Photoessay: Because it is Tokyo and there must be architecture

100D_MG_2882 copy

But even though Tokyo is defender of the modern, the minimalist and the avant-garde, it wouldn’t be a fair representation with a little subversive chaotic mess to sneak into the curation somewhere – in many ways, a fair representation of the real city. Whilst most of the quick-expansion concrete boxes are being rapidly erased by more modern and more interesting structures – especially in the more expensive parts of Tokyo – there are one or two left. I can’t help but wonder if in future they’ll turn out to be historical curiosities much like what we think of as ‘traditional’ buildings are today…I can only hypothesise everything is relative. MT

This series was shot with a Canon 100D, 24STM and 55-250STM lenses, an X1D-50c and 90mm, and a H6D-100c and 100mm. Post processing was completed using the techniques in the weekly workflow and PS Workflow III.

X1D3-B0001284 copy

100D_MG_2546 copy

100D_MG_2525 copy

100D_MG_2974 copy

100D_MG_2897 copy

100D_MG_3026 copy

100D_MG_2260 copy

100D_MG_2048 copy

H610J-B9993359 copy

H610J-B9993391 copy

X1D3-B0001366 copy

X1D3-B0001369 copy

100D_MG_1923 copy

100D_MG_1927 copy

100D_MG_2385 copy


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