News: The Anti-Antisocial Field Recording Method by Avosound

News: The Anti-Antisocial Field Recording Method by Avosound

September 13, 2017 by Leave a Comment

A cow on a beach? Better than a tiger in the woods! There are often very good reasons why no one else visits certain places!Photo: Avosound ©

We’ve all been there: You travel to a new place (e.g. Yellowstone Nat’l Park) to capture its open atmospheres and unique animals (prairie dogs and buffalo), but every time you press record you are interrupted by human activity (motorcycles!). Whether recording new places across the world or just few hours away, we’re often reminded we aren’t the only ones on the planet—making us feel a little like:


But just as you’re rarely alone when you record, you’re also not alone in your frustrations. That’s why veteran field recordist Guido Helbling of Avosound published “The Anti-Antisocial Field Recording Method”. In this article, he gives a humorous account of his own recording stories and several tips about how to minimize interferences, make compromises, improve one’s setup, quickly recognize ruined recordings (whether from tourists or, oops!, your own vinyl jacket), and record the outdoors without becoming a misanthrope. After all, recording is 99% of the fun, so you might as well enjoy yourself before you have to deal with metadata!

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