Adventure: New Mexico Training

I’m only posting this because it is so beautiful out here I can’t stand myself. This ride was nothing, but the scenery, weather and atmosphere are so interesting I find myself daydreaming of living in my truck and just spending the rest of my life exploring New Mexico. Something happens to me when I’m here. My schedule goes from spending my days in my Costa Mesa house to being booked up day and night in the Santa Fe scene and culture. That culture may or may not be what you think. I don’t mean anything trendy. In fact, I fuc%$%$# hate trendy things. I really do. My “scene” if you will means getting up somewhere between 3:30AM and 5AM and getting outdoor, preferably for at least two hours. Then home for coffee/read. Then 30-mins of yoga. Then I begin my day by 9:30 New Mexico time, which is 8:30 California time. Then I’m booked all day with meetings, interviews, gatherings, lectures, etc. This place has so much going on it’s difficult to determine what to do. This goes on all day and night. I have to really work to be home by 10PM so I can sleep and do it all over again. It’s so damn strange, and really shouldn’t work for me, but I feel so alive here I can’t really explain it. I walked into a Creative Santa Fe lecture last night, with a woman who just got a publishing deal and an exhibit at the New Mexico History museum, and the first person I see says “Oh, your Dan, I’m supposed to meet you. You helped us with the Blurb project we had.” This place reminds me we have SO little time. So little. Get out and do.


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