Want To Be In The Merc’s Time-Capsule!??

Its pretty early around these parts, 4:03 am to be exact but I just woke up with a very distinct impression that I need to put together a time-capsule for the Merc and you guys need to be part of it!!!

I hadn’t really thought of doing one and there were definitely other places we could’ve stuck it (helloooooo massive trenches in the foundation) but before the walls get closed up I’m going to get 1 or 9, you know, depending on participation enthusiasm, pulled together.

So will you send me something??!?

This is what I want:  Please print off one picture from your life today. It can be a selfie of you, your family, your dog, your house, your city, your favorite DIY project, your favorite meal, really ANYTHING (…well not anything, keep it PG) and write on the back of it:

Your Name
Your Location (doesn’t have to be an address, just the city you’re from)
Your Age
And then write about your life. What do you want someone long in the future to know? I mean, hopefully like reallllly long into the future cause these are going in the walls of my favorite place ever so…to be opened when I’m dead and gone? I feel really strongly that it needs to be about recording the good things that are happening in our lives right now.  This world is becoming increasingly darker and who knows what the future is going to hold, but I want our capsule, (whenever its found) to be a giant ray of sunshine!

The deadline for submission is a week from today, August 23rd. So you’re going to have to act really fast, especially those that are international. That is when the sheetrock is scheduled to start and the walls are being sealed. I would love to have a physical picture from you, but if you can’t make that happen with our tight turn around I still want you to be part of it! Shoot an email with the above info to mandi@vintagerevivals.com with TIME-CAPSULE in the header.

Mail your pictures to:

Mandi Gubler
Santa Clara, UT 84765

Love you all and I can’t wait to have you be part of this!


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