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H&M Home -

H&M’s home collection debuted in the US almost four years ago, which was the last time I did a product roundup! I’ve bought a number of things (cushions, sheets, towels, candlesticks, storage bins…) from H&M since then, and they’ve all been quite good quality for the price. Their downfall seems to be any kind of fake metal (e.g. “copper” candlesticks that are just cheap metal sprayed a copper color), but now that I know to avoid those things, I’ve been really happy with my purchases.

This morning I hopped on the site to take a closer look at their shower curtains (thanks to those of you who suggested checking there!), and I saw SO many nice things that I wish I had a place for in my house!

H&M Home -

Left to right, top to bottom:

Jacquard-weave Bedspread (natural white)
Patterned Cushion Cover
Wooden Bowl

Large Candle Lantern (natural) & Small Candle Lantern (black)
Textured-weave Cushion Cover
Jacquard-weave Bedspread (anthracite gray)

Large Storage Basket
Tea Towel
Large Stoneware Vase

All of these products are part of the new Close to Nature line. I meant to just stop this post with the new stuff, but I can’t resist including a few picks from the rest of the collection…

H&M Home -

Left to right, top to bottom:

Hand-painted Stoneware Plates
Large Clear Glass Jar & Small Clear Glass Jar
Cat-patterned Tea Towel

Wooden Cutting Board
Jute Laundry Basket
Patterned Porcelain Mugs

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