Read: Myth and Meaning

So I minored in anthropology. That means nothing in the grand scheme, but I can tell you with certainty that I was far more interested in my anthropology classes than I was in my photography classes. That’s called foreshadowing, or irony, or both.

During this period I was introduced to Claude Levi-Strauss and his work Tristes Tropiques. I was hooked. Now, I wasn’t smart enough to understand it all, and back then my primary driving focus in life was finding $.10 pitchers of beer. No joke. You could buy ten cent pitchers of beer. Heaven. Damnit, I’m getting distracted again.

The book made an impact on me, so I went looking for more. Myth and Meaning was next. Now, the version I’m showing here is a diet version based on a series of lectures the author did for Canadian Radio. I bought this at the student coop in Austin in 1990, and I paid $8.95 which seems REALLY high. Also, I made notes on the title page.

They are as follows.

2 India ink
muffin trays
wash brush

“Reubens Masters of Renaissance Drawings.”

No idea what this means. No memory of making those notes.

The book is heavy. It’s 54-pages long. But, if you really THINK about what the author is saying you will GRIND on these things for the rest of your life. Leave it on your coffee table. People will think you are smart. What is the role of myth in culture, how does it react to science? How does Myth play in history and what is the relationship to music.

Get it, read it.


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