Iceland Symphony Orchestra ~ Recurrence

Fabulous..! One knows merely from the samples that this is one you have to own…

a closer listen

A sense of wonder develops when one realizes one is listening to one of the year’s best albums.  This takes a while to solidify ~ first impressions are hard to trust ~ but by the tenth play or so, it solidifies.  While I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve played Recurrence, I’ve retained that sense of wonder.

Not that this should come as any surprise, as Recurrence has been one of our site’s most anticipated albums ever since its announcement way back on November 19.  This is the second Icelandic set from Sono Luminus this year, following Raindamage.  Recurrence highlights Daniel Bjarnason at the helm of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, conducting pieces from Anna Thorvaldsdottir (another of our favorite composers), amiina’s Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir (last heard here on Nordic Affect’s Clockworking), Thuridur Jónsdóttir, Hlynur Aðils Vilmarsson and himself.  The album operates as a showcase for the entire nation, a gauntlet…

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