Creative: MagCloud for Blurb, Digest

This is the fourth post in a series about utilizing MagCloud in support of a Blurb project. I love MagCloud Digest. You might remember a few of my samples from here and here. The digest is a small landscape, or portrait, publication that is a strategic size at a very strategic price. One paper choice, one cover choice. Nice and simple.

I chose to use my digest as a sneak peek for ESSAY. Just a taste. Small enough to carry in my bag and the perfect answer to “What kind of work is in your magazine?” Way easier to hand this over than to explain what I actually do.(Still not sure.) As a former professional photographer, and someone who still makes images from time to time, I can’t imagine NOT having a print piece in the works at all times. The Digest is a gateway drug to deeper publishing, and if used correctly, is a piece that can stand on it’s own.


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