Creative: Journaling

How many of you keep a journal? For those of you who do, kudos. For those of you who don’t, why not? Journaling is addictive, but it’s also fun, strategic, helpful and therapeutic. I started a daily journal in the summer of 1993 after finding a book about Peter Beard in the Phoenix Public Library. My books do not resemble his, at all, but they serve many of the same purposes. My book isn’t really a photo journal. My books are primarily about thoughts, ideas and the written word, intermixed with images, drawings, Instax, scraps and ephemera of life. Journaling is like yoga, no longer an option because they are so much a part of my daily routine if I don’t do them I feel incomplete. You don’t need anything fancy. Just buy the cheapest notepad and pen/pencil and write like you have never written before. The key with journaling is honesty. If you journal for notoriety, and I know a few who do, then you aren’t really journaling you are marketing. Journaling is about writing as if NOBODY will ever seen the words you put down, otherwise you aren’t truly benefiting from the process. Good luck.


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