Spring Registration is Open for CGMA

CG Master Academy, the leading provider online art education, is launching its 2017 Spring term with another amazing line up of sought-after instructors and courses. CGMA was created to provide students from all over the world the access to the best quality instruction that is industry standard, and led by the industry’s best. The academy runs specialist programs that include Foundation and Design, Character Design, Environment Design, 3D Character Arts, and 3D Environment Arts.
These programs are taught by leading illustrators and concept artists, including Aaron Limonick, Peter Han, Marco Nelor, Michael Kus, Charles Lee, Frank Tzeng, and Ron Lemen—to name a few. Each program runs across six terms, leading up to a certificate of completion. Students also have the option of choosing individually-selected modules.
Modules are arranged in weekly segments, each comprising a video lecture; an assignment with individual feedback from the instructor, including paint-overs; and a live Q&A session.
Even though CGMA provides these courses at the most affordable prices there is an amazing payment plan that will allow students to break up the cost of the courses into multiple payments.

Full Courses List Below

Please see full course list below:

Perspective (Roger Oda) SIGN UP
Perspective (Robert St Pierre) SIGN UP
Perspective (Scott Caple) SIGN UP
Perspective (Poe Tan) SIGN UP   
Dynamic Sketching 1 (Eugene Huang) SIGN UP
Dynamic Sketching 1 (Patrick Ballesteros) SIGN UP
Dynamic Sketching 1 (Dzu Nguyen) SIGN UP       
Dynamic Sketching 2 (Patrick Ballesteros) SIGN UP
Analytical Figure Drawing (Christian Nacorda) SIGN UP    
Analytical Figure Drawing (Ron Lemen) SIGN UP
Analytical Figure Drawing (Rey Bustos) SIGN UP  
Fundamentals of Design (Tyler Edlin) SIGN UP  
Environment Sketching (Dzu Nguyen) SIGN UP    
Animal Drawing (Shannon Beaumont) SIGN UP  
Fundamentals of Character Design (Ahmed Aldoori) SIGN UP
Digital Painting (David Merrit) SIGN UP  
The Art of Color and Light (Kristy Kay) SIGN UP
The Art of Color and Light (Marco Bucci) SIGN UP
Visual Development Mentorship (Armand Serrano) SIGN UP
Becoming A Better Artist (Rob Chang) SIGN UP

Fundamentals of Architecture Design (Tyler Edlin) SIGN UP
Fundamentals of Environment Design (Kalen Chock) SIGN UP
Environment Sketching for Production (Patrick Raines) SIGN UP
Enviornment Design 1 (Aaron Limonick) SIGN UP
Environment Design 2 (Gilles Beloeil) SIGN UP
Matte Painting (Eric Bouffard) SIGN UP
Vehicle and Mech Design (Michal Kus) SIGN UP

 Character Design for Film and Games (Marco Nelor) SIGN UP
Head Drawing and Construction (Christian Narcorda) SIGN UP
Character Design for Animation (Nate Wragg) SIGN UP
Character Design for Production (Nate Wragg) SIGN UP
Creature Design for Film and Games (Bobby Rebholz) SIGN UP
Costume Design (Clayton Stillwell) SIGN UP
Storyboarding for Animation (Liane-Cho Han) SIGN UP
Anatomy of Clothing (Rom Lemen) SIGN UP
Digital Portrait Painting (Melanie Delon) SIGN UP
2D Animation Body Mechanics (Liane-Cho Han) SIGN UP

Intro to Production Modeling (Marty Havran) SIGN UP
Anatomy for Production (Christian Bull) SIGN UP
Animal Anatomy (Tyler Breon) SIGN UP
Creature Sculpting (Tyler Breon) SIGN UP
Character Casting (Pete Zoppi) SIGN UP
Texturing for Games (TBA) SIGN UP
Texturing for Films/Cinematics (Chris Nichols) SIGN UP
Character Creation for Films/Cinematics (Pete Zoppi) SIGN UP

Intro to Maya (Marty Havran) SIGN UP
Intro to Substance for Environments (Ben Keeling) SIGN UP
Production Modeling (TBA) SIGN UP
Intro to Environment Art (Andres Rodriquez) SIGN UP
UE4 Modular Environments (Clinton Crumpler) SIGN UP

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