Photoessay: hardware

_8B36984 copy

This post is a shameless gear p*** interlude, made with mostly recent but also some older images from the archives. I like my hardware as much as the next photographer, and have no problem admitting that some designs are more beautiful than others. Product photography is as much my thing as any other discipline – why not make them a legitimate subject in their own right, too? MT

Shot with various cameras and processed with Photoshop and LR Workflow III.

IMG_2153b copy

_8B37840 copy

_8B34298 copy

_8B37854 copy

_8B34294b copy

IMG_0042b copy

_100D_MG_0032 copy

IMG_0924b copy

_8058455 copy

_2M00259 copy

_1M01225 copy

_1M01085 copy

_8027479 copy

_6001477 copy


Ultraprints from this series are available on request here


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