just as Polaroid dominated the news with its comeback? And is it weird that the camera they announced is so similar in design to the Polaroid Snap?

The Printomatic is a bare-bones 10MP digital camera with an onboard printer that produces no-ink images on Zink photo paper. It has a rechargeable battery, a flash, an 8mm lens and microSD card slot. Retailing for $69.99 and including a 10-pack of photo paper, this is allegedly the first in a series of new Kodak cameras. Personally I think its vintage and basic look rocks and am interested in seeing what it spits out.

Sony announces RX10 IV

In all-in-one camera news, Sony announced the latest in its RX10 camera series, the RX10 IV. Its Exmore CMOS sensor includes 315 autofocus points focusing through a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 24-600mm f/2.4-4 lens, and capable of 4K video recording, with a maximum shutter speed of 1/32,000. Interestingly, when the lens is at 600mm, focusing distance is a measly 2.36 feet, which is fairly amazing.

The IV hits the market next month and will retail for $1,698 with B&H now taking preorders. We think it might be a great choice for users who mostly shoot classic machines and film, but who might need a perfectly capable do-it-all digital machine.

iPhone X camera doubles as security system

I don’t care how many magazine covers are shot on it, I’ll never accept the iPhone as a real bona-fide camera. But with millions of people around the world using it to photograph themselves and their food, it’s worth noting when Apple comes out with a new iPhone.

The biggest splash made by the iPhone X is the face-recognition feature that unlocks the phone. The “TrueDepth” camera will use a 12MP sensor, image stabilization and the ability to switch between wide-angle and telephoto lenses. And now there are animated emojis, so that’s a thing too.

New 100MP digital back from Phase One

Phase One, the medium format manufacturer of awesome tool cameras we’ll never be able to afford, announced this week their IQ3 Trichromatic, a 100MP digital back for its medium format camera system. The Trichromatic is the result of a partnership with Sony, and an attempt to push color accuracy to the point of what “the human eye sees.” The sensor actually clocks at 101 megapixels and uses a new CMOS sensor and Bayer Filter color technology exclusive to Phase One. Most impressive is its minimum ISO of 35. But most shocking of all will be its as-yet unknown face-melting price tag, which we can only assume is being hidden within the Ark of the Covenant.

Snap Shots

Now you can watch how Leica makes the M10, step by step. Can a camera assembly video be beautiful? Apparently.

A group of Instagram photographers is selling prints with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Hurricane Harvey relief.

Nikon announced that they are patenting two full-frame mirrorless lenses: A 52mm f/0.9 and a 36mm f/1.2.

The Met takes a look at Mathew Brady, the most famous photographer of the Civil War-era. If you’ve seen a portrait of Lincoln or Lee or pretty much any image of the war, it was probably made by Brady.

And that’s it for this week. See you next time, photo nerds.

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