friday finds.

listening area with pink area rug and vintage poster. / sfgirlbybay

it’s finally a friday, but i’m still playing catch-up from my vacation away, so for me it’ll be a working weekend. therefore, i’m enlisting your assistance. i like listening to a good jam when working (or working out, for that matter) but i feel like all of my many self-made mixes on spotify and vinyl collections are growing a little outdated or overplayed. i need some new soundtracks! what are you listening to right now? either upbeat, or just for chillin’ i need to know what you’re loving right now. thanks, and happy friday, everyone. it’s good to be back! xo, victoria

  1. love this little listening area. i could get lost in thought with some good tunes here.
  2. listening to vintage vinyl records is the best and this pink crosley is awfully cute isn’t it? the perfect starter set for a young listener.
  3. the Crosley X UO Keepsake Wood Record Player is pretty sweet looking and i like that it’s portable and also allows for deck and MP3 player integration.
  4. this set-up is an uber efficient use of space for a listening station.
  5. this hi-fi reminds me of the one my parents used to host adult dance parties to way back when.
  6. the draper media console is a close second to that one my parents had, too. i dig the vintage vibe.
  7. even cats like a the vintage vibes of a record player. or do cats maybe just prefer a warm spot to hang?
  8. Remember the heyday of 70’s Hi-Fi Industrial Design? this is fine example and headphones are always a good idea, too.

pink crosley record player. / sfgirlbybay

wooden crosley record player. / sfgirlbybay

modern black and white record player set-up. / sfgirlbybay

light reflecting off record player. / sfgirlbybay

marshall amp on vintage media console. / sfgirlbybay

cat on record player in window with houseplants. / sfgirlbybay

vintage headphones and record collection. / sfgirlbybay


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