The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards – rewarding work that focuses on wellness

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” Dalai Lama

With so many awards shows around, coming up with another one sounds like a crazy thing to even try and attempt. But the one thing that connects almost all of them is an underlying frustration that many have lost their point. And things could be done in a much better way.

You might not have heard of The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards. It was a concept we had 4 years ago. We’re a bunch of creatives and thought it was about time the value of awards went beyond spending a shed load of money in exchange for a bit of glass and a 3 course dinner at some posh hotel.

Below are a few guiding principles that we set ourselves:

  1. To focus on health and wellness (including charity) brands. Celebrate work that helps people rather than makes them fat or re-consider their energy supplier.
  2. To not only award amazing work but the people behind it (agency talent beyond the creative department) and their clients.
  3. To donate a percentage of profits to help greater diversity and untapped talent break into healthcare communication agencies – Winners of the show vote on who gets the money.
  4. To use the world’s hottest creatives, artists and entrepreneurs as judges and raise the value of winning. No silvers. No bronzes. Just Winners (if you’re lucky).

Over the past 3 years our awards have celebrated some wonderful work, agency talent and clients from all over the world. Even though half of the categories don’t make it through the first round.

We’ve raised over £35,000.00 towards our Talent and Diversity Fund. Winners of the money have included The School of Communication of Arts and The Ideas Foundation (2 years in a row).

Our Judges have come from Apple, AMV BBDO, BBH, Calm, Droga5, Moshi Monsters and Paul Belford to name but a few.

Getting Lurzers Archive as a sponsor last year was the icing on the cake.

Now we’re not the biggest health and wellness award show in the world. But we’ve doubled our entries every year. And have proved that there’s an appetite for awards to go back to basics. To stand for industry excellence and to help the next generation of industry stars.

If you’d like to celebrate your best work, talent and clients enter the awards.

Entry Deadline 31 March

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