Photoessay: Hard edges

100D_MG_1094 copy

Today’s series is a visual evolution of monochrome geometry and form interpreted from hard architectural shadows in an urban context. Some light is harder than others; some shadows curved in a more pronounced way; sometimes organic elements intrude – including people. It’s a deliberately stark choice of style for a rather stark subject, I think. MT

This series was shot with various cameras and lenses including a Canon 100D, Hasselblad 501CM/CVF-50c and H5D-50C, and H6D-50c, various lenses and post processed with The Monochrome Masterclass workflow.

H51-B0010692 copy

H51-B0010689 copy

100D_MG_1789 copy

AB0001028 copy

H51-B0010751 copy

H51-B0010669 copy

100D_MG_1448 copy

H51-B0010739 copy

100D_MG_1190 copy

100D_MG_1743 copy

100D_MG_1749 copy


Ultraprints from this series are available on request here


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