Before & After — VSCO Mobile Presets 02 (MP2)

Edited with Q3

Tim Landis’ photography career can be traced back to 2010, when he began taking photos with his iPhone and posting them to social media. As his technical abilities and eye for capturing stories developed, brands took notice of his work and opportunities arose to partner on creating content. As a versatile photographer who excels at many genres, including portraiture, lifestyle, landscape, and travel photography, it is documenting humanity that Tim finds most compelling. “I really enjoy photographing a wide array of people; from my own children to people in different cultures,” says Tim. “I am always intrigued by the ways in which people live, work, and play in their own surroundings, cities, countries, and environments. I also love taking photos of people in beautiful landscapes. Placing people in landscapes allows me to share the scale, vastness, and intricacies of our world.”

Edited with C8

As a freelance photographer, Tim balances the challenge of creating new material day after day with other aspects of the business that require his attention. “I can easily get busy with the nuts and bolts side of running a business, making it a challenge at times to get out and shoot as often as I know I should and as often as I truly desire to,” he explains. He stokes his curiousity through the work that allows him to travel. “Traveling has allowed me to see the world in a different way and continually challenges me to be creatively curious when I am back home in familiar places. Putting myself in situations where I have the opportunity to capture moments instead of only creating moments, helps to keep me passionate about my photography. I think shooting a wide range of topics and subjects definitely helps a great deal, too."

In line with the diverse subject matter that Tim captures, he uses VSCO Mobile Presets 02 (MP2) to edit, as MP2 offers an assortment of presets that are suited for editing a wide range of scenarios. See before and after examples from Tim below, all edited with his favorite MP2 presets.

Before & After

"I use desktop editing more often now than I have in the past. I actually preferred editing with VSCO in app prior to the mobile presets being available on desktop. I bought MP2, because it gives me the same film look that I love from the mobile app. Having the presets available for desktop is extremely helpful for my workflow, especially when editing a high volume of images. I prefer using desktop for the simple reason of having more control of the editing options on a photo. It allows me to dial in more fully the look I am going for."

"The Chromatic series has some of my favorite presets on the mobile version. I’m thrilled to now have them on desktop! C8 is my favorite. C8 is used here to make the cooler tones in the background and the highlights on the subject contrast seamlessly. The preset parallels with the story in this photo."

Edit Stack — C8 RAW / Crop in / Clarity +29 / Contrast -10 / Orange Skin Fix ++ / Highlights -37 / Shadows +79

"I used C9 here, because I love the cooler tones that it emphasizes. It pairs well with my memory of India."

Edit Stack — C9 RAW / Contrast -17 / Clarity +30 / Vibrance +19 / Highlights -51

"I used Q4, because it gave me that true to life look on this photo. The contrast and textures in the foreground with the cooler tones is what I remember this day being like."

Edit Stack — Q4 RAW / Crop in and straighten / Contrast -9 / Clarity +30 / Vibrance +13 / Saturation +13

"C8 is used here again. I love using C8 with portraits, paired with orange skin fix in the toolkit, to make portraits come to life."

Edit Stack — C8 RAW 1/2 / Crop in from the bottom / Orange skin fix + / Clarity +28 / Contrast -15 / Blue Saturation -34 / Blue Luminance Shift +18 / Grain+

"The contrasts in the Q series make scenes like this come to life. It separates the subject and a busy background in a great way and brings out those natural colors."

Edit Stack — Q5 RAW 1/2 / Crop to Vertical / Contrast -13 / Highlights -47 / Shadows +47 / Clarity +31 / Vibrance +2 / Saturation -13

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