SHE’S LAKING IT: Honeyhair enjoys the sun (photo: Rikapt/Honeyhair.net; catsuit: Future Fetish)

Honeyhair: Czech model who’s been 12 years a slave to latex fashion!

Honeyhair, the Czech fetish queen who takes her professional name from her preferred coiffure colouring, is currently celebrating 12 years of modelling latex, the last seven of them as a full-time job. This much-travelled model tells Heidi Patterson how some fun with dressing up developed to the point where she has almost 25,000 pictures in her website galleries and as many more still to add. Banner/cover image by Miguel Infante @ Fetish Evolution; latex by Brigitte More
Honeyhair is the model name of the best known Czech fetish model and international traveller on the scene, chosen for her hair which is (often!) the colour of forest honey.

I’ve known her for nearly 12 years, beginning back in the forums of Latex Lair, and first met her in person at the second German Fetish Ball in Berlin in 2005.

Even then she made a stir: she won a prize draw for a fetish vacation, and I remember the buzz she created when she came on stage to pick up her prize!

Bianca Beauchamp‘s site LatexLair.com and the rubber networking site Rubberpal.com (and their active forums) were catalysts for quite a few fellow latex enthusiasts to get out into the fetish world.

Among them were Observer of Ottawa and 3XL of Copenhagen, both of whom are still active online and in their respective local and international scenes.

Through friendships made in the forums, many of us acquired an urge to travel further afield and meet up in whichever city we happened to choose for an event to attend.

‘I have always enjoyed being a centre of attention and those kinds of unusual materials or corsets or extreme heels helped me in this regard. Natural born exhibitionist’ – Honeyhair

Latex Lair is where Honeyhair credits her first real exposure to proper fetish wear, although, she says, her actual fetish started earlier.

“I had felt attracted to different unusual materials for a long time before. I just didn’t call it the right name at that time. I have always enjoyed being a centre of attention and those kinds of materials or corsets or extreme heels helped me in this regard. Natural born exhibitionist.”

Her first explorations in fetish fashion started with PVC clothes — the gateway material to latex for lots of female rubber enthusiasts.

But her first experience of wearing latex started off on a low note, when the inexpensive moulded  miniskirt picked up at a local sex shop in Prague ripped as she was stepping into it!

Luckily this didn’t put her off for long, though, and latex clothing is now her preferred way of expressing herself. So how has her taste in fetishwear evolved over the years and what are some of her favourite labels today?

“After those intensive years in latex (more than 12!) I blend in some other stuff as well. I’ve been adding more and more lingerie shoots recently, something I haven’t done in the past much, or I mix latex and lingerie together.

“To date I’ve almost reached 25,000 photos published in galleries on my website alone, and almost the same number still to be published, and these galleries wouldn’t be possible without collaborating with a large number of amazing designers.

“And they are all my favourites, but the three brands I wear the most and feel honoured to have gotten close with are Brigitte More, Rubber Eva Shop and Simon O Latex.”

Her website, Honeyhair.net, first appeared in 2008 after she’d been modelling for fun and for friends for a couple of years.

Modelling definitely started off as a personal thing — a way for her to share her latest outfits and travels with her friends on social media, and express herself when she wasn’t at work in the travel industry.

“Back then I was not even imagining myself as a model, but when I went to a party, I met designers and photographers who implied I could be a fetish model.

“After several such hints I decided to give it a try. And the very first big thing was that a month after establishing my website I appeared on the cover of [Holland’s] Massad magazine.

“It was quite a start! I was seen by important people who started booking me and signing me up as a model for fashion shows. It turned out to be fun, I must admit.

“So from a girl who liked to wear latex and was often seen at fetish parties I became a fetish model often seen on the catwalks.”

Since 2010, fetish has become Honeyhair’s sole job, and allows her to indulge her love of travel, exploring new cities and scenes. “Especially for the last two years,” she says, “it seemed like planes and hotel rooms were my living space.

“The majority of my travel is for work booked by photographers, product shoots for brands, and shoots with fans — short and very intense trips done on a regular basis.

“The life rhythm turns into ‘pack, fly, shoot, fly back, unpack and repeat’. Beside that I drive to Germany regularly as well. Driving fast is for me a way to relax, so I don’t take it as a disadvantage.

“I like to travel, but when coming back to my real home, it is still Prague. I used to feel some longing to move elsewhere, but the more I travel the happier I am for Prague being my home place.”

‘The life rhythm turns into pack, fly, shoot, fly back, unpack and repeat. I drive to Germany regularly as well. Driving fast is for me a way to relax, so I don’t take it as a disadvantage’

Honeyhair probably rivals Brooklyn’s pervy airline pilot Ian Dutton for international fetish travel.

If there’s a big fetish weekend in Northern Europe or a fair like Sexhibition in Manchester, or a week in Montreal, chances are you’ll see her on the runway, and partying with the numerous friends made throughout her years of attending fetish events.

She likes to visit at least one new country every year, and attend a party in a new city.

“I took about 35-40 flights last year, visiting about 15 countries,” she reveals. “France and Germany were on my travel list every month or even more often, so honestly I didn’t spend much time at home.

“I also challenge myself to visit as many new countries as possible. Thus for my private trips [where shoots for Honeyhair.net happen] I always search for new shooting destinations.

“On the list of countries I’ve visited I am at number 44 now. And perhaps it’s already known about me that I always love shooting latex in public places.”


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