Gracelaced {Pictures of Grace}

Guess what….I photoshopped my ‘Ashley can’t look at a camera’ headshot on a graphic my friend Ruth posted…GL_Motherhood_Series

Really, I can’t look at the camera because I am distracted by Joy Prouty’s floral crown. My face totally says, “I want a fun crown like Joy!”

Okay, I didn’t Photoshop myself on there, but every time I look at it that is what I think. In my head I also start singing, “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t make sense.” Oh hey super cool ladies, want to come hang out at my house someday with me?

In all seriousness, my dear friend Ruth Simons of Gracelaced is doing a series on motherhood this week. She interviewed 5 moms on the topic of motherhood. I’m not sure how I made the list, but I’m sure grateful she asked. As part of the series, I submitted a Bible verse that is meaningful to me in regards to motherhood, along with my favorite flowers and colors…and Ruth did her thing…

ACampbellGracelaced-02It came out so perfect! If you line up all the prints in her Mother’s Day collection I feel like anyone could have guessed which one is mine. We are a homeschooling family, which means my kids are around me a lot! Not only do they hear nearly every word I speak, they pick up on all my unspoken thoughts and feelings (the meditations of my heart). I want my words to bring life to my kids. Often what comes out of my mouth is the overflow of my mind and my heart. When I consider what I want my kids to hear and see in me – I want it to be those things that are pleasing to God. If the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart are pleasing to God, well, they will also be the types of things I want my kids to hear and pick up from me. The second part of the verse reminds me that God is my Rock and my Redeemer. I do not stand on the shifting sand of culture, the tide of opinions of others, or lies I might be tempted to believe about myself. My aim is not be to please others, but the One who is my Rock and Redeemer.

Today Ruth is sharing my full interview on her blog- there is a bit about what surprised me about motherhood, what routines help me thrive and my advice to new moms.


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