Adventure: Training Miles

So I felt like crap all day. I got up in a foul mood, which hardly ever happens. Did some email for business. Then yoga, and felt great. Smoothie. Then bike but felt horrible the entire ride. I kept thinking “I’ll ride out of it.” Never did. Skipped the hills and just went flats. Staring at the ground and daydreaming. Today’s daydream was living in a Sprinter Van, traveling around teaching yoga and doing bicycle repair.(I don’t know that much about either.) How’s that for a departure. Now you know a little more about how my brain works. Didn’t have ANY power today. Not sure why. Old age, feebleness, Lyme, bad attitude, lack of skill? All the above? Bad luck? Maybe if I had a $12,000 bike? And while I’m complaining. Jesus I need some new scenery, new routes. About a hundred miles this week, but it was as struggle.


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