12 things you didn’t know about sneakers

1. The first celebrity-endorsed basketball shoe was the Adidas Jabbar named for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and initially costing a sweet $1000.

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2. The Adidas Adicolor H came with eight coloured markers for the wearer to customise the stripes themselves. It’s the first known commercialisation of customisation.

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3. New Balance was initially a business of orthopaedic products and prescription shoes. The shoes were intended for the likes of policemen and other physical professions but once athletes took notice, bespoke shoes were requested from the company.

4. Tennis ace Chris Evert wore Converse throughout her career and in keeping with championship regulations, the brandmade ultra refined versions of her namesake shoe. The only colours featured were glimpses of grey and silver.

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5. Nike Air Jordans are always released on Saturdays so young people don’t skip school to get them. Awww.

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6. The three stripes of the Adidas logo are said to represent the founder, Adi Dassler’s, three kids.

7. The Nike waffle sole (the design of which came from the inventor’s wife’s waffle iron) was originally called the “nipple sole”.

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8. Nike’s famous slogan is inspired by a famous murderer. Dan Wieden of Wieden + Kennedy was reading about criminal Gary Gilmore uttering “let’s do it” on his way to execution at the same time he (Wieden) was working on the Nike account. Creepy.

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9. Vans offered custom sneakers as early as 1966. You could take fabric you liked into the factory and they would make shoes for you out of it. This changed when factories moved overseas.

10. With a couple of exceptions, New Balance’s numbering system reflects its price. Take the model number and divide by 10.

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11. The Nike Air Force J is one of the best-selling sneakers of all time yet it was never advertised.

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12.Sneakers are so named because in 1862 female inmates of London’s Brixton Prison were recorded referring to warders wearing ‘sneaks’ as they silently ‘sneaked’ around the cell blocks .

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