HELP. Do you love your pillow?

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Cushionized Sofa II by LoFi Studio/Christiane Högner

Confession: I am 41 years old, and I have never owned a pillow that I love sleeping on. This needs to change, because…well, because I am 41 years old and my joints aren’t what they used to be, and I’m tired of having to do origami on my pillow every night just to fall asleep, only to wake up feeling like a stale pretzel.

I usually sleep on my side, but sometimes I migrate to my back. My chief complaints about pillows tend to be that they are either too squishy, too thin, too soft, too lofty, or too lumpy. Or it starts out feeling good, and then two months later it’s like sleeping on a flattened cereal box. And I hate memory foam.

My ideal pillow provides neck support without being a weird shape (I want it to look like a normal pillow), doesn’t contain down/feathers, comes in standard and king sizes, and is machine washable.

HELP MEEEEEEEE. Tell me all about your favorite pillow. Links, please!

My neck and spine thank you in advance.

Stale Pretzel Dorfman

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